St Peters Newsletter December 2019

Dear Families,

Wow, I cannot believe another year is coming to a close! What a wonderful year it has been watching your children grow and blossom into independent learners. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beautiful families for all of your support and involvement throughout the year we could not do it without you.

To those children beginning the next chapter of their learning journeys and heading to school next year I wish them all the best and hope they are now fully equip with the skills necessary to succeed. Please stay in touch with us we would love to know how they get on. 

Our end of year Cultural Celebration was a huge success it was lovely to see the pride beaming from the children while they shared their work and experiences with family & friends. A massive thank you to those families who contributed with cooking traditional foods, experiences and wall displays your efforts were truly amazing. 

Just a quick reminder that many of our staff will take annual leave over this time of year, this will be displayed on each room’s door. I will also be on leave from the 16th of December until the 6th of January. Please see Sumi if you have any questions or queries over this period of time.

As we have approached that time of year where the weather is warming up and the UV is high can I please ask that you provide a sun safe hat for your child and dress them appropriately. Such as shirts covering their shoulders and a broad brim hat. Please ensure these items are labeled.

We are also very excited to announce Bibi has welcomed a beautiful baby boy in to the world and we wish her all the best as she starts on the most rewarding path of motherhood. 

Lastly I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to what exciting moments 2020 brings.

Montessori Mentor

Reflecting on our recent Cultural Day and End of Year Celebration it was a wonderful day to see so many families and educators involved in such a joyous celebration. Numerous cultures were celebrated within each classroom and the centre was filled with music, food, national dress and not to mention the various performances on the day.

Culture is one of the five areas within our Montessori Curriculum.  The Cultural area covers a variety of learning opportunities for the children including Art, Music, Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology and History. Leading up to the event children were involved in learning about various aspects relating each country including and not limited to creating artwork, learning about and replicating flags, songs relating to their countries as well as stories, animals and their habitats, location in the world and landmarks, as well as food, cooking experiences, music, dance and language including greetings.

We are lucky to have such a diverse range of cultures within our Precious Cargo family at St Peters and if you have an opportunity please take a moment to look at the page in our floorbook at reception and please add your family if you haven’t already.

Looking ahead to 2020 we will be focusing on learning about several cultural celebrations and national holidays within our centre. If you and your family are celebrating a national holiday please share this with the staff and educators in your room so that we can all learn about this special event in your culture.   We value parent input and this is not limited to celebrations but can also include travels, day trips, family or friends visiting, or any new and exciting experiences or achievements that your family or children are involved in.

On that note I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe holiday period with your family and look forward to being a part of more learning experiences with your children in the New Year.

Betina Pfeil

Montessori Mentor

Administration Reminders

Christmas Charging – Statements will be emailed to you on Friday 20th December and payment will be processed on Friday 27th December. Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominated account to cover your payments.

Signing In and Out – Please remember to sign your child/ren in and out on the iPad at every attendance.  This is an important step not only for claiming CCS but also in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Ceasing Care –  4 weeks’ notice is required when you no longer require care .  Please request a Notice of Intention to Leave form from your Centre Director when required and remember that your child must attend their last day (minimum stay on last day is 1 hour) for CCS to be claimable.  This is a DHS (Centrelink) ruling.

Casual Days – Any casual day request are to be emailed to your Centre Director only.  Any cancellations require 24 hours’ notice.

Vacation Care Cancellations – Please remember that one weeks’ notice is required to cancel any pre-booked Vacation Care.

Centrelink – My Gov – It is the families responsibility to regularly check their MyGov to complete any tasks and read any message.  Any changes to your Child Care Subsidy entitlements is managed between the family and DHS (Centrelink). We are not able to answer queries or resolve CCS issues.


Dear Nursery Families, 

Firstly I want to wish you all a happy Holiday season whether you are simply enjoying the warm weather and a break or introducing your children to the wonders of Family Traditions. 

We have enjoyed sharing and exploring traditions and cultures over the last term in lead up to our Cultural Day celebration. It has been delightful seeing the excitement and fascination our Nursery children have shown over various objects, arts, foods and music that involved our program.

Our Montessori Room has been a success and cause of excitement for our Nursery children. They have been having one on one and small group lessons that enable them to focus on Montessori specific work without disruption. It is fascinating watching the children grow in understanding and ability with our activities as they work towards mastering them. A favourite activity in the room has been our transfer bottle. There is a basket of ping pong balls and a glass jar for the children to transfer them into. This is a favourite due the developmental age of the children wanting to ‘post’ things as well as the reaction of sound the balls make when dropping into the bottle.

In the Nursery Room we will be focusing on our meal times over the next coming months. One of the first Montessori practical life lessons we can offer is supporting children to feed themselves. This involves so many of the senses, co-ordination and fine motor skills that the learning from this is invaluable and sets the children up for growth in other areas. We have already begun this lesson through giving the children small glasses to drink from to build on their hand-eye and hand-mouth co-ordination. During this learning we also will be encouraging and assisting children with washing their hands, scraping and washing their bowls and wiping their faces. This will support their independence and confidence in achieving everyday tasks so that they can move on to learn more complex tasks. 

Next year we will be making a Family Tree that is easily accessible to the children. Please bring in a family photo or email one to us that you do not mind us laminating and having on display. Family photos can be a great source of comfort to the Nursery children and also celebrates the diverse community we have here.  

We would like to thank you all for your dedication with supporting our program and sharing your knowledge of your child with us. It is your input that enables us to care for and help your child grow. We adore our Nursery children and enjoy getting to know you all.Kind Regards, The Nursery Team. 

