Woodville Park Family Newsletter December 2019

Hi Families, 

I would like to warmly welcome all the new families who have joined us over the past few months. We feel very privileged to be able to support your family with your child’s education and care journey and look forward to working together to provide the best possible care and education during this integral time in their lives. 

Our recent ELC graduation was a lovely celebration for the children and families. It was wonderful to see the pride on the faces of the children as they collected their certificates. Good luck on journey to school! We will miss you!

It was so nice to see so many families at our End of Year Celebration a few weeks ago. The children really seemed to enjoy petting and feeding the animals from Darcy’s Farm, getting their faces painted and showing off the dance moves they learned in Happy Feet or Via Dance. The special appearance from Lizzy the Literacy Lizard from Woodville Park Library was a special treat as she handed out ice blocks.

Just a couple of reminders: 

-We are open over the holiday period, only closing on public holidays!

-Please ensure your child comes to care with a named hat, if they do not have a hat they will have to stay inside as per our Sun Safe policy. 

-If your child has a medical action plan or a modified diet plan please ensure that it is up to date.  We require these to be updated yearly and if it is outdated and requirements have changed your child may be at risk, to avoid this our WHS representative may contact you for an up-to-date form that will need to be signed by a doctor.  Please see us at the front desk if you require a new form.

-I am on annual leave until the 6th of January. If you have any questions, concerns or need to book in a casual day please email Charlotte on wvpassist2@preciouscargeduvcation.com.au or Jacqui on wvpassist@preciouscargoeducation.com.au or call the centre on 8244 5139.

I’m really saddened to say Assistant Director Charlotte will be leaving us at the end of January. Please see a little note from her below. 

Dear Families,

I sad to say I will be leaving Precious Cargo at the end of January. I am travelling to Newcastle, where I am going to be living with family again which is something I am very much looking forward to, having had no family in Adelaide.

Thank you for the smiles, laughs and conversation that you have shared with me over the last two years, it will be greatly missed. I wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you, 

Charlotte Ashton

Finally I would like to personally thank you all for your support this year, I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring! 

I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and enjoyable festive season and I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!

All the best, 

Tegan Pilkington

Administration Reminders

Christmas Charging – Statements will be emailed to you on Friday 20th December and payment will be processed on Friday 27th December. Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominate account to cover your payments.

Signing In and Out – Please remember to sign your child/ren in and out on the iPad at every attendance.  This is an important step not only for claiming CCS but also in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Ceasing Care –  4 weeks’ notice is required when you no longer require care .  Please request a Notice of Intention to Leave form from your Centre Director when required and remember that your child must attend their last day (minimum stay on last day is 1 hour) for CCS to be claimable.  This is a DHS (Centrelink) ruling.

Casual Days – Any casual day request are to be emailed to your Centre Director only.  Any cancellations require 24 hours’ notice.

Vacation Care Cancellations – Please remember that one weeks’ notice is required to cancel any pre-booked Vacation Care.

Centrelink – My Gov – It is the families responsibility to regularly check their MyGov to complete any tasks and read any message.  Any changes to your Child Care Subsidy entitlements is managed between the family and DHS (Centrelink). We are not able to answer queries or resolve CCS issues.

Nursery 1Nursery 2Waddlers 1Waddlers 2Pre-Kindy 1Pre-Kindy 2Kindy 1Kindy 2ELC 1ELC 2

Dear Families, 

It has been an amazing few months for the children in our room! Everyone has been  developing their gross motor skills and reaching new milestones. It is so exciting to see the children displaying increasingly complex motor skills and movement patterns – a big milestone for the room has been many children demonstrating spatial awareness and orientating themselves around and through the room. We have seen children begin to roll over, sit up confidently for long periods of time, start crawling, pulling themselves up to standing positions and walking independently with confidence.

We have also been celebrating birthdays; there have been a number of children who have turned one. Happy Birthday to Spencer, Trevor, Ava, Liam and Gus! We have celebrated by singing “Travelling around the sun” and “Happy Birthday” as a group on our special sun mat; as well as playing with balloons (it’s not a party without balloons).

