March Family Newsletter 2019

Hello families,

What a great start to 2019 we have had! We have welcomed many new families and have seen some of our older children start their next chapter in their education journey as they have started at school.

Little Images is booked in to take photos of the children on Friday April 5th and Wednesday April 10th. If your child does not attend these dates you can still bring them in to have their photo taken. Please visit for more information.

Kitchen Caddy Offer
We have recently collaborated with the City of West Torrens to advance our sustainability practices. A part of this will be offering residents of the West Torrens Council area a free kitchen caddy and a roll of compostable liner bags. Approximately 40% of the weight of household waste is food scraps and this is currently going to landfill. All of your food scraps can go in the kitchen caddy (which is small enough to fit comfortably on a kitchen bench) and then into your green bin to be turned into compost products. Keep your eye out for more information which will be sent out soon.

Sickness in the centre
As you are aware the flu season has started. If your child is showing any symptoms of a contagious disease please keep them at home, if your child needs Panadol they are not well enough to be at child care. The only way we can break the chain of infection is to send children with symptoms home. If you would like more information on the relevant policies please don’t hesitate to see myself or Pat. We appreciate your support in this matter.

Immunisation Records
Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre. Records can either be downloaded from Medicare and emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book.

Thank you
I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and emails in regards to me moving to Precious Cargo Woodville Park. They really mean a lot to me!



Dear Nursery families,

What a busy few months we have had in the nursery room, welcoming a lot of new children and families into our service. Some of our first time parents may be feeling a little bit of separation anxiety at this point in time. This is a perfectly normal emotion to be feeling and the staff in the room are here to support you in every way that we can. It is with slow progression that your child will become familiar with their new environment and begin to enjoy their time here at Precious Cargo. I have placed some pamphlets on separation anxiety on our lectern if you would like to take one home to have a read.

Our courtyard area has been utilised to its full potential over the past few months as the weather has been perfect for outdoor play. The courtyard area has been brightened up with some new Woolly Bush plants and the children have been enjoying exploring the different textures of the plants and straw mulch. This area has also been used for lots of fun sensory play including shaving cream, scooping rice and water play. Sensory play is an experience we offer the children daily as it is a vital part of their learning and development. The key benefits include learning how to explore their creativity, investigate cause and effect, as well as develop language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

The staff in the room are thrilled to see how independent the children are becoming with their self-help skills and are continuing to support them in this as much as possible. These independent experiences include putting on their own sunscreen, washing hands, scraping bowls, pouring their own water and picking out their own shoes and hats.

Lastly just a gentle reminder to please bring in a labelled hat for your child for outside play. If you have any questions or comments about the room please feel free to come and speak to us or call throughout the day.

Thanks, Shanae, Michele, Kate N, Mel and Kate C

The waddler room has been involved in many new learning opportunities, the purpose of which is to support the development of the children’s fine motor skills, hand eye coordination skills and self-help skills.

The children have been have been showing a lot of enjoyment when exploring the practical life experiences on offer; these include tonging pom poms and pouring pebbles from one jug to another. These seemingly simple experiences support the children to learn how to serve their own food and pour their own drinks. We have also been using our group circle times to practice preparing food. The children concentrated for significant amounts of time when grating carrots, chopping mushrooms, kneading dough and peeling apples.

Following on from children’s interest in food, we have collecting eggs from the chicken coop and exploring the vegetable garden, smelling and picking herbs.

The educators are supporting the development of self-help skills by guiding children to wash their hands, supporting them to collecting their own hats and shoes during transitions from inside to outside and introducing our new glass cups.

If you have any further questions on what else we get up to in the waddler room, please come an approach the educators, as we would love to have a chat.

Kind regards,
The Waddler team.

Hi Pre Kindy Families,

What a fantastic and busy term it has been so far! It has been great getting to know you all and learning about your child’s individual interests.

Much of our focus during term 1 has been on supporting new children to become familiar and confident with our Pre Kindy community, our routines, our behavioural expectations, and the shared 2-5 year old outdoor area. With increasing independence comes increasing responsibility for self, others, equipment and environments.

