Welland Family Newsletter December 2019

Dear Precious Cargo Welland Families, 

As the holiday season and end of year fast approaches, on behalf of all the team, I want to express our gratitude to you for choosing to be a part of this very special community. It is our privilege to care for and educate your children, supporting them to grow, learn and have fun along the way. 

Thank you to all our families who attended our End of Year Party. We have received some wonderful feedback, and look forward to hosting a similar event in early 2020. I would also like to acknowledge the overwhelming support for this year’s raffle. Together, we raised $391 for the Adelaide Mbale Children’s Health Fund, which has helped 4-year-old James receive life-saving medical treatment for measles and malaria.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the amazing team of Welland whose dedication, passion and values make our centre so special. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards, 

Hannah Meiners 

Centre Director

Photos from our End of Year Celebration

Friendly Reminders

Sun Protection

As part of the centre’s commitment to being “Sun Smart”, please ensure you pack a clearly-labelled, broad brimmed hat for your child. 

Public Holidays

We are closed public holidays. Families will not be charged for these days. 

Changes to Bookings

As a reminder, for any changes to permanent booking days, please log on to your My Family Lounge to complete the necessary booking request. Please note, as per our Fee Policy, notice to reduce days requires 4 weeks’ notice.

Casual bookings are to be requested in writing via email request to wldirector@preciouscrgoeducation.com.au.

Family Involvement

We would love for you to be involved!! If you have any hidden talents or simply wish to volunteer your time, please do so. In the past, family members have given cooking lessons, read stories, shared wisdom, hosted craft lessons and played instruments. 

We are also seeking feedback on what else the centre can do to increase our sense of community. Please do not hesitate to see staff with any ideas. 

Administration Reminders

Christmas Charging – Statements will be emailed to you on Friday 20th December and payment will be processed on Friday 27th December. Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominate account to cover your payments.

Signing In and Out – Please remember to sign your child/ren in and out on the iPad at every attendance.  This is an important step not only for claiming CCS but also in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Ceasing Care –  4 weeks’ notice is required when you no longer require care .  Please request a Notice of Intention to Leave form from your Centre Director when required and remember that your child must attend their last day (minimum stay on last day is 1 hour) for CCS to be claimable.  This is a DHS (Centrelink) ruling.

Casual Days – Any casual day request are to be emailed to your Centre Director only.  Any cancellations require 24 hours’ notice.

Vacation Care Cancellations – Please remember that one weeks’ notice is required to cancel any pre-booked Vacation Care.

Centrelink – My Gov – It is the families responsibility to regularly check their MyGov to complete any tasks and read any message.  Any changes to your Child Care Subsidy entitlements is managed between the family and DHS (Centrelink).  We are not able to answer queries or resolve CCS issues.


The recent months have been full of sensory experiences for our children in the Nursery Room. We have observed lots of positive interactions and expressions from the babies with activities such as water play, coloured ice cubes filled with natural resources and many different methods of painting. 

Also,, after witnessing the excitement of some of our babies at the End of Year Party, we have begun cooking lesson with our chef Ashley, who is helping us to bake our own biscuits. Look out for photos in our floorbook!

Some of our families have shared photos from their recent holidays or weekends away. As a follow up from this and the recent sunny weather, we have planned to create a summer, beach themed area which will have real photos, picnic ware, hats and sandpit toys. Our aim is to develop children’s practical life skills whilst also allowing children to make connections to their wider world. Please email any photos of holidays, beach trips or outings to Hannah to add to our display. 

In the Nursery Room, we pride ourselves on our relationships with, and knowledge of, the children in our primary care groups. If however, there are changes at home that we need to be made aware of please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s primary carer or the team leader (Kayleigh). 

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year. 

The Nursery Team

Kayleigh, Jessica, Japleen, Manjyot (on holidays) and Kira. 

The Waddler Room educators and children would like to give a very warm welcome to all our new children and families. With our growing numbers, we have also welcomed Ranjana who worked previously as a centre float. 

With the warmer weather finally here, the Waddler children have been enjoying lots of water play activities including practical life pouring lessons, doll washing and trough play. We have also been going for lots of walks around the community. On our walks, we have been collecting some natural resources in buckets and then taking them back to our childcare and using them for different activities such as nature gluing, within our play dough experiences. The hot days have also allowed the Waddler children to further their practical life skills by assisting educators to hang out our daily washing e.g. face washers and bibs. Once they are dry the children have then assisted the educators to fold the washing and put it away. 