Our Montessori focus continues to be sensorial activities which support the children to develop each of their senses:

  • Sight (visual)
  • Touch (tactile)
  • Smell (olfactory)
  • Taste (gustatory)
  • Sound (auditory)
  • Stereognostic (kinaesthetic)

By participating in these sensorial experiences children are supported to manipulate the specific material that develops their fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses while also developing their coordination.

We would like to extend warm holiday wishes to all of our families, may your holidays be safe, peaceful and revitalizing! 

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Kristy, Parisa and Fei 

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to new children joining the Nursery 2 in the coming weeks! We will be working on building relationships, and ensuring these new children understand their new environment is safe and secure and they can build a sense of belonging. A group of children have also begun transitions between nursery 1 and nursery 2 having short visits and gradually building up to full days.

The children from Nursery 1 are settling in really well and this is partly due to their familiarity with the Nursery 2 educators as the rooms work so closely together. We have been encouraging the children to participate in planned group activities and individual play to help them adjust to the new environment as well as singing songs using children and staff names to help familiarise the children with new faces.

Some of the older children in the room have begun their transition to the waddler room and are doing very well! We will miss them but wish them all the best on their journey in the Waddler room! 

These past few months we have been focusing on the children’s interest in colour sorting, scooping, pouring and arts/crafts.

As part of our fortnightly program children have been involved in our planned group/individual experiences and they have really enjoyed the many activities being offered to them.

Some of the children are beginning to take their first steps and we will be planning various physical activities to help them achieve these milestones and develop their increasing gross motor skills, balance and coordination. We have a great climbing/walking bridge in our room, which is fantastic for encouraging these physical skills!

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and look forward to continue to nurture and educate your children in the New Year!

If you have any question or suggestions please feel free to talk to any of the educators within the room

Kind regards 

The Nursery 2 Team. 

Its been a busy few months in Waddlers 1 since the last newsletter. We’ve had lots of learning, growing and accomplishments which we are very proud off. 

Following up on the previous newsletter, children have grasped the concept of setting up the table for meal times and patiently waiting for their turn to scrap their bowls after they’re finished. They have been enjoying serving their own meals and continue to practice skills such as tonging, scooping and pouring. We will continue to support children who have recently transitioned to the room to adapt to this meal time routines. Now that many have mastered washing their hands before meal times, we will soon be introducing them to washing their hands at the sink after meal times instead of using wet flannels. This is great practice for their hygiene as well as or their growing independence. 

Two of our biggest Montessori accomplishments over the last 3 months has been ‘no dummy’ and lining up our shoes by the wall before sleep time. We are officially a dummy free room as children now do not ask for their dummy during rest time or during the day. This is a big achievement as this means children have formed secure relationships with educators and are able to find comfort in us. They are also beginning to show more confidence in themselves and feel respected and valued by their educators. Lining our shoes up against the wall before sleep encourages organisation and develops a sense of order for the children which is a core part of the Montessori philosophy and we believe it is an important life skill to have. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia states that ‘children progress well when they, their parents and educators hold high expectations for their achievement in learning.’ 

Children have been showing a lot of interest in sensory play, using their senses to touch, taste a smell the world around them. Sensory play is crucial for children’s development as they best learn and retain information when they engage their senses. It is also vital for their brain development – they learn to problem solve and explore and experiment with cause and effect. It provides them with opportunities to socialise and build on their growing language. Most of all it is messy and so much fun! A part of Precious Cargo’s philosophy is that “we aim to have as much fun as possible with your children so that we may all laugh together and learn through playing together; children need the opportunity to be children.” Therefore, we have been providing, and will continue to provide children with abundance of opportunities where they are able to explore with a variety of sensory activities. 

We have been on two excursions over the last 3 months. The children have loved going to the library and the park for afternoon tea with their ELC peers. In the coming year, we will organize to have more excursions as our part of our community involvement. 

