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The Best Kindergarten in Adelaide

Our environment as one of the best kindergartens in Adelaide aligns with the Montessori method and promotes a safe and respectful space for learning and development. The Montessori Method was founded by the first female doctor in Italy, Dr Maria Montessori. Through her research, she found that children require a specific environment to successfully develop a range of skills. As the best kindergarten in Adelaide, our classrooms comprise of specially trained teachers, calm and structured environment, real-life lessons and behavioural lessons. Each of these characteristics builds a safe and vibrant space for children. We follow the Montessori Curriculum to ensure children are being exposed and taught a range of life lessons and skills essential to their ongoing development. The Montessori Curriculum comprises of:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem Solving and Mathematics
  • Language and Literacy
  • Culture
Best Kindergarten Adelaide

Our Montessori Activities

We see tremendous growth in children through their participation in several activities at our best kindergarten in Adelaide. This includes activities such as cooking, washing, agriculture and music.

Cooking: Preparation, cooking and understanding nutritional value are all essential skills. We encourage children to get involved in preparing, mixing and cooking food in a supervised environment.

Washing: The Montessori method demonstrates that children are eager to work and be involved in activities often seen as chores. Washing allows children to feel a sense of involvement and encourages independence.

Agriculture: Several of our centres have animals and vege patches. Interacting with our animals and vege patches promotes social skills, sensory development and responsibility.

Music: Music and movement is an essential area of the Montessori Curriculum. During this time, children can participate in yoga, learn about different cultures and languages, and enjoy all kinds of music.

Our Happy Parents

As one of the best kindergartens in Adelaide, our aim is to provide the optimal environment to promote learning. Here is what some parents had to say about their experience at the best kindergarten Adelaide at various Precious Cargo locations:

“Since the beginning, everything has been perfect. No need to pay any tour fee (comparing to other Montessori centres) and you’ll always feel like home which is the environment we were looking for our daughter.”

“We have been to the centre over 6 years now and will be sad to leave! The directors and staff are amazing – attentive, caring and have excellent communication. Our children love attending and we always have peace of mind that they are happy and well looked after.”

“All of the educators are so lovely and the kids are far more advanced and independent than they otherwise would be.”

As the best kindergarten in Adelaide, we provide a Montessori education to suit the different needs of each child. Our specially educated teachers observe and assess the different levels of each child. Get in touch with our team today on (08) 8130 6688.

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