Following the children’s interests, we have also been involved in numerous cooking lessons and food experiences with our chef Ashley. In these lessons, we have learnt about different fruits and vegetables and what they look like before they are served to us at meal times. We have also made various items including play dough, salt dough, biscuits and cakes. 

As a reminder, we will be continuing our beautiful, family tree display in 2020, so, if you have not done so already, please provide us with a family photo and answer the associated questionnaire.

More information about our Waddler ‘happenings’ can be found in our room floor book located on the outside of the classroom, your child’s individual learning journeys books and the room program located on the grey board inside the classroom.

Thank you and enjoy the holidays, the Waddler team -Tayla, Varun, Ranjana and Kira.

Dear Families,

The past few months we have been very busy. We celebrated book week in style, the children had loads of fun dressing up, creating our own books and sharing books with a special visit from Nicholas’s mum, Natalie, who came and read to us. 

We did some exciting experiments during science week; experimenting with colour through ‘walking water’ and mini volcanos. The children really enjoyed watching the vinegar make the baking soda bubble up to reveal the colour underneath, and the walking water encouraged some debate about the different colours that would be created.

We recently introduced placemats into our mealtime routine; the children have really taken to the task and readily assist setting the table. Most of the children can now confidently set the table unassisted.

Most recently, the Pre-kindy room have been exploring different shapes. You may have noticed, that we even made big shapes using making tape on the floor in our room. This experience was then extended by the children in a variety of ways, some matched the room’s shape puzzles to the shapes on the floor, some found similar shapes in the room, and others simply used the shapes to learn what each was called. We also made shaped cookies with the children with help from our chef Ashley.

For the new year, we will continue to follow the children’s interests and development cues, please provide us with your feedback and programming input along the way. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thankyou the Pre-Kindy team, Katie, Manveen, Karissa and Chloe.

Hello Kindy Families, 

Welcome to the last edition of the newsletter of 2019. 

Structured Learning

Our focus for this month has been how to interact with each other with grace and courtesy; with some new children joining us recently, this will continue throughout December and into the new year. Specifically, we will be focusing on each child’s sense of belonging, getting to know each other and supporting the children to make new friends.

We are also learning how to:

  • Identifying feelings
  • Negotiate with others
  • Be assertive 
  • Avoid and respond to bullying 
  • Be increasingly confidence and secure
  • Respond to ‘big’ feelings and control our responses to these

To be able to learn those skills, we have been playing some fun games, including: 

  • Mystery bag, 
  • Show and tell 
  • Making stop signs as visual tools to communicate when we need to stop and be more safe 
  • Pass the parcel – using please and thank you, and practicing taking turns 
  • Practicing identifying and labelling different feelings by making different faces in the group

As always, our children are each following their own learning journey, focusing on their interests and development needs, including practical life skills, social development, numeracy and literacy.  

School Transitions

To our children who are graduating to school, we wish you all the best for your next chapter. It has been a very exciting time listening to each of your tales of adventure during your orientation visits. We will miss you. 

Family Input 

Family input is about working together; it allows us to foster a sense of belonging for both child and their families. We are excited to hold some events in the new year to foster these relationships, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to add to your child’s room program or share ideas with our educators.  

Wishing you all a safe Christmas from Kindy team,

Krishna, Carmelina, Nicole and Chloe.

This term, in ELC, the children have continued to explore insects, a topic which has stemmed from three main questions asked by the children, ‘What is an insect?’, ‘How many types of insects are there?’, and ‘Where do insects live?’. To answer these questions, we have:

  • Researched using books from our library visits and the library van
  • Researched on the internet
  • Carefully and closely examined the insects we have found in the yard – we found butterflies, bees, ladybirds and a dead spider in our garden. 
  • Created our own flying insects through art and craft

For our literacy focus, we have also continued to include jolly phonics into our curriculum alongside various Montessori resources such as sand paper letters and the moveable alphabet. Children have also been involved in tracing and writing their names. 

To further develop our numeracy skills we have also been using the red rods, number rods and sandpaper numbers in our classroom.  The children have also been measuring their own height against different objects in our environment. 

For Children’s Day, we celebrated each child’s individuality through our ‘Show and Tell’ session. The children really enjoyed learning about one another’s unique talents and identities. 

Thank you and happy holidays.