March Family Newsletter 2019

From the Director…
Montessori focus – Practical Life
Children enjoy, and even prefer, spending their time helping adults with their activities. When allowed to do so, the child learns that their contributions are of value, thus boosting their self-esteem and independence. They enjoy and should be encouraged to use child-size replicas of adult tools. In short, the direct aim of Montessori Practical Life activities is to help develop social skills and independence. Indirectly, Practical Life activities develop fine motor skills, as well as strengthening intellect, concentration, and personal will.
Whenever possible, we should be trying to build a control of error into each activity so it becomes clear to the children when they have made a mistake. The rationale behind letting children use cups and bowls that break if they are dropped or misused is that children quickly learn to be careful and controlled when they use them. Mistakes are an opportunity for patiently showing children once more how to do a task correctly, and generally lead to a new lesson in problem-solving: “How do we safely clean up the broken pieces?”
The fragility of glass is a reality children will surely be a valid learning experience under controlled conditions —safe conditions created by doing things a certain way. It’s a good thing. And when the children experience a mishap that ends with broken glass, they’ll learn to take care of it safely.

Staffing News
This term we have welcomed Mary and Serina to our Waddlers Team. Mary and Serina both hold their Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and are both working 4 days per week. Tracey has joined our Nursery Team three days per week and is also Diploma qualified and currently studying her Degree in Early Childhood Education.
Due to family matters, Pre-Kindy Sarah has decided to step down as Team Leader and concentrate on being an Educator in the room. We therefore welcome Rebecca to our PreKindy team as new Team Leader. Rebecca has many years’ experience working with children and has been in team leader positions. Rebecca holds her Diploma and is currently finishing her Bachelor of Early Childhood. Rebecca will commence with us on Wednesday.
We pride ourselves on having long-standing educators and this also applies to our casual relief team who cover annual leave/ personal leave days. These educators know the room’s routines and have developed bonds with the children and know them well.

Carpark 10km
Please ensure you are driving no faster than 10km when entering and exiting the carpark. Not only do we have small unpredictable children but there are many school children from Glen Osmond Primary School using the footpath.

Children’s photos
Little Images will be taking photos on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April. Please see order form information below. If you would like to order a pack but your child does not attend on these days, you are welcome to bring them in in the morning of either day for their photo to be taken.


We will soon be starting up a playgroup at the centre on Friday mornings. This will be run by Sarah (ELC). More information coming soon!

Administration News
If you require an extra casual day please email me on to see if we have a vacancy.
To ensure your ongoing Child Care Subsidy payments please ensure your child is signed in/out at every attendance.
Immunisation Records: Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre. Records can either be downloaded from Medicare and emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book. Thank you.
Kind regards
Julie Jenkins

From the Educational Leader…
I have been visiting all our rooms and spending precious time on the floor, this has allowed me to have valuable conversations with educators to offer mentoring advice, suggest ideas for the program and interact with all our children.
We are in the process of reviewing our programming template, we acknowledge that children’s needs are always changing and we would like to offer a more tailored program. Please see me if you would like to provide any feedback, as parent input is much appreciated.
Kind regards
Veronica Villacorta


Nursery News…

Hello to Bambini and El-Nido families.
It has been quiet here in the Nursery rooms after the transition of a big group of babies to the Waddler’s room. In the last couple of weeks, we have welcomed a few new families and precious little babies. We farewelled Ravi, as she moved interstate and welcomed Tracey to our Nursery team.
We have been focusing on our primary caregiving, making bonds and developing trusting relationships with babies and families. Our fortnightly programme focus was solely based on our babies’ interests. We are providing a variety of practical life experiences, such as, washing hands, cleaning faces, sweeping floors and wearing hats outside and also, we have been enjoying water play activities during the hot Summer days. We have been playing with dolls, enjoying music and dancing times and have been engaging in lots of posting and stacking activities.
We will continue to provide enjoyable learning experiences based on the current interests and abilities of our babies, and we are planning to spend more outdoor play times enjoying the beautiful weather. Please pack your child’s bag with a broad-brimmed hat and a spare set of clothes.
We value your input and ideas in making your child’s learning journey more enjoyable and meaningful. So, please feel free to share any information you have with our educators.

From Subhani on behalf of the Nursery team
Michelle, Nazia, Lourdes, Chathu, Saranya & Tracey

Waddler News…

Welcome to all our new children to the room! We will continue with the transition process of children coming up from Nursery and they are settling well in their new learning environment. The children are provided with plenty of opportunities to strengthen their bond with their primary caregivers. Also, we would like to welcome two new educators, Mary and Serina to our Waddlers team. They will be working four days between both rooms.
This term we have been very busy practicing practical life experiences, such as juicing, grating, scooping, pouring etc. We have been introducing self-pouring of water during the progressive mealtime. Children showed great concentration using glasses whilst pouring their own water and filling their glass. We have noticed that the pouring water experience encourages them to drink more water during the day. In addition, we have been practicing making our own breakfast during the breakfast time. Children were enjoying spreading Nutelex and vegemite on the toast.
Furthermore, during the circle time we have been practicing how to count frogs while singing songs about frogs. In addition, we have been learning about the days of the week, months of the year and about the weather during circle time.
We have introduced experiences of caring for our environment; the children have been watering the plants every morning, sweeping around the sandpit, visiting Ronnie, the rabbit and feeding the frogs every day.
We have been adding the children’s photos to our Belonging Trees, however, please continue to bring family photos for us because there is more room for photos. Parents are welcome to have a look at our floor book with our daily activities that children experience.
From Vijini on behalf of the Waddler team
Vida, Veronica, Rubi, Lauren, Mary and Serina


