Lockleys Family Newsletter September 2019

Dear Families and Caregivers,

I’m amazed at how quickly the year is moving along.  We have some exciting upcoming events here at Lockleys.  In October we will hosting our “Open Night”, an informal opportunity to visit the centre, your child’s room, chat to educators and have a look through your child’s learning journey.  I look forward to seeing you all at this important and fun event. On November 8th we will be having our End of Year Celebration – Details will follow in the following weeks.


  • 27TH September Last Day in Care Forms due Kindy and ELC familes
  • Tuesday 15th October –OPEN NIGHT
  • Friday 8th November – End of Year Celebration

Can you help?????  We are always looking at ways to be more sustainable and how to share this knowledge with your children, so recently we started collecting bread tags for wheel chairs.  Collecting bread tags enables this amazing organisation to provide wheelchairs that change the life of disabled people in need, as well as keeping the tags out of landfill to help to preserve the environment.  We ask that you bring any bread tags collected and pop them into our collection tub located in the foyer.  For more information please visit www.breadtagsforwheelchairs.co.za. In August the centre celebrated Book Week with the theme “Reading is my Secret Power” What a great week!!!!, The ELC children visited the local nursing home and Lockleys Primary School, we also had a visit from the City of West Torrens Mobile Library.  It really was a fun week celebrating early literacy and the joy of reading – thank you for your support!!

A gentle reminder: we ask that no external food be brought to the centre unless your child is in the ELC room.  We have children with severe allergies throughout the centre.  We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your ongoing support, 

Pat Lewis

Centre Director


Welcome Nursery families as we review another busy term in the nursery room. 

Our main focus over the past few weeks has been encouraging and providing plenty of opportunity for the children to use their self helps skills and develop their independence. Our coat rack has been a great new addition for this purpose as well as our shoe box and hat rack as it provides a space for the children to find their own belongings. Scrapping bowls, washing hands, water pouring and wiping own faces are practices that we strongly encourage the children to do on their own on a daily basis and we are always looking for more ways to use this skill of self-help. If you have noticed other self-help skills your child is achieving at home please let the nursery staff know and we can implement it within the nursery environment also. 

Pyjama Day on the 18/7 was a great success so thank you to all parents who got involved. We all had a great day in the nursery playing in the courtyard, reading stories and building with blocks, all in the comfort of our PJ’s. 

On the 11th Of July we celebrated NAIDOC week. The children joined their educators in a circle time using the tapping sticks and listening to our multicultural rhythm cd. We also made our own rain sticks using dry rice and sticks we sourced from the yard. The children helped pour the rice into plastic bottles through a funnel and placed the sticks in by hand. We have since kept these bottles on our resource shelf and they are very popular within the nursery group. 

Our amazing chef Roz has recently been making a dairy free/egg free custard and the children have been really enjoying it. We serve this either on its own or with some fresh fruit. Here is the recipe in case you want to make it at home and try it for yourself. 


2 cups of tinned apples

1 Banana

80g Maple syrup

30g Corn flour

500g Rice Milk


  1. Add Apple to thermomix bowl and blitz until smooth (approx. 5 seconds)
  2. Add Maple syrup, milk, corn flour and banana 
  3. Cook for 6 minutes/90 degrees/speed 3

As always we would like to remind parents that the nursery staff are always happy to chat about any comments, concerns or feedback regarding your child and the room. 

We look forward to continuing to watch your children learn and grow throughout the rest of their nursery experience. 


Shanae, Mel, Michele, Kate C, Beth, Kate N and Penny  

The children in waddlers have been very active participants in their development, in particular learning about culture and the environment. In July the room celebrated NAIDOC Week which encouraged staff to introduce materials and resources from the Aboriginal and Torres Striate Island culture to the children.  Staff have been making traditional food with the children to extend their interests regarding people and their heritage.