It has been great to see how well the children’s self-management and independence skills have developed over the term so far; from serving their own meals, pouring their own drinks, independent toileting, using green mats, packing away activities and much, much more.

Friendships have started to evolve and educators have provided steady support for children as they learn ongoing strategies and social skills.

We have been busy extending on children’s interests through different experiences such as; music and movement, role play, creative artwork, group times (stories & games), cooking, outdoor excursions, science experiments, gardening, ongoing practical life experiences such as cleaning, doing our own dishes, helping with the laundry, and gross and fine motor skill development throughout this term.

Please remember to have a look at our floor book, it is displayed on our shelf as we make many entries of the children’s learning that is taking place over each fortnight and we also make record of their voices..
Just a friendly reminder that if you are thinking about starting the toilet training process come and talk to us and we can help start or continue the process with you. We ask that you provide lots of spare clothes just in case of accidents and please let us know if your child wears a nappy for sleep. We also ask you dress your child in appropriate clothes to make it easy for your child to toilet independently E.g. elasticised shorts, separate top and bottoms.

Caroline will be away as of April to spend time with her family as they fly over from Ireland.
During this time you will see a relief educator filling Caroline’s shifts.

We look forward to a great year ahead and please feel free to ask any questions as we are more than happy to help support and assist.
Thank you,

Bek, Caroline, Imogen, Harpreet, Maria and Penny.

What a busy first term we have had! MJ has brought new experiences and knowledge to our learning environment and already has strong bonds with the children. I (Mikayla) am no longer working Wednesday’s as I have started university studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood.

Over the past term a strong focus has been learning about healthy eating and cooking. Cooking is such a valuable experience as it teaches the children about maths, science as well as practical life skills. To support the lessons in the room we went on an excursion to West Lakes Woolworths where we went on a Discovery Tour. We learnt about different fruit and vegetables and how they are important for helping our bodies grow. We tasted different types of fruit and even visited the bakery and kneaded some dough. The children really enjoyed the bus rides! Many said they had never been on a bus before so this was a huge part of the amazing day we had together.

Our dramatic play corner has covered lots of different areas so far this year! We have celebrated Chinese New Year, explored a home corner and farmers market and our new experience is currently a plane/airport scenario as many children are currently going on holidays. The children have showed a lot of enjoyment and creativity when engaging in dramatic play.

Children are learning respect for our environment taking responsibility for their experiences and belongings by packing away after themselves, watering the garden, sweeping and washing windows outside. This has been a strong focus as children were interested in helping the educators. It encourages children’s self-help skills and we are hoping they are beginning to show these skills at home too.

The teams days are as follows:
Mikayla (4 days)
Kim (5 days)
Tarni 5( days)
Mj (5 days)

Once again I would like to thank you for all your ongoing support, this contributes to making our room a

On behalf of the Kindy Team

During term 1 in ELC we focused on ‘All About Me’. Children drew self-portraits by looking into a mirror and drawing what they could see. An extension of this topic has been children taking The Identity Box home, this has led them to explore what is special in their lives and share with the class. The children have been practicing using a strong voice for presentations and asking and answering questions. We have also been learning about the different bones in our bodies and how they work together, it was great fun to learn a song that taught us the different names of the bones.

We have also been talking about the seven continents of the world. The children have been engaging in experiences such as looking at the world globe, noticing different land formations and finding out where our families are from. This was celebrating the diverse cultures in our classroom.

Another big focus in ELC has been working with the sandpaper letters and a variety of alphabet puzzles. These lessons have been presented in small groups and one on one lessons. Children have been showing a great interest in these activities and are beginning to write their names and identifying the sounds.

We have also visited Lockleys school library where the librarian reads the children a story and talked about borrowing books. The majority of children in ELC will be beginning school next year so this is a fantastic way for them to become familiar with a school environment.

ELC have been engaging in weekly Grace and Courtesy lessons to support the children to develop and refine social skills while building self-esteem and independence. The lessons have included, carrying and stacking chairs, saying please, thank you, excuse me and turn taking.

If you have a moment have a look at your child’s Learning Journey book to see what they have been up to!
From the ELC team.