Early Learning Centre Adelaide

Our Early Learning Centre Adelaide

Precious Cargo is the leading early learning centre Adelaide, now with over nine established locations that maintain the strong company values instilled by our founder, Cheryl Shigrov. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment that facilitates the development of essential life skills.

Cheryl’s passion for early childhood education stems from experience, after enrolling her son into a Montessori school. Through extensive research, she uncovered an abundance of proven benefits surrounding the stimulation of social, practical and academic skills.

To date, Montessori learning has been implemented across 22,000 schools and counting, which is reflective of its success. Through various activities involving cooking, washing, agricultural practice and music, the mentors at Precious Cargo work collaboratively with your children to create a self-guided learning experience.

You children will develop a strong initiative, influencing smarter choices when it comes to skills like maintaining good hygiene and a healthy diet.

Early Learning Centre Adelaide

Our Montessori Curriculum

Our early learning centre Adelaide incorporates a diverse range of educational activities that are designed to stimulate different areas of the brain.

Practical life: We showcase the importance of making a contribution to household dynamics through engaging in common chores like food preparation and cleaning.

Sensorial: Sensory manipulation sets a strong foundation for intellectual growth. Your children will participate in a range of activities that help them refine their sense of smell, taste, sight.

Problem solving & mathematics: Through utilising tangible materials, we introduce your children to varying mathematical concepts.

Language & literacy: Communication is one of life’s most crucial skills, relevant to all stages of their personal development. Our activities are built on Dr Maria Montessori’s language materials which facilitate the child’s ability to focus and engage.

Our early learning centre Adelaide also fuels an appreciation for biology, geography, science and history by celebrating different areas of culture.

Excursions and Community Networking

The Precious Cargo early learning centre Adelaide is proud of the brilliant relationships we’ve built within our community. We demonstrate the importance of establishing these connections through regular excursions and incursions, providing a range of learning opportunities. Examples include:

  • Trips to the zoo to learn about animals, which is also an opportunity to refine the senses.
  • Visits to the local aged care village to instil values of empathy and consideration.
  • Learning about evacuations etc when the fire department come and discuss safety provisions.

Activities will differ depending on what’s locally available to you, so each centre has their own unique community links. By exposing your children to people of various age, backgrounds, capability and culture, children develop strong social skills and begin to understand the value of acceptance & consideration. For more information on the opportunities provided by our early learning centre Adelaide, call (08) 8130 6673!

As the most widely recognised and reputable Montessori early learning centre Adelaide, you can trust that Precious Cargo will make a wonderful contribution to your child’s early development and learning. Call us with any of your enquiries or find the nearest Precious Cargo Centre by browsing through our locations.

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