Myrtle Bank Family Newsletter December 2019

The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth


From the Director…

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our end of year newsletter.  Thanks to all families who attended this year’s End of Year Celebration at Mitcham Reserve.  It was lovely seeing everyone in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We received some lovely feedback and glad everyone had a wonderful time.      

The ELC and Kindy Room celebrated their graduations and I would like to thank the children and tell each of them how proud I am of their learning journey.  I have been amazed at their theories, their problem solving, their creativity, their independence, and most importantly what wonderful people they are. Thank you for the memories and allowing your children to share their journey with us.  On behalf of all the educators, I wish them every success for their future as they head off to school. 

We are welcoming many new families to the Centre and we have also had several children graduating from one room to another.  We endeavour to make these orientations/transitions as painless as possible for families but if you do have any concerns with how your child is settling please see the Educators in the rooms or contact me directly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their hard work this year.  Special thanks to Veronica as Assistant Director/Educational Leader for being a passionate educator and helping the Centre to run smoothly.  Also to Cate as Montessori Mentor for ensuring our Montessori method is upheld in all rooms; Sarah B, Lib, Subhani, Sharon and Rubi as motivated and tireless Team Leaders, Kerry and her Kitchen Team for all the delicious meals, and to all the Educators, who continue to provide the best education and care for the children.

In staff news, we welcome Leap to our team as our second Early Childhood Teacher.  Leap has been working with us since August 2018 as a casual relief educator and has now completed her Degree in Early Childhood Education.  We look forward to her newfound knowledge and passionate nature. 2020 will also see Niral, Nazia, Lauren, Vijini and Michelle return from maternity leave.  We look forward to their return, along with their new bubs.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s booking, or just want an extra casual day, please call on 8130 6699 or email me directly on or Veronica on

For all account/statement enquiries please call or email Admin on 8130 6673 or

On behalf of all the staff at Precious Cargo Myrtle Bank, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year.

Warm regards,

Julie Jenkins

From the Educational Leader…

Dear Families,

Another year is about to finish and personally, I always reflect on the goals I have achieved, be always kind to yourself, and what my purpose for 2020 will be; I think that learning is a forever process and I have to admit that I enjoy learning from children very much.

This term, we have implemented a new Reflection process in all our classrooms, I as Educational Leader observe daily routines, and make suggestions to improve our practices, if an issue is identified, then this is communicated to the Team Leaders, who will discuss the issue with the Educators, then together should find what needs to be changed, which will benefit our children and their families and us as educators to be even better on what we do.

Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to approach me for a chat about any concern you might have so we can work together and find a solution.

I wish you and your families a safe and peaceful holiday season, may your days be filled with love and health.

Veronica Villacorta

Administration Reminders

Christmas Charging – Statements will be emailed to you on Friday 20th December and payment will be processed on Friday 27th December. Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominate account to cover your payments.

Signing In and Out – Please remember to sign your child/ren in and out on the iPad at every attendance.  This is an important step not only for claiming CCS but also in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Ceasing Care –  4 weeks’ notice is required when you no longer require care .  Please request a Notice of Intention to Leave form from your Centre Director when required and remember that your child must attend their last day (minimum stay on last day is 1 hour) for CCS to be claimable.  This is a DHS (Centrelink) ruling.

Casual Days – Any casual day request are to be emailed to your Centre Director only.  Any cancellations require 24 hours’ notice.

Vacation Care Cancellations – Please remember that one weeks’ notice is required to cancel any pre-booked Vacation Care.

Centrelink – My Gov – It is the families responsibility to regularly check their MyGov to complete any tasks and read any message.  Any changes to your Child Care Subsidy entitlements is managed between the family and DHS (Centrelink).  We are not able to answer queries or resolve CCS issues.


Hello to all Bambini and El Nido families,

It was great to see many of you at the Children’s End of Year Party. Hope you enjoyed the evening just as we all here did. 

At a very exciting time of the year, a number of Bambini babies were graduated to the Waddler Room. We wish them lots of happy moments, new learning and adventures; and assure we will not completely miss them as we will find a minute for a little chat and a cuddle. El-Nido babies who are graduating to Bambini are already confident members of Bambini team. We are strengthening primary caring practices to help new babies settle well in El-Nido. 

We continued to cater for individual interests and needs of babies, while nurturing their creativity and curiosity. In the past couple of months, babies have been kept busy with posting and stacking activities, matching and sorting exercises, exploring and taking care of our outdoor spaces as well as art and craft experiences. As the days get warmer, we will be doing lots of water play and fun filled learning experiences with ice. As always, parents’ input is highly appreciated. 

Please pack your baby’s bag with a spare sets of weather appropriate clothes and a broad-brimmed hat and shoes (for walkers). Thanks. 

Best wishes for a safe holiday and a Happy New Year !!!!!

Nursery Team – Subhani, Saranya, Lourdes, Chathu, Sumudu, Tracey, Louisa and Veronica 

Dear families,

We would like to welcome new, transition children and exiting children to another amazing term in both big waddlers and junior waddlers. We are very pleased to have all the children in our room and can’t wait to watch all of them learn and explore our indoor and outdoor environments. We will continue to focus on primary care relationships through small group experiences to build a safe, secure and supportive environment for all the children, as they can explore a lot of exciting experiences. 

As we are getting very close to Christmas, we have started to introduce Christmas experiences and music to the children. We celebrated National Recycling Week (November 11th-17th) where the children explored what the word recycle means. We learnt that this means to turn one item into another using the materials from the original item. To extend on this, children were involved in a Christmas tree making and decorating experience using recycled boxes and paper.

