March Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director

A big welcome to all our new and existing families to Precious Cargo. I look forward to
getting to know you over the next few weeks and months. Let’s hope 2019 slows down
a little and doesn’t go as fast as 2018.


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Enrolment updates – Please log into your My Family Lounge account and check your contact details including phone numbers and addresses are correct. Alternatively if you have any trouble with signing into to your account, please email and I can update your records for you.

Immunisations –Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre. Records can either be downloaded from Medicare or emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book.

Notice periods – Precious Cargo’s leave policy is 4 weeks notice. If you are looking at withdrawing your child from Precious Cargo, please see myself or Vanessa and we will provide you with a Notice of Intention to leave form to be filled in.

Pickups and drop-offs – If your child needs to be picked up by someone new, please let us know as soon as practical. Every new face will be required to provide us with photo ID on arrival.

Medicine – if your child requires medicine prescribed by a doctor during the day, it must be in its original bottle and clearly labelled with your child’s name. The medicine must be handed to one of your child’s classroom educators, in which they will give you a medication form to fill in. It must not be left in your child’s bag.

Clothing– Could we please ensure your child’s clothing is named. Out in the hallway we have lost and found boxes colour coded for each classroom, please have a look in there if anything has been misplaced. In reception we also have a lost property rack, anything that isn’t claimed by the end of the month will be donated to the RSPCA donation bin.

As the weather is beginning to be a bit chilly in the mornings especially, can we please ensure you pack your child weather appropriate clothing, such as jumpers or Jackets. We have limited spare clothing at the centre and are always looking for donations of clothing especially as winter is approaching.


Hello Precious Cargo Families!

My name is Vanessa Webb, I am the Assistant Director here at Precious Cargo Blackwood and have recently I have been appointed the position of Montessori Mentor. I have been working in Montessori childcare centres and preschools since 2010 and I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and passion in guiding and teaching children using the Montessori Method.

As a part of my role I will be observing in the rooms, giving lessons and guiding the children and educators in Montessori practices and materials. I will also be working in conjunction with the educators towards the best implementation of the Montessori method through-out the centre.

This Month we are working towards the rooms set up to encourage the children to be more independent in the daily routines.

Feel free to come and see me with any questions.

Vanessa Webb
Montessori Mentor


Hello everyone!

My name is Amber and I am the Educational Leader as well as the Nursery Team Leader. My role as Educational Leader is to ensure that all of the children are being programmed for to a high standard and that all Educators have a clear understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework. Our goal is to make sure that each child feels a sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming. We do this by building relationships with children and families, and following the child’s interests.

Recently I have brought into place an experience roster which should be placed in each room where you can view it. Each Educator has the responsibility of planning for and implementing an experience based off the Group Program. While these should be filled out in advance at the beginning of the week there can be changes made based on reflection and children’s interests. We aim to have a mix of indoor and outdoor planned experiences.

Please check your child’s Learning Journal and the classroom Floor book regularly to see what your child’s been up to. We encourage everyone to take pride in their Floorbook entries and we feel that this is shown in the presentation. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s Learning Journal or Floorbook please see myself, Vanessa or Renae.




From The Kitchen..

This newsletter I wanted to share a recipe that’s a personal favourite of mine and a great way to sneak some veggies in as well as get your children involved in the preparation.

Vegetable Pancakes

½ onion
1 carrot
1 silver beet leaf
¼ red capsicum
1 stick celery
3 mushrooms
½ cup SR flour
¼ milk
2 eggs
½ cup grated cheese
Oil for cooking

Pulse all fresh vegetables through a food processor or chop very finely.
Sauté in a little oil.
Add flour, eggs, cheese and milk in a large bowl, add your cooked veggies & mix into a batter.
In a pan, ladle mixture into pancakes & cook both sides until golden.

This mixture is can be altered with different milks and flours to suit allergies and tastes great on a burger as a pattie!

Nursery News

Welcome to all of our Nursery Families!
2019 has been a busy year for us and has brought lots of new children into our class. We have also welcomed Felicity and Sue to the Nursery Team of Educators. To help create a sense of belonging for all the children, but especially the new children we have been focusing on getting to know them by following their routines and spending time with them following their interests.

So far this year we have had a focus on sensorial and practical life skill experiences to help build the children’s independence. Sensorial experiences can often be messy play such as shaving foam play, water play and jelly. With the really warm weather we’ve been having lots of different types of water play which was a great way to stay cool and lots of fun. This can be why we often need a couple of changes of clothing packed in bags.

Practical life skill tasks such as wiping tables, washing dishes, washing hands, gardening (watering and planting), washing windows and mashing, scrubbing potatoes, and participating in cooking lessons are all experiences that the children have enjoyed. These lessons are incorporated daily and the skills are supported through Educators guiding when needed.

