January Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. On behalf of all the educators and staff of Precious Cargo Welland, I would like to welcome you all into the new year including our many new families that have joined us recently.

As you all know, the recent decision was made that Mandy will now be acting as assistant director and educational leader here at Welland. With a wealth of knowledge behind her, Mandy will be mentoring our staff on their educational practices and the Montessori philosophy. Myself, Hannah, am thrilled to say, will be remaining at the Precious Cargo Welland as centre director supporting the centre as it grows, together with your children.

We also welcome to our team, Daisy, our new early childhood teacher who will be running the Early Learning Centre (ELC) program when it opens this year. Ellen has also joined us as a relief educator whilst she continues to study her Masters in Early Childhood.


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Important Administration Information

Notice of intention to Leave

Long Day Care – When families no longer require a place in the child care classes, the centre must be notified in writing, please approach either Hannah or Mandy to complete a Notice of Intention to Leave form. Please note we require a minimum of 4 weeks written notice. The account will be settled using the funds from the bond payment. If there is any outstanding balance then the family must finalise that immediately. If the family has a credit this amount will be refunded to them once their account has been reconciled.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Once you have provided your 4 week notice period the Child Care Subsidy is only applicable up to your last day of attendance. If your last day of attendance is prior to the end of your 4 week notice period you will be responsible for the payment of the full fee of each day from the last day of attendance until the completion of the 4 week notice period.

ELC – Families are required to give a minimum of 4 weeks written notice prior to the end of each block if your child(ren) are not continuing in the next block. Upon receiving 4 weeks’ notice your bond will be used to supplement your child’s last 4 weeks of the 12 week block. In the event that 4 weeks written notice is not provided you will forfeit 1 week of your bond for each week under the required 4 weeks’ notice period, for example if you give 2 weeks’ notice you will lose 2 weeks of your bond.

Change of Bookings

To change any permanent bookings please log on to your My Family Lounge and request the changes necessary such as additional days or reduction of days; please note, as per our policies notice to reduce days require 4 weeks’ notice. For casual bookings the process is simpler and requires and an email request to myself, please note that such request need to be in writing as all casual booking requests need to remain on file.

Statement of Entitlement

Regulations also now require us to provide a Statement of Entitlements (your account) to parents/guardians of children eligible for CCS or ACCS enrolled in our services once every fortnight which includes details of the sessions of care provided and the resulting fee reduction amounts.

As a result, this will mean that from the next charging (24/1/19) we will be providing you with an account that covers a 4 week period – the current week, the previous week and the next 2 weeks.

Fortnightly Payments

Our Centre relies on the timely payment of fees to enable us to meet our obligations to pay operating costs, most of which have fixed and regular dates for payment. We ask that sufficient funds are held in your nominated account to meet your fortnightly payment.

Accounts are emailed to you on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday charge and we ask that you review your account and contact the Admin Centre by the Wednesday (4pm at the latest) should you have any queries as we are not able to reverse payments after that time

Reminder of Change in Payment Provider

As previously advised, our software provider is changing the company that processes our payments. Your statements will from 21/1/19 show Debitsuccess (this changes from Ezidebit).

Signing in and out

Under the new Child Care Subsidy, as of Monday 14 January 2019, approved providers will be required to report drop off and pick up times for each child for whom Child Care Subsidy is being claimed, when submitting their weekly session reports to the Federal Government. This will ensure that any CCS entitlements are paid and deducted from child/ren daily fee.

Drop of and pick up times are recorded when the parent/guardian sign the child in/out via the iPad.

To ensure your ongoing CCS payments please ensure your child is signed in/out at every attendance.

Updating Personal Details

Please update any changes to personal booking such as contact numbers and addresses via your My Family lounge account. Also, when your child receives any new immunisations we ask that you please provide an updated immunisation history to the centre so that we can update this on your child’s record.

Policy Review

Here at Precious Cargo we regularly review our polices. Policies under review can be located on the parent information boards in the upstairs and downstairs hallways. Your suggestions and feedback are highly valued so please let us know if you have any input for policies under review.