During National Nutrition Week, we discussed with the children about healthy eating and eating more vegetables and fruits by talking about the importance of food that we are eating during the mealtimes. We provided an experience where the children sorted different fruits and vegetables to discover the names and colours; children made their fruit custard, their own breakfast, chopped banana and avocado and tasted them. Children are continue to serve their own food during all mealtimes, scraping bowls, and wiping hands and faces. 

Now we are heading into Summer please pack some spare clothes and labelled hat. We are spending more time outside where we are enjoying having our morning tea, water play experiences such as washing the walls and chairs with brushes and soapy water.  The children have enjoyed finding herbs and flowers frozen into ice, focusing on the senses of smell, feel and touch. We’ve also been watering the plants using recycled bottles, visiting and feeding Ronnie, our rabbit, giving baby dolls baths, pegging face washers on our washing line to dry, and balance experiences for their physical development.

We have been visiting the El Nido babies as some of the children had new siblings and they are very interested to give cuddle and say hi to little ones. These experiences help develop their social skills by interacting with others with care, empathy and respect.   

It has been a pleasure watching the children grow and develop throughout the year. If you have any concerns or ideas about your child’s learning please feel free to share with us as we are always wanting parent’ input.

Kind regards, Rubi

On behalf of the waddlers team: Vida, Mary, Serina, Vindya, Ritu and Chloe. 

Welcome to the end of Term 4.  Pre Kindy have been very busy during the past 3 months.

Amongst many of the planned activities throughout the term, the children have had fun with some cooking lessons with Kerry.  They have learnt how to mix and cook pancakes and enjoyed rolling out and decorating Christmas cookies. We discussed health and safety in the kitchen, hot surfaces, and the importance of wearing gloves and washing hands.

We had a visit from the Police which taught the children exactly what the Police do within our community.  They also explained how many different types of police officers there are. For example; Mounted Police, Police who ride push bikes, Speed Police and those who drive the cars and walk on the streets. The children asked many questions and had the opportunity to dress up in some items the Police brought in for them, including hats, bike helmets, police vest etc.

The children also had a very exciting visit from the Fire Brigade.  They talked to the children about fire danger, what fire bans mean in the community, high risk for the Summer months and who to call in an emergency.  Some of the children had the opportunity to sit in the truck. Then others had a great time with the fire hose, squirting water in the car park. 

Coming to the end of the year, we have had many Christmas activities happening in both rooms.  We have decorated the Season Tree, made some decorations for your Trees at home and Christmas craft to be proud of.

As we approach the end of 2019, I would like to request if all of our families could have a look in the lost property for any items which may belong to you and the hanging rack in the big room for jackets, hats and socks.

On behalf of the Pre Kindy Team I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Families a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year for 2020.

Thank you, Sharon

On behalf of Pre Kindy Room Staff

Sarah, Danielle, Pooja, Imali, Mehesha and Megan

Oh my goodness, December is here already and the evidence is clear… the children are VERY excited!

Well it’s been a short term but as per usual it’s been amazingly busy! We have covered a range of topics and celebrated many significant days including Halloween, National Children’s Day, Remembrance Day, World Kindness Day, Diwali, National Recycling Week and of course the up-and-coming Christmas!

Once again, the children wanted Katrina to create her famous erupting volcano – a strong expertise of hers, and were all very keen to try making their own in the Tuff Tray. We were amazed to see the different coloured sediment left over in the test tube. It represented different rock layers formed over many years, instigating interesting conversations with the children.

The interest in bugs has been ongoing in Kindy with sandpit buckets being filled over and over with various creepy crawlies from outside! It seems that this interest is being followed on at home with similar stories of backyard adventures.

We have had some children attend dental visits in the music room, returning proudly with stickers and a brand-new toothbrush. 

We have had school-leavers attending regular visits to their new schools and returning to tell us excitedly how they spent their time there, what their uniforms look like and what their new teachers’ names are.

We’ve had our regular visits to Carinya Aged Care Home where the children enjoyed making Christmas crafts and beautiful posies with the residents.

Throw in bushfires, fire safety, Australian animals, Africa, construction, bones, healthy eating, a Police Visit and a visit from the Glen Osmond Fire Department and we have a full term of wonder and learning.

As Matthew is off work until January we are excited to have Leap be part of the Kindy team. Leap will be assisting Binita in Kindy Transition.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Picnic in the Park and the kindy team wish you all a safe and very Merry Christmas.

From the Kindy team

Lib on behalf of Katrina, Bea, Charlee, Leap, Binita and Matthew 

Dear Parents,

It is already the end of the year and where has that time gone? It has been so nice to see how much the children have grown and learned this year.

The last few weeks have been taken up with the children being really interested in learning more about science and various experiments. They then go on to investigate why and how things happened. One favourite was making butter from cream which we then tasted on a cracker…”It tastes like butter!” was one of the comments.

The children have also been very interested in technology and have investigated the variety of new and old mobile phones as well as using the iPad to research new information about their emerging interests. A small group of children have developed plays, which they then wanted to film to make a movie whilst other children have shown their peers how to use the Montessori equipment which they then went onto re-enact for the camera. 

A group of older children have become our “Garbage Warriors” and have gone out in the local area looking for rubbish to pick up. This is a great way for them to feel connected to their community and become socially responsible, showing respect for their environment.

A few reminders : even with the ever changing weather, your child needs to bring a sun smart hat to ELC everyday and that shoulders need to be covered. If your child is enrolled in the vacation care program, please remember that we supply all meals in this service so enjoy a well-earned break from the lunch box making!

We would like to wish all our families a happy and safe holiday season. 

Sarah, on behalf of Cate, Naier, Lisa and Jamie