Over the next few months and in the new year, we aim to achieve more goals based on children’s development and interests. We will continue the practices we have implemented over the last few months and support transitioning with these practices. As holiday season is soon approaching, we would like to make families aware of staffing. Our team leader, Malsha, will be away from the 24th of December until the 10th of December. If there is any concerns around that time, Waddler 2 team leader Ma will be around to answer any questions. Malsha, Jahura and Tracey would like to wish all our families and children a Merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year 2020! 

As many of you may already know Waddlers 2 has had some staff changes since Stephanie has gone on maternity leave. I, Ma, have stepped up as team leader along with Halie, Sarah and Rubi as assistant educators to support Waddlers 2 while Stephanie is able to spend some quality time with her new baby boy (Dion was born on the 29th of November, 5 pound 14 ounces, both mum and bub are doing well!)

I have been with Precious Cargo, Woodville Park since April 2017 and have been in the Waddlers room as a permanent staff since December of the same year. I enjoy working with this age group and have learnt so much since I started working here. I took up the role of team leader so that I can continue to grow and support children in their learning and development. I believe children deserve high quality care so that they are able to reach to their fullest potential. 

We have been introducing and implementing a lot of new practical life experiences, including cooking lessons, grating, juicing and more. We have engaged in a lot of sensory play within the outdoor and indoor environment including finger painting, ice block painting and lots of water play during the warm days. 

As part of our Montessori focus we have been nurturing children’s independence throughout our daily routine, encouraging them to serve their own meals, pour their own drinks and pack away their bed after sleep time. We have also begun to introduce them to applying their own sunscreens and finding their own hats from the hat box. We encourage children to look after their belonging, making sure they bring their hats inside after outside play. We continue to encourage children to pack away the room before we transition to the next routine. 

We have been giving great importance to our morning circle time so that we are able to build on children’s social skills, providing them opportunities to express themselves with the group even it is just saying their own name. We believe circle time encourages patience and turn taking and also allows children to get to know their peers and educators a bit better every time. 

As children continue to show interest in practical life activities, we will continue to provide more opportunities in this area to cater each child’s individual development and interests.

Please also note for the following dates as few of our team member will be away for holidays:

Ma –        23rd December 2019 to 27th December 2019

Sarah –    20th December 2019 to 10th January 2020

Halie-      27th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020

On behalf of Hallie, Sarah and Rubi, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Dear pre kindy -1 families,

We can’t believe December is already upon us and it is the last newsletter of 2019!

This term has been busy with lots of learning experiences. Our learning journey took us to the world of animals, insects, sea creatures, human body parts, colours and now we are exploring numbers and counting.

This term we welcomed many children from Waddlers. Starting in a new room can create a mixed bag of feelings and emotions. Many of children are excited to be in upstairs room and are educators are focusing on building relationships with each child and helping them to explore our room with confidence. We are talking about emotions, feelings and the educators are role modelling how to express and name emotions.

Montessori practices are consistent in the room and children are mastering skills of self-serving, transferring water from small jug to cup and slicing fruits. In coming days we will be focussing on “how to greet each other with shaking hands” and self-care tasks such as personal hygiene and putting shoes socks on etc.

We are planning to reintroduce “show and tell” to the room. We will send more details home later this month. As the weather is getting warmer we are planning to introduce more outdoor activities.

Please come and read our fortnightly plan to find out what other great things we are getting up to! We are happy to hear from you, so please share your ideas and thoughts.

                           We wish you all a very happy, healthy, safe holiday!

Julie, Luana & Maria.

Over the past few weeks Pre Kindy 2 has been exploring and developing knowledge of primary colours. We have had a lot of fun experimenting with colour mixing, discovering all sort of different shades and colours! This experience led us to start talking about what colours different foods are, every meal time the children started talking about the different foods and what colours they are.  Max told the educator that he found orange carrot in his rice and Nuraz found green peas and yellow corn in his pasta. We also practiced our Practical Life skills, by chopping yellow bananas, red capsicum and peeling and grating orange carrots and green cucumber.