Recipe for Indian Naan bread:
2 garlic cloves, chopped 2/3 cups of buttermilk
2/3 fresh herbs, chopped (parsley, mint, coriander) vegetable oil for bowl
1 tbs salt
1 ts sugar
4 cups of all-purpose flour
1ts lemon zest
Heat pan with vegetable oil, stretch a small handful of dough into a circle and cook for 3-5 minutes each

As the weeks have been progressing, the children have taken a strong interests in animals. The children are constantly involved in learning about animals, how to care for them, where they live and what sound they make .Extensions have been: dressing up, creating imaginative animals ‘waterhole’ areas and listening to music with our eyes closed. 

During group time, educators have been making playdough and experimenting with bicarb soda and vinegar volcanos. As a team, waddlers are involved in the mixing, stirring, pouring and needing to make sure that it’s the right consistency.  The children are beginning to understand the concept of turn taking with one another which has become a significant breakthrough during the last couple of weeks. 

Recipe for playdough: 

2 cups of plain flour, 2 cups of warm water, 2tbs cooking oil, 1 cup of salt
4tbs McKenzie’s Cream of Tartar
food colouring (1 drop for light, 3-4 for dark)

Volcano Science experiment:
3 plastic cups
food colouring (1 drop in each cup)
white vinegar in each cup 1 tsp. of baking powder in each cup

IMPORTANT:  The waddler room currently has a child who has severe allergies and is anaphylactic, to best support their needs the menu may sometimes be altered.  Please see your room menu for any changes. Thank you, we appreciate your understanding in this matter – keeping your children safe is our major priority.

Please feel free to approach any of the waddler team to discuss questions you may have about your child or their routines.
Thank you very much,
Waddler Team, Monique, Penny, Imogen, Meenu, Elle, Deb and Brooke

i Pre Kindy Families, 

Wow! What a super busy and exciting year we’ve had so far.

A big focus this term has been exploring the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ during this focus on literacy we have explored different versions of the story. The children have been involved in learning the life cycle of a butterfly as well as a frog; we’ve had lots of fun with Arts and Crafts making our own butterflies and caterpillars. Children helped as we put our classroom board together and once that was put up we told the story visually with laminated print out of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ – children helped tell the story together out loud with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Repetitious reading not only increases language and vocabulary, but it also allows children to predict the story’s outcome. Predicting rhyming words and phrases is an essential step in the process of learning to read.
Fun Fact: This year is the 50th year anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. 

Another big interest this term has been our Italian lessons with Maria. Maria has been slowly introducing numbers and colours in Italian; children have responded positively to this and some are now counting from 1 – 10 as well as recognising a few colours in Italian. Children have enjoyed welcoming each other at circle time with Buongiorno _____ – come stai (Good morning ____ – how are you?). Maria will continue to introduce Italian to the children throughout the rest of the year as this has been a growing interest in the Pre Kindy Room. (see bottom of Newsletter for numbers 1 to 10 in Italian)

Friendships have continued to evolve as individual children have felt increasingly confident to pursue their own emerging interest. Educators have provided steady support for children as they learn strategies and social skills.

This term we have continued to focus on furthering our independence and practical life skills such as serving our own food at meal times, washing hands, blowing our noses, pouring our own water, sweeping, moping, wiping chairs and tables, washing windows, dressing ourselves, putting on our own shoes and socks, toilet training and gardening.

Toilet Training – if you are thinking about starting the toilet training process come and talk to us and we can help start or continue the process with you. We ask that you provide lots of spare clothes just in case of accidents and please let us know if your child wears a nappy for sleep. We also ask you dress your child in appropriate clothes to make it easy for your child to toilet independently E.g. elasticised shorts, separate top and bottoms.

Just a friendly reminder to please check your child’s bag for toys; they may have packed for themselves. We do not encourage toys from home (unless it’s a sleep comforter) as these may become lost or damaged and can be a distraction to the program being implemented in the room. Please also avoid bringing any sentimental items/ belongings from home. Likewise at times small food items find a way into your child’s bag and we ask parents to be vigilant for allergy reasons.

To keep updated with our learning journey in Pre Kindy please take a look at our classroom floor book located on the shelf. In there you will see photos of experiences we do a on a daily basis and children’s voices that have been recorded during group discussions.

