March Family Newsletter 2019

Dear Families,
April already and sadly the cold weather will be here soon. What a busy start to the year we have had at the Centre with many new families commencing their Precious Cargo journey and we said goodbye to several excited children starting the next chapter in their lives with Kindy or School.

Last week we had a Meet and Greet night for families to come and meet the educators in the Centre and this was a successful evening with many families taking the opportunity to look through the Centre.

We are now looking forward to an acquaintance night so families can come and meet their child’s focus teachers and discuss the learning experiences that your children are being offered. This night will be held on the 16th May, more information will come out about this soon.

For those families with children in Nursery we have been doing some neighbourhood walks. We take up to eight children at a time as we have two 4 seater prams. We can only take your child on these walks if you have signed a Neighbourhood Walks permission form and this permission lasts for 12 months. If you have any further questions about these walks please speak with Kristy or Jordie, our Nursery team leaders.

Don’t forget we also offer several extra-curricular activities like Via Dance, Happy Feet and Little tennis Stars. If you want any information on these activities please ask Jacqui or Charlotte as they will be able to provide you with further details and contact information.

Immunisation Records
Please ensure you have provided copies of your child’s immunisation records to the centre.
Records can either be downloaded from Medicare and emailed or we can photocopy them from your child’s blue book.

I am excited to advise you that we have a new Director for the Centre, her name is Tegan and she has been directing our Lockleys centre for the last 2 years. Tegan will commence at Woodville on the 29th April. Please introduce yourself when you see her. Until the 29th April I will still be supporting the Centre along with Charlotte and Jacqui.

From the kitchen:

Thought we would share one of the favourite recipes on our new menu

South West Indian Fish Curry with Rice

Serves 80

5kg white flesh fish (skinless hake), you can leave as is or cut into pieces. Just run your fingers over the fish to ensure there are no bones (there shouldn’t be any)
200mls canola oil
8 med onions, peeled, sliced thin
2Tbls ground coriander, turmeric, cumin,
1Tbls ground ginger, fenugreek
2Tbls minced garlic
2 green chillies, sliced (deseeded opt)
1 bunch fresh coriander
1A10 tin coconut milk
1kg peas
1kg cross cut beans
1kg broccoli cut into florets
Salt and pepper to taste
4kg cooked rice


In a deep saucepan sauté the onion until it softens and starts to colour in the oil. Add the spices and the garlic do not burn, if it starts to stick add a little water to cook the spices out. Then add the coconut milk bring to boil and then drop to simmer stirring occasionally. Add the peas, beans and broccoli bring back to boil then reduce once the broccoli is nearly cooked through, adjust the seasoning then add the prepared fish and cook for a further 8-10mins serve immediately on the rice.

We would like to welcome the many new children and families who have joined the Nursery Room this year. The children all seem to be settling in very well, we are continuing to help build strong bonds with the children by encouraging them to participate in planned group activities and individual play to help them adjust to the new environment as well as singing good morning songs using children and staff names to help familiarise the children with new faces. As well as the children we hope you have settled in and feeling at ease as you leave every day, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s primary carer or any educator in the Nursery Room.

Our current program is located just inside the nursery door on the parent information board please help us to develop and grow by letting us know any suggestions or activities you feel your child is interested in and you would like to see them doing while in the nursery.

Our group program has been very busy recently. The interest in our room at the moment has been exploring different sensory activities. The children have been enjoying messy activities like slime and shaving foam and exploring different textures on a sensory board. We have also looked at pine cones and pine leave branches, sensory bags filled with all sorts of different things as well as finger painting which we did as a part of Harmony Day celebrations on the 21st March. We continue planning activities to help develop gross motor skills as the children achieve new milestones. The children show great interest in crawling through the pop up tent and using the walkers to reach new areas in the room.

When you drop your child off each day we would like you to add your child’s photo to the board “Hello, who is here today” underneath the programme. The children’s photos can be found in the basket on the shelf right next to the parent information board. This gives the children and yourselves a sense of belonging and we use the photos when singing our good morning song so the children become familiar with the faces.

The children’s personal learning journeys are located on top of the cupboard in the Nursery Room. We encourage you to look at these at any time and to add any photos to the family tree and also from family events or celebrations. You can also email photos to the centre or give them to your child’s primary carer to stick in. These books are important and will follow your child throughout the centre.