Our Pre Kindy 2 children have also expressed interest in construction and creating structures/objects. We discovered different methods of constructing and creating things, such as houses using pop sticks and playdough, animals and vehicles using a mixture of natural and recycled materials. The children also enjoyed exploring magnets and constructing things such as planes, houses, rockets, castles and robots using magnetic blocks and magnetic shapes. We have enjoyed learning about different kinds of animals, we explored monkeys, crocodiles, bears, dogs, chickens, pigs, cows and more. Jordan enjoys showing the educators the animals and says “Oink, oink!” as he holds a pig, while Jayden likes to “raar, raar!” like a bear. The children had fun discovering the sounds the animals made and made animal footprint paintings!

As the weather has begun to warm up we have been talking about visits to the Beach and all the fun things we can do there, this topic extended to exploring sea life. The children have engaged in water and sand sensorial experiences, exploring seashells and sea creatures. We have also been reinforcing the importance of sun safety – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

Our Pre Kindy 2 children have continued to develop their knowledge and skills in our Montessori focus on grace and courtesy. This has included, encouraging children to watch others work while waiting to use an activity, using our manners, using chairs, packing away activities and respect for each other and our environment. We have also been focusing on our practice of using green mats, shoe placement and developing our autonomy.

Currently, the Pre Kindy 2 children are enjoying the lead up to Christmas and are working on plenty of creative art and craft experiences and activities. We have begun transitions and are pleased to welcome our new and transitioning children to Pre Kindy 2 and look forward to building relationships with these children. Shirisha will be on leave from the end of December to the second week of February, as she spends time with family abroad. 

We would like to wish all of our Precious Cargo families a very Merry Christmas and look forward to another fun filled year in 2020. If you have any questions or would like to chat with us please come and see us, as we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to look at our floor book on top of the lockers and our fortnightly program to see what we are doing. 

From Renee, Charini and Shirisha

Dear Kindy family

The holiday season has arrived and in Kindy 1! We have been very busy making special gifts for our families to add to their collection of memories. The children have been joyfully expressing their excitement about visiting relatives, travelling overseas or within Australia during this period and we look forward to hearing all about their trips when they come back! Some children have recently been on holidays and have been bringing photographs and special souvenirs from their visits and proudly showing them to their peers and educators during our circle time. 

We believe that it gives them the perfect opportunity to step away from their comfort zone, express themselves with confidence, be proud of their achievements and experience a sense of belonging and ownership through their contributions to our program in the classroom environment. 

We would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all families to contribute to welcome our lovely parents to encourage their children to share even their smallest experience through our ‘show and tell’ component during our circle time.

We have been implementing Montessori experiences daily with the children being encouraged to use the green mats for their experiences. The green mats reflect the child’s personal space, and they are a visual reminder for children to be aware and are respectful of a child’s personal space when they have set up an experience on a green. Montessori lessons are being provided both individually and in a group setting, and this has been paramount in guiding the children to enhance their creativity and independence.

We have been making use of the lovely weather outside which hasn’t been too hot! There has been an emphasis placed on challenging the children’s gross motor skills and have invited them to participate in building challenge courses with wooden blocks and logs and then endeavouring to balance walk across it. The children have also shown fantastic social and scaffolding skills through demonstrating and guiding their peers over the course.

We even played our famous summer sport; cricket! We have been practicing our bowling and batting skills as well as enthusiastically cheering each other on.

One of our main focuses through focusing on children’s interests has been learning the primary colours and understanding that mixing two colours can create a new colour. The children have enjoyed making wonderful creations through colour mixing and taking pride in their achievements as they engaged in the art experiences.

Literacy has been a key component in the kindy room and the children have really enjoyed being an apart of story time in the afternoon with the introduction of stories with a ‘five minute story time’ song. Listening to stories is one of the first steps into a child’s literacy development, where they learn pronunciation, become confident in expressing themselves and their ideas within a social group as well as enhancing their concentration. We have introduced the ‘Cranky Bear’ book series for our children, and the Cranky Bear will be visiting our children’s families soon for the children to create new adventures with him and bring back stories of their own to share with their peers.

