Myrtle Bank Family Newsletter September 2019

From the Director…

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new families who have joined us since our last newsletter. We hope that you enjoy your time with us as you become part of our Precious Cargo community. We pride ourselves on collaborating with you to guide your child’s unique development journey from birth to age six. For us, early childhood education is a journey, and we thank you for allowing us to partner with you during your child’s learning journey.

Staffing News

We congratulate Nazia and her family on the safe arrival of their baby girl, Aisha.  Both Mum and Bubs doing well.

In the past couple of months we have welcomed Naier and Jessica to the ELC, Sharon, Roberta and Ritu to the PreKindy Room and Sumudu to the Nursery.  

We will soon be farewelling Lauren, Vijini and Michelle for a while as they begin their Maternity Leave, and wish them a beautiful time enjoying time with their new bundles of joy.

Staff Professional Development

Over the past few weeks, we have been running Montessori Workshops for all our Educators.  Our Montessori Manager, Marija, focused on how the Montessori Method nurtures order, coordination, concentration, and independence in children from the moment they enter the classroom.  The Educators learned about elements such as the Montessori Philosophy, Grace & Courtesy, Order and Freedom, Care of the Environment and Practical Life experiences.

Maria Montessori stated that “Education begins at birth”, hence, so do practical life exercises. Allowing children to do things for themselves, from the earliest age, promotes the development of both physical skills and more importantly self-belief and confidence.

The Nursery and Waddler Educators are also currently undertaking Safe Sleep Training to keep up to date with National regulations and recommendations.

Acquaintance Evening 

We will be holding an Acquaintance Evening on Wednesday 9th October.  Forms will soon be available in your child’s room to make an appointment time to sit and chat with your child’s Primary Caregiver about their progress.

End of Year Celebration

This will be held from 6-8pm on Friday 6th December at Mitcham Reserve.  Please put the date in your diary!

Grow Free Cart – Take what you need, give what you can

Our ‘Grow Free’ cart is for parents, staff members and the wider community to access.  Grown by the community for the community. This is a perpetual sharing cart for home grown produce and preserves.  Love grows by giving.

How to contact us:

Phone: 8130 6699

Julie Jenkins – Director: 

Veronica Villacorta – Assistant Director:


Please enjoy reading your child’s room news.  

Kind regards,

Julie Jenkins

From the Educational Leader…

Learning Journey

I can honestly say that I learn something new every day, as an educator and as a parent of teenagers, oh boy I do! The hardest thing that I have not mastered yet is letting go and allowing them to make some decisions of their own. 

I have always encouraged children to be independent (my work children and my own children) but they have always managed to be one step ahead of what I think they can do, and this takes me completely off guard, so I quickly have to regroup, readjust, and embrace the challenge of the feared ‘NO’. 

I have to confess, it is not easy to hear that this little, or not so little, person doesn’t agree with my suggestions, but I have realised that the word ‘NO’ often means ‘I want to make my own decision’.  So then comes the struggle between my adult-mind and my child-mind, “He has to do what I am asking him to do, I am the adult and I know what I am doing.” or “What is he trying to do?” 

Long talks explaining the reasons of my suggestions may not work anymore, so we compromise, and try something another way.  It becomes a win-win situation, with no tantrums, no refusal to shower after training, lessons learned and we still love each other.  There are days when it might not work at first but I just keep trying, and at the end of the day they are children, we are forever learning, and they are the best thing that has ever happened to us.

The Montessori approach inspires children towards a lifelong love of learning, by following their natural developmental trajectory. Children become confident, responsible, independent learners, who trust in their own abilities.

Kind regards,

Veronica Villacorta

From the Administration Hub…

Centrelink has commenced the CCS reconciliation process so it is extremely important that you regularly check your MyGov as they may send you tasks and messages requesting you to update your details with them and to notify you of any changes to your entitlements. It is important to understand that it is the families’ responsibility to manage your CCS with Centrelink.

If after reconciliation you are advised that you were overpaid it is extremely important that you respond to the notice that will be sent to you. If a CCS overpayment letter is ignored and a repayment arrangement has not been entered into then 20% withholding of future CCS payments will be applied.  This will result in an increased gap payment of your fees that Precious Cargo will have to process.