Pre-Kindy News…

Hello to all our Pre-Kindy families! It has been a busy start to the year with new children and their families joining our Precious Cargo family.
This term has seen us focusing on relationships with each other and making new connections. Through the primary caregiving system, educators and children are enjoying forming strong and rewarding bonds.
As new friendships are formed the children can often be seen exploring the yard in small groups, playing “house” in the cubby, creating in the sand and simply enjoying each other’s company and helping each other out.
As the children start to feel settled and ready for new challenges in the room, we will be introducing more self-help skills such as washing our own dishes after mealtimes.
The children are now collecting their own cutlery and crockery from the trolley each mealtime and soon we will be using glasses instead of plastic cups as the children learn to take responsibility for their environment.
Our practical life shelves will also be taking on a new look as we focus on bringing even more “real life” elements to the activities.
Montessori is all about using real life items, and our trays will start to feature more glass and china and less plastic containers. The children will be able to experience cause and effect when things get broken, as well as how to clean up broken items safely and really take special care of all our activities.
In order to help the children help us to maintain a clean and orderly classroom, we now have a mini carpet sweeper, brooms and dustpans that the children can access at clean up times.
Friendly reminders:
Please can you make sure that clothes, hats and shoes are named as these things often get accidentally tipped out of bags onto the floor and then we cannot find the owner.
Also, can we ask that you check your child’s bag periodically as we have seen an increase in resources going home in the children’s bags. We know how much they love to borrow things for home!
Please can you let us know when someone different is coming to pick up your child and let the new person know that they need to bring photo ID if we haven’t met them before.
Please come and see us anytime if you have any questions, suggestions or comments!
From Sarah, on behalf of the Pre-Kindy Team
Mehesha, Imali, Megan, Danielle, Sharon, and Vibha.


Kindy News…

Firstly I would like to start by officially welcoming Matthew to our fabulous Kindy team. Matthew will be working in the Kindy Transition room Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Matthew was previously working in ELC so is familiar with many of the children and has already become a firm favourite!
Just like the year so far, Term 1 is flying by. We have welcomed new children in both rooms and they are settling nicely. In order to help them we have maintained a routine of independence and responsibility so the children respect the room and each other. They have been learning to use activities and green mats appropriately, making and packing up their beds, tidying up after themselves, as well as independent serving of food and washing up afterwards. We have also been encouraging the children to be responsible for their own belongings and packing things away in their bags. This ensures items don’t get lost. On that note could you please make sure you name your child’s clothing so items are easier to return, and please do not bring in toys from home as they are a distraction to your child’s learning and are getting lost or taken home by other children.
We have endeavoured extremely hot weather which has presented us with great discussions about sun and water safety, holidays, beach and pool visits, summer sports and most importantly hydration and wellness. It has also provided the children with a sense of responsibility caring for Ronnie the rabbit whilst he has been inside due to the heat. From cleaning to feeding and even making sure he has a frozen water bottle to keep him cool! Our cheeky hermit crabs Yunin and Pom -Pom are also regularly taken care of by the children. They are given fresh food and water and are always checked on to make sure they haven’t escaped!
We have discussed many topics this term such as Chinese New Year, frogs, mammals, ants, bees, St Patrick’s Day, Harmony Day, Ash Wednesday, Autumn, camping, posting letters and more. We consistently enjoy our cooking lessons with our wonderful chef Kerry, visits to Carinya Aged Care, Yoga, Happy Feet and Miss Madyson. With all that in mind, your children are very busy learning and playing, as well as building wonderful relationships with their educators and peers.
Could I please remind you to pack a sun smart hat for your child as we are guided by the UV rating and as such children are still required to wear them.
From Lib, on behalf of the Kindy Team
Bea, Katrina, Charlee, Matthew, Lisa and Binita


ELC News…

Dear parents and caregivers
Welcome to all our families and we hope all the new families are settling in well to the ELC routines, please pick up the term planner and short welcome note to help you in this transitional stage.
Over the last few weeks we have been talking a lot about recycling, saving water and being sustainable; all important things for the children to learn about in their  environment. In addition to this we have introduced “Job monitor” badges where the children wear a badge for the day and take on the responsibility of the job. The children have really embraced this and feel a sense of pride when completing their jobs.
We have started our short walks to Carinya the local nursing home and here the children sing songs and chat to the residents whilst doing some craft experiences with them. It is a lovely way to involve the community in our day to day life and the residents really enjoy this time.
After celebrating Harmony Day all week we will be focusing on encouraging respect and a sense of belonging within the room. We found that during Mother-Tongue week the children really enjoyed teaching each other new words from their own home languages. We will be continuing to encourage the children to teach each other new skills during the rest of the term. We also would love any of the parents with different skills to come in and show us…eg can you play an instrument??
A few reminders…every child needs a sun smart hat, we are a nut free centre and apple, popcorn and raw carrot are not allowed in the children’s lunch boxes.
Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you have any questions or queries.
From Sarah, on behalf of the ELC Team
Belinda and Cate