Child Care Adelaide

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Child’s Montessori Learning?

There are several reasons why you can trust Precious Cargo for your child care Adelaide.

Driven mentors: Our educators are driven by a genuine passion to see your children excel. We’re continually honing our skills and understanding of Montessori learning to provide a safe, yet self-guided learning experience that gives them the independence and problem-solving capabilities that are essential to personal growth.

Tried & Tested Curriculum: Our curriculum involves a range of practical life activities like cooking, cleaning and agricultural practice. However, we also incorporate problem-solving & language skills that introduces them to the foundations of basic mathematic and literacy principles before they begin their schooling years.

Accessibility: We have 9 centres located in South Australia, improving your family’s access to a safe, nurturing and contemporary learning environment that you can feel reassured sending your children to. We’ve built positive relationships with hundreds of families through our child care Adelaide!

Child Care Adelaide

The Founder of Our Child Care Adelaide

Precious Cargo was established by Cheryl Shigrov, who has devoted her career to creating a robust and unique educational experience that exceeds the standard child care Adelaide. Cheryl continually imparts her passion to ensure the structure, quality of the environment, teaching methods and level of attentiveness are consistent across every Precious Cargo centre.

Her interest in Montessori was fuelled by experience, after enrolling her own son into a private Montessori school. She invested both time and resources into learning more about this proven approach to education, which has now been implemented across over 22,000 schools worldwide.

After continual advancements, Precious Cargo is now proud to accommodate hundreds of students who have truly excelled under the guidance of our staff. We are absolutely committed to the personal, social, emotional and academic development of your children. Our team welcomes the opportunity to discuss the benefits of our child care Adelaide!

Educational Experiences for Children of All Ages

Our child care Adelaide is designed to accommodate children during varying stages of development. We adapt our methods accordingly, providing a balance of guidance, support and advanced learning resources to awaken their curiosity. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect for your children:

Nursery: We work collaboratively with parents to avoid disrupting your baby’s routine while incorporating a range of activities that give them freedom of movement. This includes a mixture of crafts, music and outdoor playtime.

Waddlers: When children reach their waddler stage, we begin gently introducing them to classroom mannerisms as they begin collaborating with others. During this stage, we emphasise the importance of things like hygiene, common courtesies and using manners to start developing their social skills.

We also have a different curriculum for both pre-kindy and kindergarten ages, which you can learn more about here!

A proven education style, excellent facilities and passionate mentors combine to create an all-round excellent child care Adelaide experience. You can find your nearest location to enquire about enrolment on our facilities & locations page. Alternatively, we welcome you to call us on (08) 8130 6673!

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