March Family Newsletter 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new families who have joined us over the past few months at Precious Cargo Westbourne Park. We hope your transition into our Centre has been smooth and we hope that all of our new children are enjoying their time here in our Centre.

What’s been happening at Precious Cargo Westbourne Park

I am sure you have noticed some of the new additions to our outdoor environments. We are all very excited to have the new resources. The feedback has been very positive and staff have enjoyed being able to offer more opportunities to assist with children’s gross motor development through the use of this equipment. We have also purchased some fresh new sandpit resources for both outdoor environments. This has provided the children with more opportunities to extend on their creativity during sandpit play.

Something that we are focusing on right now as a Centre is strengthening our community links. We currently do this in a few ways through our connections with AusCare, our grow free cart and neighbourhood walks. If you have something you would like to share with your child’s classroom, or if you would like to get involved and have ideas on ways we can incorporate our community into our programs we would love to hear your input. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or an educator in your child’s room to discuss this further.

Autumn is here, Winter is coming.

As the weather is starting to cool down, I would like to remind families to please pack appropriate clothing for children. It may also be nice to dust off the wellies and raincoats so that children are still able to make the most of their time outside even in the wet weather.

Immunisation Records

Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre.
Records can either be downloaded from Medicare and emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book.


We have welcomed many new families to the nursery room over the past few months. During this time, we have been exploring the children’s different cultures and traditions so they have a strong sense of belonging in the room. Some of the ways we have been embracing culture in the room is by playing music from different countries, looking at different flags, playing with figurines that show different cultured communities and cooking traditional food. In the cooking experiences, the children made Anzac cookies from Australia, scones from England, potato bread from Ireland, German honey biscuits and coconut roti from Sri Lanka.

Talking about culture’s in the room has lead straight into Harmony Week. To celebrate the significant day on the 21st of March, we extended into communicating how we care and respect each other. This is where we started to unite together and the children got to practice what harmony looks like. We have been encouraging the children to work alongside each other using grace and courtesy, practice playing gently together, practice showing care for one another through hugging and the children made a group mural to celebrate this day. At circle time the children have seen photos of themselves and their peers in the room showing what care and respect looks like. We have been reading books with the children that are about friendship and love and the children have also engaged in art and craft activities based around Harmony Week.

As always, a huge focus in the nursery room is for every child to reach their full potential in their gross motor milestones. The children are always given opportunities to develop these skills whether it is one on one time with an educator to practice rolling, tummy time or crawling, opportunities to walk with an aid or educator and obstacles for climbing. Educator’s are always available for families to talk to about their child’s physical development and we welcome open communication on the topic for your child to achieve the most while at Precious Cargo.

In Montessori education there are many aspects that make up the children’s curriculum. One of the topics is sensorial and this includes what the children see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We endeavour to give the children many opportunities to explore all their senses and be exposed to new discoveries.

One of the senses we have observed the children enjoying is sound. The children love the music shakers we have in the room and respond positively to singing and music. We welcome families to tell us what their child’s favourite song is so we can include these in our daily music times.

Dear Families,

We would like to welcome all the new families to the Waddler Room.

Over the past few months we have had a strong focus on building relationships within the Waddler room, connecting and learning about our families. To help us with this we are asking you to bring in some family photos so we can to create a Waddler family book. Thank you to the families that have already contributed to this. The response so far has been overwhelming and we are excited to complete the book and share our special moments.

The children have been busy little bees in the gardens… or shall we say butterflies. We were lucky enough to have a natural cycle of the Monarch Butterfly appear in our very own Butterfly Garden. The children monitored the caterpillars every day, looking closely at the chrysalis to see when the butterflies were about to hatch. We discovered that caterpillars eat a lot of food and Sarah’s mother helped us by bringing in lots of extra swan plants for the very hungry caterpillars to eat. Now that the cycle has ended the children are helping to water and maintain the butterfly garden ready for next year. If you would like to see more about this feel free to take a look in our room learning journey and Centre community floorbook.

The educators in the waddler room have been assisting the children in mastering Practical Life skills. This has included scrapping bowls, serving food at mealtimes, walking the line, wiping their nose and face, packing away their activities, pouring and carrying a glass of water. The children have been singing along to the “Pack away” song and other songs which are in our daily routine such as “Something’s hiding in the box”, The Circle Time song, “How are you?” and “Hooray” songs.

As many of you will have noticed we received many new pieces of equipment for our outdoor yard. The new sand pit equipment has reignited interest in the sandpit for many children as they dig, transfer, sieve, sweep and build. The children have been showing an interest in the cubby house by all the little adventures in and around the cubby house. They have been using the steering wheels and telescopes to explore and have engaged in lots of imaginative play. One morning we were able to finish our breakfast in the cubby house; this was a pleasant way to begin the day. The wooden boat has sparked interest in both the children and educators to singing songs while sitting in the boat and imagining they are sailing away. We have had so many adventures already!

Happy Learning from the Waddler Team

Sarah, Teeka, Neha, Yang, Amariah and Cayla

So far, in Pre-Kindy the children and educators have been focusing on building relationships with one another. With the end of year Graduations and new children settling into the Pre-Kindy room, together we have been working towards and focussing on making connections between the children and the educators. Helping the children settle into the room through a variety of experiences including, arts and crafts, hands-on experiences and group times.