We have also had a variety of creative experiences that can be combined with sensorial exploration as well. Painting with bubble wands, potatoes cut into stampers and paint mixed with sand are some of the ways we’ve got the children to explore their creative expression. Our Floorbook is always on display on top of the lockers and has photos and information on what we’ve been up to.

Please remember to check your child’s learning journal regularly to see what their focus teacher has observed and planned for them as a part of their learning journey with us. Learning Journals can’t be removed from the centre but you can take photos to share with family if you’d like.

We ask that all parents regularly trim their child’s nails as long nails can lead to scratches and germs being caught underneath. Its also really important to label all of your child’s belongings – even socks! It gets hard to remember everyone’s belongings and if something does get put in another child’s bag by mistake then if its labelled it’ll make its way back to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child  or their routine while they’re in our care please make sure you speak with one of the permanent Educators in our room.

Thank you for entrusting the care of your beautiful babies to us,

Amber, Shashi, Jules, Katie, Felicity and Sue

Waddler News

Dear Waddlers Families, 

Our hearts are full of joy with welcoming the Nursery children and families to our room!

During the first month, the Nursery children are building relationships with their new peers and educators. The activities prepared for them are a good way to develop their sense of belonging, social and communication skills. They have responded positively to the routine of the room and to the new tasks and experiences. They have been enjoying the new resources, activities and learning opportunities. We have noticed they have been engaged and motivated to participate in every activity.   

It is good to note that practical life skills are being practiced and following through with the room routine. We wash hands before and after meals, scraping bowls and plates, drinking water and milk from glasses, packing up their beds after sleep and even trying to put their own socks and shoes on. 

The children have also been enjoying watering the garden, weeding and sweeping the yard. They have been helpful with everyday chores and participating in these helps build their sense of responsibility in the care of the environment. 

We have been continuing on with regular cooking lessons after the children showed an interest in helping to prepare, cook and then eat those meals. We have made stir-fry noodles, Indian coconut ladoo, Filipino sticky sweet rice and Chinese dim sum. Photos from these experiences will be in our Classroom Floorbook which is on the lockers in the entranceway.

At this age they are beginning to say lots of words and using them when they want or need something. So to help build their vocabulary we regularly do circle time where we sing songs with actions, read stories and show flash cards with pictures of things the children are interested in (cars, animals, foods). They are very engaged with these activities which tells us that they are ready to learn more and more words so we have started to work on colours, numbers and animal names. We are providing a variety of experiences to help expand their learning.

We have been enjoying the lovely weather these past few weeks so we have been spending most of the time outside doing water play, building in the sandpit and the obstacle course. We also did sensorial activities which they enjoyed like shaving foam play, bubble wrap painting, mud play, sorting colours, numbers and animal washing. 

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year where we did fireworks painting and cooking and eating dim sum for afternoon tea. On Pancakes and Pyjamas Day children and Educators were encouraged to wear pyjamas and then we made pancakes in the classroom. 

We look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your children more. Please feel free to talk to us about your child’s interests and we can continue to extend on that area. We are more than happy to assist you.

Thank you,

Valerie, Kamal, Ana, Angel, Uyen and Kate

Pre-Kindy News


This year I have taken over as Team Leader of the Pre Kindy Room. We have also welcomed Liz into the Pre Kindy Team. Our Pre Kindy Team is full of passion, expertise, innovation and engagement. We are excited for the year ahead!

So far this year, we have had a group of children transition into our room from the Waddlers Room. They have been exploring the new spaces and developing relationships with families and children. I sincerely hope that all children enjoy their time in the Pre Kindy room and find it productive and rewarding.

On Pancake and Pyjama Day in March all children were encouraged to come dressed in their pyjamas and were given the opportunity to make pancakes in the class with Chef Jess. The children really enjoyed watching the preparation and cooking of the pancakes. But eating them was the best part!

Acquaintance night was at the beginning of March and we had the majority of parents from our class book appointments to speak with their child’s focus teacher about their development and getting feedback from the families. We all found it to be a great experience with lots of information being shared.

For this term, our learning focus has been practical life experiences with a purpose and aim to promote independence, social skills, fine motor skills as well as strengthening intellect and concentration in children. Activities chosen are a reflection of children’s need, interests, feedback from parents and intentional teaching experiences.

We will be having an ongoing focus in our prepared environment which will be designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by children. This also includes structured routines which promote a balance between a child’s need and learning environment.

Please label all of your child’s belongings to avoid them being misplaced or mixed up with other children’s. Also, please avoid bringing toys or food into the centre from home as we are a nut free zone and do have children with severe allergies.

Thanks to my team for their dedication, co-operation and hard work.

Thank you from the Pre Kindy Team,

Alia, Liz, Eranga and Natalie

Kindy News

Welcome to the Kindy Room for 2019!

This year there has been a lot of changes in the Kindy Room but we are excited to welcome the new Team Leader, Paris. She will be coming to us after being at Woodville Park for 3 years.