Some important points that you need to be aware of regarding CCS entitlements are that children can have up to 42 absences before your CCS is no longer paid. If your child has 8 weeks of consecutive absences, Centrelink will cease your child’s CCS enrolment and recover any paid CCS back to their last physical day of attendance. If you travel overseas, CCS is no longer claimable if you are absent for 6 consecutive weeks. If any of these instances are likely to occur it is very important you discuss this with your Director.

Please remember to provide the centre with copies of any updated immunisation records.

Precious Cargo relies on the timely payment of fees. Fee payment is due Thursday fortnightly.  Please ensure sufficient funds are held in your nominated account.

If you have not already done so can you please sign a new Fee Policy Agreement which is available in your centres Reception.

Can you please ensure you regularly check your emails as this is the primary means of communication from the Administration Hub.

Here in the Nursery, we are busy with the arrival of some new precious little babies. Primary caring practises and engagement with families is helping their transition from home to childcare to be a pleasant experience. 


If we had no winter

the spring would not be so pleasant

Welcome to all Bambini and El-Nido families.

Here in the Nursery, we are busy with the arrival of some new precious little babies. Primary caring practises and engagement with families is helping their transition from home to childcare to be a pleasant experience. 

We have been delivering developmentally appropriate, yet challenging experiences based on identifying the babies’ interests and emerging skills. Accordingly, they are engaging in a variety of practical life experiences including self-feeding, wiping their hands and faces clean after mealtimes, scraping bowls, packing away toys and activities, and using a dustpan and brush. The older babies enjoy opening and closing zippers of their jackets and trying to put on their socks and shoes by themselves. In true Montessori style, the Bambini babies have started using glasses to drink water with instead of sipper-cups. They might amaze you as they are mastering this new skill quickly.  

Other than lots of fun play, we spent some time celebrating Science Week with simple changing-colour experiments and making bubbles, foam and fizz together. It was also lovely to share your baby’s special/ favourite books with everyone and some dressed up during Book Week. We have also been busy doing arts and crafts, focusing on Father’s Day. 

We cordially invite you to spend a few minutes looking at your child’s individual learning journal and the room’s floor books. Your feedback and ideas are much appreciated and we look forward to incorporating it to our room’s fortnight program.

Please pack your child’s bag with a couple of sets of labelled weather appropriate clothes, a broad-brimmed hat and shoes (for walkers).

Kind regards, Subhani

On behalf of Saranya, Chathu, Michelle, Lourds, Veronica and Sumudu.

As we are now welcoming Spring, we will be spending more time outside, developing children’s senses and having Alfresco-style morning tea. We kindly ask parents to please pack multiple changes of weather appropriate clothes and a named hat.  The children are always enjoying water play, which can be in the mud kitchen area, washing dolls, scrubbing walls or watering the plants. These experiences provide children with practical life skills; developing their independence. They are also enjoying serving their own food, pouring water into their glasses, scraping their leftover bowls, wiping their hands/nose, chopping herbs and vegetables, and folding washing.  

During Dental Health Week, we talked about how to properly brush our teeth, and the importance of eating healthy food. The children practiced brushing teeth with the use of model tooth set. Last week we celebrated Book Week.  It was lovely to see the children dressed up in their favourite book character and sharing their favourite book with their peers. We visited the ELC to read books with the older children with some being siblings.  

With the intention of caring about our outdoor environment, we have been planting herbs, this allows the children to understand the whole process of growing plants. We allow the children to sample the herbs by feeling, smelling and tasting; developing their senses. Also, we harvested carrots from our vegetable patch and children enjoyed eating them.

We have introduced animal movement exercises, along with animal noises! The Waddlers love to do this physical activity every morning, along with dancing with ribbon streamers. 

I will be on Maternity Leave from mid-October and returning in June next year. Congratulations to Rubi who will be taking over as Waddlers Team Leader while I am on leave. I hope to be able to reconnect with our Waddlers families on my return either through the current children still being in the room or future siblings. For those that I will not have in the room on my return it has been a pleasure teaching them this year.

Also, we will miss Lauren as she will be going on her Maternity Leave from late September and will be returning next year in May. 

Kind regards, Vijini

On behalf of the Waddlers Team: Rubi, Mary, Lauren, Serina and Vida

Hello to all Pre Kindy Parents,  

My name is Sharon and I am the new Team Leader for Pre Kindy.  I have been at the centre now for 6 weeks. I have my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have studied for the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Family Day Care is where I have attained most of my experience in Child Care where I was running my business for the past 11 years.

