Best Early Learning Centre Adelaide

The Best Early Learning Centre Adelaide

Our respectful approach to teaching the Montessori method is one of the reasons we are chosen as the best early learning centre Adelaide. With 400 qualified and friendly staff, we create a safe and respectful learning environment for children all over Adelaide. The Montessori method was founded in 1907 and is practical and proven, focusing on hands-on learning and self-directed activities. Our enrolment requires children to be in the centre for a minimum of two consecutive days per week to allow for the Montessori curriculum and routine. Our best early learning centre Adelaide environment revolves around child involvement through imagination, learning and different tasks. The Montessori method shows that children require a specific environment to reach their full potential. We provide that environment, with our qualified teachers responsible for establishing a child’s academic level to match them with the corresponding level in the curriculum.

Best Early Learning Centre Adelaide

The Montessori Teaching Method

As the best early learning centre Adelaide, we follow the Montessori method to create a learning environment for children to reach their best. The Montessori teaching method was founded by the first female doctor in Italy, Dr Maria Montessori. She found that children require a specific environment to learn, absorb and develop to reach their full potential. A Montessori environment is respectful, safe and loving, involving activities that promote practical learning and experiences. Our qualified staff are skilled in understanding the developmental needs of children. We create a calm and structured environment where children feel comfortable to participate, learn and feel guided through learning. In line with the Montessori method, our teaching staff go to extraordinary lengths to provide children with love, respect, dignity and humility at all times. We are passionate about helping children build a strong foundation for life through these diverse learning opportunities.

The Precious Cargo Process

Starting your childcare journey at the best early learning centre Adelaide begins with meeting our wonderful staff. We will tell you more about the Montessori method and the curriculum we have in place for your child to achieve their full potential. Following this, we will schedule the whole family to come and experience the best early learning centre Adelaide. This, along with a day-long trial, will allow you to see your child thrive in our safe and simulated environment. On the first day your child is given another opportunity to familiarise themselves with the environment and staff. We place great importance on our staff and parent relationships, believing in open and available communication. Our complete process allows each child’s transition to go smoothly.

  1. Contact and introduce
  2. Book and tour
  3. Trial
  4. Enrol
  5. Orientation
  6. Stay in touch

Begin your smooth transition into childcare at our best early learning centre Adelaide. Following the Montessori teaching method, your child will gain independence, practical and intellectual skills vital for life. Get in touch with our friendly staff on 08 8130 6688.

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