Dear waddlers families,

We have enjoyed sharing and exploring traditions and cultures over the last term which ended with celebration of cultural day this term. Our children had lot of fun preparing for cultural day. We focused on Scotland and China, a highlight for the children was learning about the colours of the flags and also painting their own flags. They also enjoyed making sheep, practicing their gluing skills and also making Chinese fans. We also are very thankful to Bonnie who came in for a cooking lesson to made Wonton soup which is Chinese traditional dish. Children really enjoyed this special experience.  During our circle time we had so much fun practicing our special cultural day song “hello to all the children of the world”. The children and educators loved dancing clapping and waving to the song and learning about acceptance, diversity and kindness to all.

With the warmer weather approaching we are continuing to encourage children to apply their own sunscreen. We are also reminding them to wear their hats while outside. 

Our child are still focusing independence through serving their own fruit, scrapping their bowl and also initiating helping cleaning up after meal time. The children are also encouraged to put their socks and shoe on after they wake up from sleep.

We hope everyone stays cool and healthy over the next term and if you have any questions please feel free to come and see us. 


Waddlers team.

Hello, Bonjour, Buenos dias! It has been an event filled term, full of life, culture, learning, challenges and play. 

I personally enjoyed our cultural day very much and hope that you did too. It was such an enjoyable atmosphere and a fantastic opportunity to share all the wonderful things that make us different and yet the same. Who knew I was an African drummer extraordinaire! The dress, cuisine, music and dance, so many delightful things to explore and absorb. Witnessing the sense of pride when people share their cultural background is something special indeed. Please feel free to share any ideas you may have to include more culture into our classroom curriculum, we’d love to hear and include them!

Reflecting upon the term, a few events stand out as highlights for me. We conducted a ‘Wet n Wild’ theme day on a hot and sunny day which was a great success. Children thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did a few of our parents. Including more musical based experiences has been rather rewarding as it has been a great way to reach and engage with children on another level. Exploring science and our solar system has been a popular topic with children and a lot of fun for staff. Conducting experiments, creating planets with balloons and paper mâché, learning through play, brilliant!

It’s also been a great period for developing and building relationships with families. Stronger bonds are being formed and I truly cherish and appreciate this. We love being more involved in your lives and becoming part of your family. We are very open to feedback and constructive criticism, sometimes we need this to identify areas where we are not serving you to the standard that you deserve. On that note, I endeavor you to be open and honest and never feel inhibited or concerned about sharing your thoughts, no matter what they are.

Stay happy, healthy and safe. Enjoy the holidays and extra time to spend with loved ones. Looking forward to discovering what new and exciting prospects the new year delivers to us all…

Hello to all Kindy families

What an exciting term we have had.

A huge high light of this term was the preparation and planning surrounding our cultural day. We chose to celebrate Indian and Belarus culture and we loved teaching the children about these cultures by dressing up in traditional clothing, making flags and other art works, learning common phrases and listening to traditional music. The day was a huge success and we hope your family enjoyed the performances, food and the wonderful atmosphere of the day– a huge thankyou to those families who brought food along to share, it is wonderful to see such pride coming from families when they share aspects of their own culture with us. Celebrating everyone and their culture is an ongoing part of our program and we encourage you to bring in items and share with us.  

We have also been celebrating quite a few birthdays over the past few months and we really enjoy sharing how we celebrate these milestones here at Precious Cargo with our ‘Around the sun’ celebration the children are really engaged and excited to participate and we hope you enjoy the videos.

We have welcomed many new children to the kindy room from pre kindy and these transitions have been a success with children quickly settling in and getting used to their new environment and we have loved forming new relationships and working in partnership with families to provide the children with the best learning outcomes possible. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any one of us.

We hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New years.


Jaspreet, Simi, Himani, Gab and Dimple

Hello to all our dear ELC families, 

Well that time of the year has come where we reflect on the amazing time, we have had together in 2019!

This year we welcomed Cassie to the ELC room. Cassie quickly formed relationships and bonds with all children and families and has been such a huge asset to the Precious Cargo community.

We have watched children blossom and grow in confidence and independence, we have seen children mastering new skills and showing such pride when they do so. We have seen children working together and forming great friendships and we have seen our little ELC room grow into a vibrant and welcoming community.

Some highlights for the year were our trips to the park and being involved in our local community, our science incursion, our Via dance and Happy feet classes, our cultural day, our cooking classes and our discussions during learning enquiries and circle times.

This Friday is a bitter sweet one for us as we farewell 9 of our children who are headed off to school next year – Indi, Arlen, Nigel, Sarah, Irma, Georgina, Blake, Lily and Kaliya. It has been such a pleasure getting to know all of these little personalities during their time with us and although we will miss them dearly we know they are prepared and ready for their new adventure and wish them all the best – knowing they will make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Our end of term party will be held this Friday the 13th December at 2pm. We will share afternoon tea and school leavers will be given their learning journeys and school reports – All welcome.

Our vacation care program begins next Monday the 16th of December. Children are still required to bring their lunchboxes but breakfast and dinner will be provided as usual

During this time we will be quiet and will join Kindy for some time – still following our own routine and program based on the children’s interest.

Our focus for this period will be around Christmas – how it is celebrated in other countries, the act of giving rather than receiving and how we can help others during this time of year.

We hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New years and look forward to seeing our returning families in 2020

From Chloe and Cassie