I have had the pleasure to meet some of the Parents but not everyone, so please introduce yourself to me when you come into the room.  We have been trying some new routines in the big Pre Kindy Room, which we are still trialling, however everything should be in place and running smoothly by next month, September 2019.

Over the past 6 weeks, the children have enjoyed Science Week where they have experienced many experiments.  The joy in their faces and the conversations we have had involving our activities have been wonderful. Dental Week was very informative for everyone.  The children brushed mouth guards, role-playing, and made card mouths adding teeth and counting. We also spoke about cavities and Dental Checks. All of the children were very excited to tell us about their Dental hygiene practices at home.  In the yard we have been practicing balancing, walking the log and looking after our garden amongst many other outdoor activities.

As previously mentioned, the Pre Kindy educators would like to encourage parents to contribute to the program so to assist educators in preparing the curriculum for their children. Using the family input section found on our fortnightly program displayed in each room allows educators to extend on each child’s individual interest, experiences and cultural celebrations.

We have a lot of lost property in our box, which includes many jackets and jumpers, so please have a look if anything belongs to you.  It would help our Team if all items of clothing including shoes could have your child’s name written on them, if you don’t already do this, so we could at least identify what belongs to who and hopefully reduce our lost property box.

I look forward to working alongside you and your children over their time in Pre Kindy and beyond.

Thank you from Sharon

On behalf of Pre-Kindy Team: Sarah, Danielle, Ritu, Mehesha, Imali, Megan and Roberta.

Another term is flying by! We have welcomed new transition children to both the small and big room and have covered many different topics.

We started the term off with interest in the Moon Landing Anniversary. We watched highlights of the original landing and watched a video of a shuttle taking off. This is and has always been a firm favourite amongst the children as they help count down the numbers until  ‘take off’, listening to the thunderous roar of the rockets themselves through our speaker.

From the Moon, we explored shadows, how they are formed and made attempts to trace them. The clouds made this an interesting experience as we scrambled for hints of sunshine to help us!

We spoke about pets and were very lucky to have a visit from Clara’s puppy, Snickers. Snickers and the children alike were very excited to meet each other. Angus spoke about his pet bees and brought some of his honey in for the class to taste. There were mixed reactions from the children with some loving the honey and wanting more to some not liking it yet. We spoke about how tastes change when you grow older and they may enjoy it then. We also had a visit from Bea’s rabbit, Vino; he received many cuddles!

We have celebrated Dental Awareness Week and practiced cleaning pretend teeth; we have celebrated National  Science Week and had fun doing experiments and making potions; we have celebrated Book Week and made our own books and shared our costumes; we have been busy making presents for Father’s Day, and we have spoken about where we would like to go on a holiday!

It was also a first time for many children to visit Carinya Nursing Home where they read stories and shared art activities with the Residents.

As the sun slowly starts to break through the clouds (at last!) could you please remember to bring in a hat for your child.

Kind regards, Lib

On behalf of the Kindy Team: Bea, Matthew, Binita, Charlee and Katrina.

Dear families,

We are so excited to now have a great team in ELC and hope that you have all met Naier and Jess.

We have had a busy few weeks lately with children really enjoying taking part in our “professions” for Profession Week. There was lots of role-playing and positive interactions as the children took on roles as vets, office workers and their favourite, chefs, where the children chopped, juiced and sold their products. This then led to the children wanting to make a café and serve some customers, which we did for Book Week.  We held a wonderful costume parade and invited parents and caregivers for afternoon tea. Thank you for those that attended.

We have also taken part in Science Week where the children got to experiment, problem solve, hypothesise and investigate. We were very excited to see, Heather’s mum, Bianca who is a plant scientist, come in and show us some interactive experiments. After which, the children went on to make their own.  It’s really nice for the children to have parental involvement, so if you have any skills that you would like to share with us we would love to hear from you. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on Grace and Courtesy, as we feel that is a very important part of your child’s development and is an important factor of the Montessori Curriculum.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us if you have any questions about your child’s time with us; your child’s development and well-being, or to provide input into our program.  

Kind regards, Sarah

On behalf of the ELC Team: Cate, Naier and Jess.