Please feel free to provide your feedback on our fortnightly program and learning experiences.

We would like to wish all our wonderful families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

Hi Kindy 2 families

Some of the exciting things we have been learning about this term have been our bugs and insect program and in particular watching the butterfly life cycle of Metamorphosis unfold. 

Under the sea and sea creatures was also a fun and exciting program where children researched and discovered the millions of different types of sea animals that live in the ocean, rivers, lakes and even in people’s homes. Such animals we discovered included, whales, sharks, crustaceans, dolphins, fish and much more. The children enjoyed being able to make craft sea creatures and create their own understanding and definition of the various aquatic animals.

Our most recent program was based around emotions and feelings.

Children are little people with big feelings and they do not always have the words or language to express how they are feeling throughout the day and so often will struggle with identifying a specific emotion as they feel it. 

Having this program in place ensured that the children were given opportunities to first understand and identify each emotion through visual aids and then practice managing these emotions and feelings, as well as expressing either verbally or non-verbally how they were feeling throughout the day.

Term 4 is a rewarding time to reflect on all the milestones the children have accomplished this year. We have observed children independently learning to take care of their personal belongings, develop positive relationships and friendships and source their own learning through the environment around them.

On behalf of the educators I wish to thank all the families for your contribution and support this year in the Kindy room and especially with the program. The partnership between educators and families is invaluable for building the strong community we have here at Precious Cargo. 

We would like to wish you and your family safe holidays and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings. 

Trish, Drashti, Jess and Grace.

Hi Families,

It has been an exciting few months for ELC 1 with many children preparing for their big transition to school and external kindy. This is such a big step in their education journey and we would like to wish them all the very best!

The ELC graduation was a fantastic night! It was the first time we had hosted this and were so glad the children had so much fun and were all able to celebrate this event together with their families!

To support the children to be ready for school our curriculum has been based around self-regulation, recognising and naming emotions. The children have been responding really well to these topics, often naming each other’s emotions as well as their own. These skills will be a big support for them as they settle into school next year.

Children who are not yet off to school have been really enjoying our regular Grace and Curtesy lessons. We have been learning about Green Mats (entering and exit play), ‘being kind’ and general practical life skills like how to pack away as a group. You may have noticed the activities on the shelves, currently they are focused on high level fine motor skills. Practising fine motor experiences like threading and tweezing develop the hand muscles which will support the children to learn the correct pencil grip. As they master these skills we will extend them by offering more challenging Montessori experiences that encourage the development of concentration, perseverance and resilience. 

Over the holiday period we will hopefully going on a few excursions – if the weather permits. 

There are more exciting experiences ahead, come and check out the room and program for more information.

Thank you for all your support this year, it has been such an amazing year and we can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

We would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks Kindly, 

Sarah and Natasha.

Dear Families,

A warm welcome to Jess, our new trainee who joins us as an assistant in ELC 2. We have loved having her extend on our interests and plan experiences (especially ones that keep us cool these last few days!)

Our learning program has involved revisiting Grace and Courtesy lessons, developing the social skills that will be most valuable when your children transition into primary school. We have discussed how we show respect for ourselves, others and the environment. We have been spending a lot of time gathering together to discuss how we can manage our emotions safely and how we can communicate with those around us about how we are feeling. 

Our care of the environment has extended to caring for our centre pets, thank you to the children who offer to clean Bubbles tank for us. I’m sure Bubbles appreciates it too!

We have been practicing our turn taking, respect for others, numeracy and literacy understanding through the introduction of board games – snakes and ladders, memory/go fish, uno and twister. These are such simple yet great tools for teaching so many skills through play. It supports the children to understand taking turns, they are learning maths without even realising and developing social skills. 

We have continued with our excursions to the Train Park, playground and Woodville Library. Hopefully in the New Year, we will be including our buddy class (Waddler 1) to develop a sense of community.

Good luck to all of our graduating children, we are all very excited for your next adventure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Michaela, Nidhi and Jess