Again if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to talk to any of the educators within the room.
Kind regards,
The Nursery Team

We would like to give a warm welcome to all of the families joining our Nursery 2 family. The educators in the Nursery 2 room are Jordie, Elaine, Jahura and Fei. In the nursery rooms we have primary and secondary educators for all children in the room. If you unsure of who your child’s primary educator is please don’t hesitate to ask one of the educators in the room.

Each month educators are observing child’s interests and writing them in their Individual Learning Journey’s. If you would like to have a look through your child’s Individual Learning Journey, the books are kept on the second shelf on the left as you walk into the Nursery 2 room.

Over the past three months we have been very busy learning about colours. We have offered activities involving coloured playdough, coloured cellophane, coloured rice and coloured shaving foam. To extend on this, we incorporated using sorting activities to sort the colours blue, green, yellow and red.

At the end of summer the children showed interest of the plants outside after observing educators watering them during outdoor play. To follow their interests we have brought a palm tree in our room for the children to help water weekly. This is a practical life skill which teaches children how to care for their environment.

If you have any suggestions or your child has sparked up new interests please feel free to write on our fortnightly program under the heading ‘Parents Input’ so we can explore these ideas.
If you have questions about our room routine or the fortnightly program please ask one of the team members and we will happily explain these to you.

Nursery 2 Team.

Over the last couple of months we have welcomed children who have transitioned from Nursery as well as external families into Waddlers 1 & 2. The children have settled in really well and are continuing to learn and discover new things as well as building connections with their new educators.

Throughout the last term in Waddlers 1 we have been focusing on a range of topics including transport, big and small and rabbits. The children enjoyed exploring a car sensory tub, making traffic lights, looking at the difference in size between the children’s hands and the educators hands for big and small, grating carrots to feed to the rabbits as well as creating our own rabbits.

Waddlers 2 have also been exploring, construction machinery, caring for babies where we have been able to go for visits in the Nursey room and do a group time all together, exploring different types of animals and have had Bubbles as well as Gyspie & Hippie come into the room for visits where the children have learnt how to care for the animals and recently we had a Teddy Bear picnic as part of our group programme.

This term the children in both Waddlers 1 & 2 have also been participating in cooking lessons where they have been able to make and taste a variety of different foods as well as becoming familiar with different ingredients, we can’t wait to continue them next term!
Both rooms have also recently celebrated Harmony Day by encouraging the children to wear orange and doing hand prints in our floor books as well as playing with orange playdough.

We encourage families to look at what the children have been working on through our floor books and group programme which are displayed in both rooms (See staff if unsure of where this is) & would appreciate any feedback or parent input.

Over the next term both Waddler rooms would like to further develop their Practical Life & Grace & Courtesy skills. We will be doing this throughout our circle times by giving lessons and will start off with taking turns, use of the green mat & using the trays correctly.

On behalf of both Waddler rooms we would like to thank families for attending the Meet & Greet held in the rooms as it gave us the opportunity to show families what we have been working on, goals we have for the room & also being able to meet parents of children who will potentially be transitioning up into our room.

As the cooler weather is fast approaching we will still encourage outdoor play, with this in mind we would recommend that you pack jackets & even spare clothes as they may get wet or dirty whilst playing outside.

Welcome to another year in Pre- Kindy 1!

It has been a great start of the year 2019. The new children in our room are settling well into the room and old children are showing their Excellency in role modelling.

This year, PK 1’s learning programme is mainly reflected in five areas– sensorial, practical life, language, maths and cultural skills. The first week of this year was occupied with making sensory bottles and sensory tiles. Children were very curious to observe how food colour, soap, oil and water mix together. They loved shaking the bottles repeatedly to see the experiment again and again. We made different textures on the tiles, sealed pasta, rice and lentils in different bottles to hear the sound variations. These activities helped our children to refine their sense of sight, touch, smell and sound. It is a very joyful feeling to see many children engaging in the pink tower and knobbed cylinder to visually differentiate between dimensions.

Practical life activities have a huge role in our room to make as it is. Children are learning to be respectful to their learning environment by packing up and cleaning. Many children are offering to water the plant and clean the windows. After nap- time, we sit around in a circle to put our shoes on and many children are helping each other to find correct shoes and socks. It is our daily practice now that a small group of children help the educator with making bed and laundry.

