March Family Newsletter 2019

As many of you may have noticed, our centre is growing and we have had lots of new families start with the centre this year. On behalf of all the staff here at Precious Cargo Welland, I would like to welcome all our new families.

Our Educators
We have also had some new educators join the centre to accommodate the rise in centre enrolments. Please read below a short blurb about each of our wonderful educators.

Ashley – Ashley is our centre chef. Ashley has been with the Precious Cargo team for 6 years and has recently moved to Welland from our Lockleys centre. Since moving to Welland, Ashley has been expanding his knowledge on nutrition to bring your children nutritious food from many different cultures. In his spare time, Ashley plays Dodgeball for the state and will be flying off to New Zealand in April in hopes of bringing back the gold.

Kayleigh – Kayleigh is our Nursery room Team Leader. She has been with Precious Cargo for 3 and a half years and has recently moved to our Welland centre from our Woodville Park centre. Kayleigh has worked in childcare for nearly 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. In her spare time, Kayleigh enjoys going to parks and the zoo with her son.

Varun – Varun has been working with Precious Cargo Welland for last 5 months in our Nursery room. Varun holds a Diploma in Early Childhood as well as Bachelor in Education and Masters in English Literature. Varun has a passion for nurturing young children and inspiring curiosity through the Montessori philosophy.

Japleen – Japleen is one of our Nursery room educators. Her social and friendly nature allows her to build positive relationships and connections with families and children from diverse backgrounds. Japleen is currently studying her Certificate in Early Childhood and holds qualifications in Nursery Teaching Training.

Tayla – Tayla is our Waddler room Team Leader and has been working in early childhood education for 8 years. Tayla originates from the Riverlands and enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dog.

Nicole – Nicole works in our Waddler Room and has a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. Nicole has been in the sector for 2 years and has recently joined Precious Cargo. She is passionate about educating children and supporting them to develop into confident learners.

Katie – Katie is new to the industry and is enjoying her first role as an early childhood educator. Katie is currently also studying a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education through external studies. When she is not working or studying, Katie enjoys reading books and spending time with family. Katie is currently the acting Team Leader for our Pre-kindy room.

Manveen – Manveen holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and works in our Pre-kindy room. Manveen also works at a Language Education School teaching Punjabi. Manveen enjoys helping children to find the fun in learning and inspiring curiosity.

Ritu – Ritu works in our Pre-kindy and Kindy rooms. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and creates beautiful experiences with the children by following the children’s interests. Ritu has two children herself and has a love for cooking, painting and yoga.

Krishna – Krishna is our Kindy room Team Leader. Krishna has worked with Precious Cargo for 8 years and moved to Welland when the centre opened. Krishna holds a Diploma in Children Services and has qualifications in commerce, naturopathy and yoga teaching. Krishna is passionate about helping children to build strong and positive learning foundations through Montessori concepts. Krishna builds collaborative relationships with families and enjoys incorporating different cultural backgrounds.

Maria – Maria has recently joined us as our Early Childhood Teacher in our Early Learning Centre (ELC). She has worked for 6 years as a Junior Primary Teacher. Maria’s long-term goal for the ELC is to prepare the children for school readiness in the aspects of cognitive, emotional, social, fine/ gross motor skills, language, numeracy and autonomy. Maria also strongly believes in laying foundations of respect, independence and a love of learning through purposeful activities.

Casual Educators – We also have a number of casual educators that support the centre regularly these educators are Madvi, Ranjana, Bec, Amandeep and Jamyang.

Partnerships with Families
As part of our drive for continuous improvement, we are committed to ensuring strong partnerships and open communication with our families. To facilitate this there are many avenues that we seek to gain feedback from families including:
⦁ Policy review forms on the parent boards in each of the hallways – please provide feedback for policies that are currently under review.
⦁ The ‘Parent Input’ area on your child’s classroom fortnightly program – please feel free to write directly on the program.
⦁ Communication diaries – there are communication diaries for families on the shelf outside of each classroom
⦁ Open communication – please approach the team leader of your child’s classroom regarding any feedback or concerns
⦁ Events – we will be holding a meet and great session in the coming months

Immunisation Records
Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre.
Records can either be downloaded from Medicare and emailed to or photocopied from your child’s blue book.

Spare clothes
With many of our children toilet training it is vital that you please bring enough spare clothes for your own child. We ask that you also please return the centre’s clothes if taken home.

