January Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.
– Maria Montessori

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year. We hope that you have enjoyed the festive season and are ready to start a busy new year.

Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new families to the Centre. We hope that you are all settling in well and look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing what truly amazing learning discoveries your children make with us throughout the year, as we help lay the foundations for their future learning.


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Assessment and Rating

Back in December, our Centre went through the Assessment and Rating Process.

The purpose of the National Quality Framework assessment and rating process is to determine whether and at what rating level services meet the National Quality Standard and the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law.

During this process, we had one assessor come out to the centre for 2 days and spend time in the rooms, watching the educator’s interactions with the children, our daily routines and procedures and the programming formats within each room.

There are seven Quality Areas, each consisting of several elements and the centre is given a rating on each Quality Area and then an overall centre rating.

I am extremely pleased to share our results with you.


Overall RatingMeeting National Quality Standard:
- Service meets the National Quality Standard
- Service provides quality education and care in all 7 quality areas
QA1: Educational Program and PracticeMeeting NQS
QA2: Children’s Health and SafetyMeeting NQS
QA3: Physical environment Meeting NQS
QA4: Staffing arrangementsMeeting NQS
QA5: Relationships with childrenMeeting NQS
QA6: Collaborative partnership with families and communitiesMeeting NQS
QA7: Governance and LeadershipMeeting NQS


As a Centre we are extremely proud of our results and believe it reflects the hard work that we put in everyday to care for, nurture and scaffold your child’s learning and development.

Staffing Update

We welcomed Belinda Runciman as our new Early Childhood Teacher in our ELC. Belinda has been settling into her new role and is enjoying getting to know the children.

We congratulate Niral and her husband who welcomed their new baby boy to the world.

We farewelled Emma from Nursery. Emma has decided to extend her maternity leave further. We also farewelled Emily from Waddlers who is now working closer to home.

Our teams are:

  • Nursery: Subhani (Team Leader), Lourdes, Nazia, Michelle, Ravi and Chathu
  • Waddlers: Vijini (Team Leader), Lauren, Vida, Rubi and Veronica
  • Pre Kindy: Sarah (Team Leader), Danielle, Imali, Mehesha, Megan, Sharon, Poona and Kamrun
  • Kindy: Lib (Team Leader), Katrina, Bea, Matthew, Charlee, Lisa and Benita
  • ELC: Sarah (Team Leader), Cate and Belinda

Administration News

To ensure your ongoing CCS payments please ensure your child is signed in/out at every attendance.

Statement of Entitlement

Regulations also now require us to provide a Statement of Entitlements (your account) to parents/guardians of children eligible for CCS or ACCS enrolled in our services once every fortnight which includes details of the sessions of care provided and the resulting fee reduction amounts.

As a result this will mean that from the next charging (24/1/19) we will be providing you with an account that covers a 4 week period – the current week, the previous week and the next 2 weeks.

Notice of intention to Leave

Long Day Care – When families no longer require a place in the child care classes, the centre must be notified in writing. Please note we require a minimum of 4 weeks written notice. The account will be settled using the funds from the bond payment. If there is any outstanding balance then the family must finalise that immediately.

If the family has a credit this amount will be refunded to them once their account has been reconciled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Once you have provided your 4 week notice period the Child Care Subsidy is only applicable up to your last day of attendance. If your last day of attendance is prior to the end of your 4 week notice period you will be responsible for the payment of the full fee of each day from the last day of attendance until the completion of the 4 week notice period.

ELC – Families are required to give a minimum of 4 weeks written notice prior to the end of each block if your child(ren) are not continuing in the next block. Upon receiving 4 weeks’ notice your bond will be used to supplement your child’s last 4 weeks of the 12 week block.

In the event that 4 weeks written notice is not provided, you will forfeit 1 week of your bond for each week under the required 4 weeks’ notice period, for example if you give 2 weeks’ notice you will lose 2 weeks of your bond.

Fortnightly Payments

Our Centre relies on the timely payment of fees to enable us to meet our obligations to pay operating costs, most of which have fixed and regular dates for payment. We ask that sufficient funds are held in your nominated account to meet your fortnightly payment.

Accounts are emailed to you on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday charge and we ask that you review your account and contact the Admin Centre by the Wednesday (4pm at the latest) should you have any queries as we are not able to reverse payments after that time Reminder of Change in payment provider.

As previously advised, our software provider is changing the company that processes our payments. Your statements will from 21/1/19 show Debitsuccess (this changes from Ezidebit).

Mindful Kiddo Program

Mindful Kiddo is celebrating one-year anniversary of amazing Mindfulness Program at Precious Cargo Myrtle Bank! It was rewarding experience to teachers and many children benefited from our weekly classes. We keep our classes small to give every child as much attention as possible.

Practicing mindfulness is not only fun but also enables children to get a sense of self and body, improves ability to deal with stressful situations, improves emotional resilience & ability to self-regulate emotions, especially difficult emotions such as fear and anger. Kids could find space to relax, calm down and connect.

We are happy to announce new classes coming this year and open to enrol now: Tuesday and Wednesday class at 10am.

Please make sure you will not miss out on our free trial classes for all children on 6th February (Tuesday) and 7th February (Wednesday).

All children participating in the class will receive welcome pack with special certificate and additional information for parents.

To enrol to regular classes please visit our website www.mindfulkiddo.com.au and choose “find a class here.” Then you can select class at the centre your child attends and follow all steps. You will need to set up recurring payment ($36 per month) and fill out enrolment form with child’s details, emergency contact and agreement to T&C.

If you have any questions please contact Hiacynta Romanska at hello@mindfulkiddo.com.au or call 0487 772 143.

Kind regards,