Kindergarten Adelaide

Montessori Childhood Education

If you want to encourage your child’s exploration and individuality, enrol them at a Precious Cargo Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide. Our curriculum combines fundamental education with practical life skills to develop your child’s sense of independence. Your child will be taught both literacy and numeracy skills and a range of life-focused practical lessons. Our aim is to develop your child’s essential motor skills to prepare them to actively contribute to their community. In combination with the fundamental lessons, we include sensory and cultural education in your child’s learning. Throughout their time at Precious Cargo, your child will be involved in lessons including cooking, washing, music and more! Our dedicated Educators are passionate in ensuring your child is cared for and always encouraged to reach their full potential. We’ll present them with new challenges each day and motivate them to develop their growth and problem-solving skills.

Kindergarten Adelaide

An Education Built on Purpose

Each of our Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide is built to foster safe and nurturing environments. We believe in creating an inviting environment for your child so that they consider us a home away from home. Using the Montessori method, we believe in stimulating your child with a fun and interactive lessons that encourage sensory responses. Our Kindergarten Adelaide is designed to reflect a home-like setting to introduce familiarity to your child in their learning environment. With over 400 staff members, we utilise our team’s ideas to introduce new learning techniques and approaches to education. Each of our educators is trained and passionate about learning and your child’s health and wellbeing. Throughout their growth, we offer new stages of education and teach new skills as they start to recognise their potential. We’ll use every opportunity and question from your child to teach them how to use their thinking and learning applicably.

About Precious Cargo Kindergarten Adelaide

Precious Cargo are proud to be the leading Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide for early childhood education. To best develop your child’s routine, we encourage at least two consecutive days per week at our childcare centres. We offer a range of early-stage education to nursery, waddlers, pre-kindy and kindergarten age children. We’ll use every opportunity to teach your child and encourage them to use their troubleshooting skills. Our philosophy values respect, life skills and providing a structured environment to encourage your child to be comfortable and explore. Our team provide practical hands-on lessons that are proven to develop their knowledge of sustainability, culture and environment. The Montessori method is a collaboration between home and Kindergarten Adelaide. We encourage you to work collaboratively with us to support your child through their learning journey.

At Precious Cargo, we combine education and exploration at each of our Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide. We’ll encourage your child to reach their full potential and grow into their independence. Enquire about vacancies at our centres across Adelaide now by calling (08) 8130 5064!

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