March Family Newsletter 2019

Dear Families,

Maria Montessori believed that children are born with an inner desire to learn and if their development is supported by an appropriate environment that this natural love of learning will continue for life. Practical life is the foundation for children to learn, practice and master skills that will set them up for later success in life and foster their independence.
This was the main focus for many of our rooms this term and it was incredible to see how many of the younger children quickly mastered tasks such as making their own beds, preparing and serving food, applying their own sunscreen and putting shoes and socks on. I would like to congratulate Betina who works in our ELC room on Wednesday’s as she has successfully secured the role of Montessori Mentor. Betina has been working closely with myself and the rooms to ensure our environments are prepared for the individual needs and interest of each child with materials that will challenge their abilities but set them up for success not failure. Betina has also began providing refresher lessons for staff on how to use the Montessori materials and we have begun ordering some new materials. We value her passion and enthusiasm towards Montessori and are excited to see what the future holds.


“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

– Maria Montessori


I would like to inform families that Antoinetta (Kindy) will be moving across to our Collinswood Centre on the 8th of April and Mary (Pre-Kindy) and Neetu (Waddlers) will be moving across to our Brahma Lodge Centre (Mary on the 15th and Neetu on the 8th of April). These staff have years of experience within Precious Cargo and are going over to mentor some of our newer and less experiences staff. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours and hope to see them back at St Peters in the near future.

Just a few Reminders
Please remember that we are only licensed to have children on the premises until 6pm therefore we ask for your assistance to ensure that your child is picked up on time. I recommend you arrive at the Centre no later than 5:50pm so this way you can have a proper hand over from staff about how your child’s day was.
As we are fast approaching the Flu season, with a record number of cases reported in South Australia already, please ensure you are keeping your child home if they are unwell and notify me directly either via email or a phone call. It is of utmost importance that we work together to minimise the spread of infection. As we have a duty of care to all of our children, families and staff we will not accept sick children and if they come down unwell while in our care expect to get a phone call from one of our staff members.
Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre.
Records can either be downloaded from Medicare or emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book.

Yard Update
We are excited to see the progress of the yards so far and the enjoyment the children are having climbing the rock wall, exploring with the telescope and taking turns on the swing. The pre-kindy children are also enjoying the new grass around the sand pit. Once Pre-Kindy is finished off then the landscaper will begin on the under 2 yard and animal enclosure out the front.

I look forward to another productive term ahead, with plans already taking place for incursions such as the living eggs program over Easter. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have and questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Samantha Coppin
Centre Director


Nursery News

A big hello and welcome to all Nursery families,

Reflecting back to the beginning of the Term, one of our main goals was to develop the children’s practical life skills. Practical Life activities develop skills for life and provide children with opportunities to foster independence. Children have begun self-feeding, independently washing their hands before and after meals, wiping their noses, and using a comb. We are transitioning the children to small glasses as this develops their understanding of cause and effect.

The Nursery classroom has been conducting lessons in the music room with children being introduced to a wide range of musical instruments. We turn into quite the choir! Children really love the music lessons, with many babbling along to the lyrics, moving their bodies to the rhythm, and experimenting with the instruments by banging and shaking them.
We have also been using the front yard and the Pre-Kindy yard for outdoor play. With children engaging in ball play, watering the plants, sandpit play, and the climbing frames. During this time Educators have the opportunity to teach children about sun safety by wearing their hats and applying their own sunscreen.

We recently celebrated Harmony Day. Our room was decorated with orange balloons and streamers, and children created orange hand-print paintings. Our chef made delicious orange cupcakes and jelly for the children to enjoy during a shared afternoon tea. Although the Nursery children don’t understand the concept of Harmony Day, they could begin to recognise that orange is the colour of Harmony amongst all.
Soon enough it will be time to celebrate Easter! We will begin our Easter craft in the upcoming week. We would leave to hear from families the way in which you will be celebrating Easter at home.

We would like to say a big thank-you to all families for your ongoing support.
– Alicia, Zebrina, Bibi, Katelyn

Waddler News

Dear Families,

What a busy term 1 we have had! We have been involved in so many fun activities and so much learning. Washing babies, exploring jelly, caring for our environment. We have been focusing on practical life activities such as helping to tidy our room, keeping our classroom clean and learning how to make our beds. We are continuing to practice how to fill our own cup from the water well.