Number Italian

  1. Uno
  2. Due
  3. Tre
  4. Quattro
  5. Cinque
  6. Sei
  7. Sette
  8. Otto
  9. Nove
  10. Dieci

With love from your Pre Kindy Educators

Bek, Caroline, Maria, Eva, Theo and Harpreet

This term we have focused on the theme of ‘Around the World’. The children have had opportunities to explore the 7 different continents. Each day educators would choose a country, at circle times we introduced their greeting for hello. Over the next few weeks we cooked different foods from different cultures such as dumplings, damper and potato pancakes.
Each week different focuses are emerging, currently we are focusing on animals from different countries.

Cooking has been a favourite interest with new and exciting foods that children are able to try and experience. We frequently have used our vegetable garden and incorporated these into our everyday experiences.

BOOK WEEK was a huge success, we shared stories,had a visit from the City of West Torrens Mobile Library and enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. 

“The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go” Dr. Seus

We have noticed the kindy children becoming more independent with putting their shoes on, hanging their jackets and taking care of the environment and classroom.   This not only develops their care of self-help skills but also assists in developing. Confidence and a sense of achievement.

Thank you for all your ongoing support
On behalf of the Kindy Team.

Mikayla, Kim, Tarni and Alyssa

Hi ELC Families,

Firstly I would like to welcome the new families who have recently joined the ELC room.  We are excited to get to know your child and assist their learning and development.

A big focus this term has been involved around the healthy eating and learning about the five food groups, this has help ELC children identify the different groups and where each of the foods come from. Leading on from the five food groups we have recently starting talking about ‘eating a rainbow’ first we started off by talking to the children about the different fruits and vegetables they know. We placed the foods into the different colour’s of the rainbow. Throughout this term ELC children will explore their sense of taste and be able to try a variety of fruits and vegetables from the colours of the rainbow.

On the note of healthy eating in the Early Learning Centre: I have provided a section of the Food, Beverage and Nutrition Policy about the food to be brought into the centre in your child’s lunchbox.

Food brought from home must adhere to our food policy. No nuts or food with nuts are brought to the centre. Healthy food suggestions are included in the new parent pack. 
Inappropriate food such as high in sugar will be put aside and given back to the parent at the time of the child’s collection with an explanation as to why the food is not appropriate. An appropriate alternative will be suggested using the healthy eating parent info slip. Children’s lunchboxes will be clearly labelled and kept in the fridge until required.

  Foods that are excluded include:
-All Nuts and foods with nuts
– Chips (including corn chips
– Lollies and sweet biscuits
– Raw carrot, celery, apple and popcorn (grated or blanched carrot or apple is allowed)
– Cordials, soft drinks, flavoured milk drinks and fruit juices
This will ensure that children’s lunchboxes are safe and nutritious. Fridges are available in all classrooms. 

-Sandwiches/rolls -Cold meats, tuna
-Pita pockets/soft tortilla wraps -Dried fruit (natural, low sugar content
-Cucumber pieces/slices -Muffins
-Yoghurt -Pikelets
-Cracker biscuits, rice crackers -Sultanas
-Raisin bread -Boiled eggs
-Cheese slices (not cubes) -Salad
-Fruit -Muesli bar, low sugar
-Cherry tomatoes -Plain noodles, without flavouring
-100% fruit bars -Plain milk boxes

A focus we have been talking to the ELC children about is safe play. Children have been in discussions about what makes a safe classroom, each of the children have said how they think the classroom should be when they are feeling safe. 

To finish off the day the children have regularly been involved in music and movement. Children engage in a wide variety of songs, these include children sitting down and singing songs and standing up and moving their bodies to the music. The benefits of music and movement are to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills, learning to express emotions and improving balance and coordination. 

We have started to talk about fractions in the room, this has involved cutting out circles and showing the differences between the fractions of a whole, halves, thirds, fourths and fifth. Children have engaged in discussions about the different scenarios which involve fractions (eg  I have four members in my family and we all would like a piece of watermelon. Which fraction shows four pieces?). Children have been cutting out their own fractions to show their understanding. 

Thankyou for your ongoing support, please do not hesitate to come and see one of the ELC staff if you have any questions.

ELC team 

Courtney and Lyndsey