We have gone back to basics over the last three months, by reintroducing each individual activity on the shelves to demonstrate the purpose of each. The children have shown a lot of interest in the practical life experiences by helping the educators care for the animals, the garden and pot plants, helping with the laundry by working together to hang out the wet, folding the dry and delivering the folded washing to the other rooms in the centre.

We have been focusing on our self-help skills, such as washing our hands, placing our own sunscreen on, cleaning up spills, serving our own meals, packing away and most importantly asking for help when in need. We have been learning how to put our own shoes and socks on and changing our clothes if we have become wet from our sensorial activities. This has also led into and sparked many conversations about respecting our environments, activities, animals and people around us. We have discussed how we can do this by using our gentle hands and calm voices. This is especially important as we teach the children about grace and courtesy and the importance of caring for our activities and classroom belongings, which can be damaged through rough play.

If you have any queries regarding the Prekindy program or your child, please do not hesitate to come and speak with one of the staff in our room.
We look forward to working closely with you all and assisting your children as they grow and learn in our nurturing environments.

Jenna, Zoe, Kyle, Su, Tamara

A big welcome to our new families who have joined the Kindy room.

The Kindy room has explored a range of topics so far this year, following the children’s interests and ideas. We have looked at space and planets, occupations, pets, the Butterfly life cycle, practical life and feelings. The children have all contributed to the ideas and work in these topics and we have all learned a lot.

Each educator in the Kindy room has a group of focus children which they observe and write monthly observations about. The focus groups can be found on the grey information board in the Kindy room. Please feel free to ask any of our Kindy staff members if you are unsure.

On the first and third Mondays of the month some of Kindy and ELC children walk over to Aus Care and read stories, sing songs and engage in different activities with the residents. If you would like your child to participate and you have not yet received an authorisation form, please ask one of the Kindy educators who will be more than happy to help you.

The Kindy children have all shown a real interest in creative play and construction. This has been explored through drawing, painting, lego, cardboard construction, woodwork and blocks. We have seen so many fascinating creations, many with stories and explanations that are intriguing.

An important part of our kindy room routine is practical life. We encourage the children to participate in the set up and clean up of meals. The kindy children have enjoyed self serving of meals and the ownership of choice with food. We offer the children opportunities to expand on different practical life experiences that are embedded into our routine. Each week the Kindy room are responsible for a job to participate in to help the running and care of our centre. We help with the laundry, gardening, recycling, and caring for rabbits and chickens. This gives the children a sense of responsibility and the opportunity to participate in a practical life experience.

Just a brief reminder that we have noticed in the Kindy room that some children are bringing toys from home. This is discouraged in our environment as it is often a distraction and can cause distress if the item is lost. We ask that you please encourage your child to leave toys at home.

If you have any questions or queries in regard to the Kindy room please do not hesitate to speak with one of our staff at drop off or pick up. Alternatively you can call through the day


Jacqui, Sam, Salima, Jamie, Steph and Mardi

Dear Families,

We had spent the last few weeks getting to know each other, the routines and expectations of the room. We also celebrated Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and Harmony Day.
We had installed two new planters in our yard and the children had the opportunity to plant some herbs, vegetables and fruit plants. We learnt how to care for them and hope to see the fruits of our labour soon!

In our butterfly garden, we were very fortunate to see the whole life cycle of a butterfly. We learnt about the wondrous process by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. We extended this learning by making butterfly feeders so that butterflies can continue to thrive in our yard.

‘Show and Tell’ has always been a great motivation for the children to develop strong sense of identity, connect with and contribute to their world and become effective communicators. We are encouraging children to bring in their family photos for ‘Show and Tell’ this term. The children will create their own unique photo frames and these will be placed on our community bulletin board.

The ELC room has a 3 Bin System where the children sort their ‘rubbish’ into dedicated bins. We have also introduced the Red Cycle Program where soft plastic will be recycled. The children learnt not only to be kind to each other but also being kind to the environment.

While the children are learning about environmental sustainability, we are encouraging parents to pack a healthy waste-free lunchbox for their children (Nude food lunchbox). Nude foods are food items that are free from disposable packaging. This approach reduces the amount of rubbish and, ultimately, has a positive environmental impact on our planet. Nude foods are fresh fruits, veggies, wholegrain and water, providing healthy vitamins and essential nutrients for growing bodies. They’re also generally unprocessed, which means less store-bought convenience snacks and drinks, which are often laden with sugar and unhealthy additives. More information on Nude food lunchbox can be obtained on our ELC lectern.

At Precious Cargo, we highly value parent’s input and involvement. We welcome parents to join in to share your skills or culture with us (e.g.: jewellery making, cooking, yoga, playing musical instruments, reading a book, sharing special celebrations, etc.). Come and chat with us should you be interested!

⦁ Due to children’s allergies please do not send any nuts products in your child’s lunch boxes as they pose a serious threat for some children.
⦁ We highly encourage parents to cut up fruits like grapes and apples as these poses health risks such as choking hazards.
⦁ Please refrain from packing lollies, chocolates, sweet biscuits, muesli bars, breakfast bars, fruit filled bars, chips and juices as these foods are high in sugar and only provides short burst of energy for the children.

Best Regards,
Lynn (Early Childhood Teacher/ Team Leader), Kristy, Annie and Brittany