We celebrated Harmony Day on Thursday 21st March which celebrates the country’s cultural diversity. We all united in orange on this special day to support cultural diversity. Our children had lots of fun dressing up with orange accessories such as hats and flower necklaces and had so much fun playing with the orange balloons. Some of our children were lucky to try on some special Indian dress ups and we even did some orange hand paintings. What a fun day our children had!

Our focus will now be on our upcoming Easter celebrations. We will be organising many art and craft activities for our children during the month. We would love to hear of your family’s special traditions around this time of the year also. Please feel welcome to share your families Easter traditions with our waddler room – this is so important so our children are taught an awareness and appreciation of all cultures.

We will also be focusing on our Waddler Library. As part of our group program we are creating a Waddler Library within our room. It will be a quiet comfortable space set up where books are stored and accessed by the children. If your child has a favourite book they would like to share with the class we would love to borrow it and read it as part of our story time in the Waddler Library. We will take special care of it and make sure it is kept safe until it is returned home.

As the weather is becoming cooler we will be focusing on the season autumn. We will be going for community walks using our senses to enjoy and learn about our environment and practising road safety when crossing the road. We will also be talking about what clothing we wear during autumn and play with the leaves also help clean up our yards by raking the leaves and take every opportunity to utilize the front yard to keep our bodies active.

Waddler team.

Pre-Kindy News

Greetings to our wonderful pre-kindy families
This term has been very productive and rewarding. The children are doing a fabulous job gaining their independence, which brings with it a sense of pride and confidence. We have been working hard instilling a flexible routine that is based on the needs of the children. Circle times are a great opportunity for staff to connect and engage with the children and discover where their interests lie. Alongside staggered meal routines, children are now successfully serving their own fruit in the morning and meals during lunch time. They obtain their own drinking water, scrape their own bowls, remove their shoes and prepare their own beds. This term has seen a great start to toilet training, with well over half of the children now successfully toilet trained.

We recently celebrated Harmony day and decorated the room with photos of all the children with messages in several different languages. The kitchen staff, Wendy and Natasha, organised a lovely treat of orange cupcakes and jelly, it goes without saying that the children responded very well to this!

Recently, as part of our fortnightly topic, we explored the magical world of music. We played guitar and sang songs together, took advantage of the piano within the music room and the children made their own drums and cymbals. We’ve also been focussing on sensorial play, practical life skills, learning shapes and colours, numeracy and literacy, using our manners and exploring insects – to name just a few of the things we’ve accomplished.

Our Montessori Mentor Betina has been assisting us to further develop our Montessori skills and practices. This has been of great benefit and is scaffolding our path to become more knowledgeable and better equip Montessori educators.

You may have noticed some exciting changes to our outdoor play area. This has provided the children with an inviting, interesting and challenging area to play outdoors. The response has been extremely positive. I’m amazed at how well the children tackle climbing up the cubby house and am pleased to see their enjoyment in discovering this new area.

Within the scope of this newsletter, I can only provide a brief glimpse of the exciting and rewarding experiences occurring within the pre-kindy room. On that note I invite all parents to feel welcome in having discussions with any and all of the pre-kindy staff and sharing as many experiences and ideas that you may have. We’re all working towards the same common goal; the happiness, safety, nurturing and education of our most important investment – your children.

Thank you kindly for reading; I hope it was a meaningful and enjoying read.
Wishing you all the best,

Frank Skilton – Pre-Kindy Team Leader

Kindy News

Dear Parents,
This term in the Kindy Room we have be focusing on Numeracy, Literacy, Farm Animals, Sea Animals and Australian Animals.
In the ELC room the focus has been Belonging, Being and Becoming – the educators and children made a community board with pictures of their families. Lots of meaningful conversations have been had around what countries they come from. We have enjoyed listening and learning about the diverse culture they come from and what celebrations they celebrate. Literacy has been a key focus as the children have been learning two alphabet letters per week.
All the five key learning areas of Montessori are always re –visited. These areas are Language, Mathematics, Culture, Sensorial Activities and Practical Life as well as child led ideas following the children interests in our curriculum planning.   The children have been showing a lot of interest in learning the beginning sounds in their name and learning how to write their name.
Our fortnightly program is displayed in the room along with our Kindy learning journey. We encourage you to look at both to see what the children have been learning about. Your child’s individual learning journey is updated monthly, and you are welcome at any time to have a look at your child’s book. The children are very proud of their work and are eager to share it with their families.
The Kindy and ELC team is looking forward to working with each child
Pat, Antonietta, Jaspreet and Simi – Kindy
Chloe and Cassandra – ELC.