Blackwood Nursery

Meet Our Qualified Staff at Blackwood Nursery

Our nursery in Blackwood educates children through their senses and embraces the Montessori method and philosophy that promotes balance and deeper absorption of information. Precious Cargo aims to provide an inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging to children, their families, staff, and community members. Our team offers an innovative, safe, clean, nurturing environment so your child can enjoy walking through our doors. Depending on your child’s schedule, we also provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our meals are nutritional and utilise fresh ingredients from our onsite vegetable patches.

The Montessori teaching method recognises that children need a specific environment to learn, absorb information, and develop to their full potential. Our teachers have unique training to observe and understand the Montessori curriculum objectives and the needs of each child. We strive to provide children with a robust foundation for their lives through diverse, holistic learning opportunities.

Blackwood Nursery

Learn More About Our Blackwood Nursery

Precious Cargo has various unique centres, and Blackwood Nursery is no exception. The Blackwood Nursery is a short distance from Witunga Botanic Gardens and has two large verandas, a kitchen, and a purpose-built music room. Our Montessori teaching method is evident since we have a vegetable garden, Grow Free cart, and a pet turtle. We also learn about empathy and consideration through our community links with Happy Feet Dance, Oz Harvest, CFS, and the indigenous community.

Our staff at Blackwood Nursery, Venessa Webb, has worked in early childhood education for over 16 years. She has worked at Precious Cargo since 2018 and is passionate about the Montessori teaching method. At Blackwood Nursery, we allow children to learn and develop independently. We give children the chance to be involved in exploring and contributing to the environment. For this reason, children have a sense of ownership, responsibility, and respect that sets them up for life.

Reasons to Bring Your Child to Our Blackwood Nursery

Nursery childcare offers consistency, freedom of movement, various experiences, arts and crafts, and music. We strive to become your child’s extended family and create a fun, safe, and educational environment. For this reason, we will ask you to complete a “Who am I” story so we can duplicate your child’s routine. We know that children are absorbent, and their growth in the first 12 months is rapid. Our staff will offer your child new challenges to stimulate growth and development.

Our Blackwood Nursery is ideal for children aged six to school age. We provide nappies, wipes, formula, Sudocrem, and sunscreen. However, we will ask you to bring a hat and a change of clothes. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our facilities and the way we represent a home away from home. Our team will inspire and educate you to a new understanding of your child. Let us help you make one of the most challenging jobs a rewarding one.

Do you have questions or need more information about our Blackwood Nursery? Please get in touch with us today.

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