Room Updates

A warm welcome to all of our new families who have joined us in the Nursery. We hope you have settled in well.
Ensuring each child has a strong sense of belonging has been a big focus in the Nursery Room in recent weeks. With new staff members and families joining us, it is important to us to create a safe environment for the children. We have been focusing on building a sense of belonging through morning circle time where we sing songs and greet each child for the day. We also have a family tree in our room, so please bring a photo in if you haven’t already done so or email it to the centre and we can print it out.
Following the children’s interest, we have been exploring butterflies. In this topic we have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, looking at some real life photographs of caterpillars and butterflies and enjoying various craft activities.
We have also been taking advantage of the lovely weather, spending lots of time outside exploring the sand pit, swings and using the climbing apparatus to help develop gross motor skills. Please ensure your child has a clearly labelled sunhat and any bottles, dummies or comforters are labelled to avoid any confusion.
We have some new pets in our room! Come in and meet our fish and snails. We will be looking at pets and animals in our fortnight program starting this week. We will look at books, sing about animals, role play caring for them and the children will be involved daily in feeding the fish. Please let us know if you have any pets at home through our communication book located on the shelf outside the room.
Your input is important to us so if you have any suggestions for our fortnightly plan we encourage you to write it on the program on the wall just inside the Nursery Room.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in the room please do not hesitate to speak to the nursery educators or Kayleigh the Team Leader.

Over the past few weeks in the Waddlers Room we have been exploring our community by going on excursions and nature walks. We plan to further our community involvement in the coming months through different excursions and incursions.
In the last few weeks, the children have had a keen interest in learning about the animal kingdom. Through this interest, we have been naming different animals and exploring the different sounds they make. We have also been identifying animals in our environment, pointing out the birds that visit our centre as well as some exciting ‘guests’ including a Sri Lanken grasshopper we found in the garden and a gecko Hannah found in her office.
The children have also been interested in using their sensory and fine motor skills to do different types of craft activities including painting, gluing and sticking. We plan to continue to foster this interest in the coming programs.
We have welcomed some new Waddlers friends and continue to build relationships and friendships with one another.

In the last few weeks, the Pre-kindy children have been busy learning more about one another. Recently, we have learnt that many of the children enjoy painting and drawing, building with blocks, trainsets and Meccano. We also have many children who enjoy singing and dancing. This information has helped us to foster friendships within the Pre-kindy room and aids educators to tailor learning initiatives around each child’s interests. Through the development of these friendships, we have also been holding conversations with the children around kindness, grace, courtesy and being respectful to one another.
In this exploration of children’s interests, discussions around the ocean and the animals that live there have arisen. From this interest, the children have created an aquarium and paintings of the ocean.
The Pre-kindy children have also been modelling and practicing their practical life skills including serving themselves food, cleaning and packing up after themselves and making their own beds.

Hello and welcome everyone to March edition of Kindy newsletter and a warm welcome to our new families and children who have joined us recently.
Thank you to the parents that have shared their culture with the children recently through sharing recipes, language, dress ups, photos of their country, etc. Please continue to contribute to our curriculum for your child/ren’s overall development.

What we have learned past few weeks:
Care for environment:
The children have been busy in the veggie patch with the change of season. We have pulled out the vegetables that have reached the end of their growth and planted new herb and vegetable seedlings. The children have been very interested in watering them daily and harvesting crops for the Grow Cart. Most exciting has been the harvesting of our cucumbers, which the children have been eating.
Fine Motor experiences:
We are exploring various materials for transferring water including basters, droppers, funnel and scoops. The children have also been curious in the expansion of this to include colour mixing. Through this, we have explored primary colours, sensory pat mats, separating coloured beans with tweezers and kinetic sand.
Gross Motor experiences:
We have recently bought the jumping bags for children and they are very popular in Kindy. We have also been challenging children’s gross motor with Hula-hoops, bike riding, group games such as ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?’, hopscotch, jumping on the wooden logs, dancing and yoga stretches.
Stamping, germination stages collage, drawing on the white boards using imaginations, painting.
Language and Literacy:
Story time, songs, poems, encouraging children’s opinions for open discussions during circle time, reinforcing positive interactions between children and using different languages to greet one another.

Next program focus:
We are beginning to look at sustainability practices and it would be great if you can bring in empty jars, bottles (washed and cleaned) to recycle and making it reusable by decorating. Please bring in vegetable heads to plant and regrow them (carrot, celery, leek, onions, spring onions, etc.).

A big hello to everyone and a warm welcome to our ELC classroom. Our new teacher Maria has recently joined the Precious Cargo family.
Currently in the ELC room, we are focusing on maths and language and are utilizing various Montessori resources to practice writing, counting and problem solving. We are also asking the children open ended questions to develop their vocabulary through group discussions.
We ask that families please provide input to the ELC curriculum and direct any additional information to Maria to assist her to support your child in their school readiness.