Late Fee

We ask that all families be mindful of when they are collecting their children at the end of the day. The centre closes at 6:00pm and is no longer licensed after this time. We ask that you to consider the time it takes for you to collect your child, gather your child’s belongings and hold end of day discussions with educators ensuring that such routines do not continue on past the time of 6:00pm so educators are not detained after their shift has finished.

As a reminder, collection after 6:00pm incurs a late penalty fee of $1.00 per minute per child after closing time, second offence penalty fee increases to $5.00 per minute, per child and third or multiple offences the penalty fee increases to $15.00 per minute, per child. Emergency situations and extenuating circumstance are considered. We thank you for diligence in this matter.

Early Learning Centre

We are planning to open our Early Learning Centre (ELC) for Term 1 and are currently navigating how we can best cater for the needs of our current families and organise the programs offered based on demand.

The ELC program is tailored as a structured program that prepares children for school and extends on the Montessori experiences offered in Kindy. The ELC program is offered as consecutive days of Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday with Wednesday as a transition day.

If you are interested in placing your child into the ELC room we are now offering the consecutive sessions from 3 years of age and the transition day on Wednesdays from 2.5 years.

Parent Involvement

If any of our parents have any hidden talents that they wish to share with the children such as art, craft, history knowledge, music or industry knowledge such as fire safety, etc. please let us know.

The children would love to learn from our centre community and the skilled persons within it.

Kind regards,


Happy new year to all our Nursery and Waddler’s families. We would also like to welcome all families that have recently joined us, as well as those returning after being away on holidays over the festive season.

What We Are Learning:

As some of you might have noticed, the start of the year is often a time in which children appear unsettled. This is quite common, and can be attributed to many children’s routines changing from time spent with families away from the Centre over the festive season.

Therefore, the start of the new year is often a time in which educators are busy re-settling children and fostering a sense of belonging as they re-familiarise themselves with the centre (and rooms) environment, and re-establish bonds with the educators and the group.

This term our focus will be on activities of practical life, as well as developing and extending our gross motor movements. By offering children useful, practical tasks such as folding washing, watering plants, sweeping the floor or wiping tables, Montessori Educators assist children to develop a sense of belonging through contributing to community (the room and centre) as well building their confidence, independence and self-esteem.

Other activities such as using the tunnel to crawl or slide through and crawling or walking especially around obstacles offer opportunities for strengthening our movements, becoming confident and controlling our bodies.


Please could families be reminded to bring a hat every day into the centre so that they can join in the outside activities. We would also like to ask parents to please label their child’s clothing and bag.

This term we would like to go on a planned walk to our neighborhood park; if you do not consent to this there is a neighborhood walk form that you can complete.

Lastly, we are planning to open our waddler’s room this term and we look forward to giving you more information on this in due time. In the meantime, please can families remember to write any news, thoughts or suggestions in the fortnightly program hanging on the wall (under parent input heading) to assist us in our programming and meeting your child’s needs and the different age groups.

From the Nursery/Waddler Team

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of the year 2019. We are looking forward for a fresh and exciting year ahead together.

For 2019, we welcome Daisy our new Early Childhood Teacher into our Precious Cargo Family. You would have all received the recent email about the starting of ELC classroom soon but please speak to Daisy or Hannah if you have any questions regarding this.

What We Are Learning:

Currently, we are focusing on learning our self-help skills and building on our independence such as using the toilet, washing hands before and after each meal, putting shoes on, applying sunscreen and keeping our hats on when outside.

Children are also contributing to the daily tasks of the rooms such as cleaning, wiping, making beds, packing the room and tidying the shelves. The children are very proud of their contribution with the daily chores and developing a sense of belonging.

With an upcoming Fire Drill on the Monday the 14th January in the pre-kindy and kindy rooms, we are discussing of the safety precautions and what we all need to do in the case of fire.

As a reminder, we encourage your input as a family to our curriculum to make a positive difference in your child’s learning journey.

We wish you all a safe and cool summertime this year.

From the Pre Kindy/Kindy Team