We have had a focus on welcoming the children that have transitioned into this room, by spending time with them and following their interests. It has been lovely getting to know all of these new children that are rapidly expanding their vocabulary and developing their independence daily. As such we have had a focus on building those self help and practical life skills.

Our practical life skill lessons are varied and can be completed inside the classroom or at the kitchen bench. The children have especially enjoyed juicing oranges, scrubbing potatoes, mashing potatoes and washing dishes. Their independence and skill they show have grown with time and we love seeing their smiles of achievement when they say “I did it!” Outside we help care for our garden by watering the garden daily. We have also introduced using the window washing kit outside. Using the spray bottles to squirt water, the cloth to wipe and the scraper to scrape the excess water away.

We will continue to focus on building our practical life skills, independence, and developing our understanding of Montessori materials. The materials you see on our shelving on an ongoing basis are the wooden knobbed cylinders, the pink tower and broad stairs. We have also recently brought in the counting spindles, the colour tablets and sound cylinders. The children learn how to use these activities through Observation in Circle time and small group lessons when they show an interest.

As a part of introducing more of a structure and routine to the room there is now a daily experience roster on display on the parent information board. We take turns planning and implementing experiences that are based from our group program. These experiences will show up as Floorbook entries so we encourage you to check it out regularly.

Please make sure you label all of your child’s belongings as the children can access their own bags, and as we encourage independence for getting things out that they need it can result in swapped items occasionally. The best way to ensure the belongings are returned to you is to make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We also ask that you please don’t let your child bring in toys from home. The Coles fruit stickeez in particular have been showing up in class and are a choking hazard. Also a lot  toy cars are being brought in. If a child wants to bring something in, we encourage you to ask them to leave their toys in the car, or you take them out when you say goodbye.

Thank you for your continuing support and understanding,

Liz, Jenny, Kaitie and Paris

ELC News

ELC has been busy building and strengthening relationships with children and families. With new children continuing to start, we have been encouraging the other children to be ‘role models’ and demonstrate how to use materials, equipment and packing away.

We created our class expectations with the children for the year of:
⦁ Quietly sit on our bottoms
⦁ Speak nicely to each other
⦁ By not talking/don’t scream
⦁ Use our inside voices
⦁ Don’t walk on or rip books (read them & put them on the shelf)
⦁ Pick up the big mess
⦁ Pack away your activity
⦁ Wait your turn

These are in our Class Floorbook (page 24) if you ever want to refer to them during the year.

We celebrated Chinese New Year by making playdough mooncakes, using chopsticks in activities, practising Chinese writing & looking after the Terracotta Warriors.

On International Mother Language Day, we found that we have 20 Mother Languages in our ELC family including French, Polish, Persian, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Sri Lankan, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, Greek, Creole, Norwegian, Tamil, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay & English.

For Clean Up Australia Day, we took small groups to our carpark to clean up the random rubbish we could find and enjoyed it so much that we continued to clean up in our outdoor garden. It was amazing how good our eyesight is because we found heaps of tiny pieces of rubbish amongst our tan bark that we hadn’t noticed before.

We celebrated Earth Hour by turning off our lights during the day (but found there were time we had to put them back on so we could see what we were doing).

Most recently, Azam has helped us celebrate Persian New Year where we created a Haft Sin (Haft Seen) table that includes the 7 different ‘s’ worded (in Persian) items of Sib (apple), Sabze (grass), Senjeb (sea buckthorn), Serkah (vinegar), Samanu (germinated wheat), Somaq (sumac) & Seer (garlic). Please feel free to have a look at this amazing table display & thank you to the families that have been looking after our Sabze over the weekends.

We had acquaintance evening on 6thMarch, and had a lot of great feedback from families about what was working for them and their children. We are introducing activities to the room to support the discussions had on the night and we hope that our parents and carers can continue to provide any ideas or feedback on how we are progressing throughout the year.

We had Kaurna artist Carly Dodd, and Auntie Avis Gale (Stolen Generation TjiTji Tjuta from the former Colebrook home) and her son Allen Edwards Snr come and talk with the children and engage them in the painting of one of four listening posts that will be installed at Colebrook Reconciliation Park on 26th May 2019, everyone is invited to the launch.

Cooking in different forms has become a regular activity for the class. We have tasted figs and beetroot during circle time. We have helped Chef Jess by preparing food for her (e.g. chopping herbs, washing potatoes, mushroom cutting) in the classroom or make food dishes in the kitchen (e.g. bread, Anzac biscuits, rice paper rolls, pancakes).

We have also tried our best to look after the garden during this very hot Summer season by watering regularly with our watering cans and the hose. We have also attempted to plant potatoes, garlic, grass, wheat & lentils.

In the coming months, we will celebrate:

Earth Hour – turning of the lights for a day

Nature Play week


Anzac Day

Mother’s Day