We have been learning more about feelings and emotions. Children are encouraged to use words to talk about feelings, instead of the emotions with their actions.

The highlight of our literacy activities was recognising our name letters and we are happy to hear many positive feedbacks on this. Children can now put their art stuff on their rack by looking at their name. Our reading place is comfy with many cuddly pillows and children loved to read their big books on the stand. We are glad to see children are coming with books to read during circle time. We request you to bring more realistic books than fairy tales, as we are working on Montessori philosophy. Our educator, Lin, is also trying to teach some Chinese words to children.

We are seeing mathematics in our daily experiences by counting different fruits in our fruit tray, counting steps, halving scones to spread butter/jam, etc.

We are finding some more extra quality time to spend in outdoor play to enhance our children’s gross motor skills and spatial awareness. It also promoted associative and cooperative interactions. There we learnt how to take care of our bunnies.

We celebrated Australia Day by colouring pebbles in black, yellow and red paint and Valentine’s Day by making heart-shaped cards to our families.
Children are really enjoying our new kitchen area. They are using their imaginations, creativity and social skills in their new environment.

Considering many parents’ interest and suggestions, we focussed on recycling. We learn about three R’s –reduce, reuse and recycle. We used many recycling materials in our craft and painting experience. Now children are knowing not to waste food. It is very happy to hear little voices which are encouraging each other to eat the crust of the bread, broccoli and beans in their meals.
During the early weeks of March, we learnt about farm animals. Children engaged in many farm-related activities such as washing potatoes, grating carrots, animal masks and animal footprints etc.

Now we are going through a very exciting topic “culture”. Children are very much interested to know a different culture and saying “hello” in different languages. So far we learnt to say hello in Chinese(ni hao), Hindi( Namaste), and Spanish( hola). We are now really enjoying songs from different languages. We made lanterns and paper elephants, representing different countries. It was a great cooking fun when we all made” Chapati (Indian bread)” in the room,  children helped to flatten the chapatti dough and watched how to cook. They all had their serves from the hot plate and said, “Yum!” We will be looking forward to making some different food too. Thank you so much for Ehaan’s family who helped us to make chapatti by sharing their chapatti board and roller. A small reminder for those parents who are not responded to the cultural form, please bring it back, so we get more ideas to do and children are very proud to share their cultural information in the circle time. Next time when you come in please have a look at our parent information board, you can view some photos and maps of some countries. As this is a very wide topic we will be working on the same topic for next fortnight also. We are achieving our consistency in grace and courtesy practices and using our magic words (please, sorry and thank you).

We introduced a nature tray to the room, which is placed just next to the floor book. If our little explorers find anything interesting from nature please bring in and add it to the tray, so in circle time they get a chance to talk about that. If you could please get a quick view of our current fortnight programming on the wall next to whiteboard, it would be very helpful to know more about what is happening in the room.

We are welcoming more feedback and suggestions on our programming and practices to make sure we are stimulating and assisting all our children’s learning.
Many thanks for your ongoing support.


For Pre Kindy 2, the year began with a focus on building relationships with our transitioning children and supporting them through the change in environment and routines. We have also focused on Grace and Courtesy throughout this year so far, which encompasses a number of skills in this core Montessori Principle. One such skill is `walking the line`, which has become an everyday part of our `Circle Time`. Walking the line, is an exercise that helps the child control their body, develope balance, as well as strengthening the minds control of its body`s movements. During February and March we have extended our focus into developing our Practical Life skills with activities such as pouring, tonging, threading, sweeping, packing away and folding green mats,as well as cloths.

Over the last two weeks, we have had fun exploring Culture, through learning about animals around the world, international flags and greetings and our own cultural identities, which our families have shared with us.

As we move into March, Pre Kindy 2 will explore letters and focus on name recognition and continue to develop our independence through practicing our skills in Grace and Courtesy and Practical Life.

Kindy 1 brought in the New Year with a lot of sensory play and dramatic play. The educators had set up a kitchen corner which the children had absolutely enjoyed engaging with. This has promoted language development as well as social development.

Through the pretend play we extended with lots cooking lessons and practical like skills over the month of February. We made pizzas, Indian and Sri Lankan bread, orange juice and also tried different types of infused water. The Indian and Sri Lankan bread was a winner with the children. We practiced cooking skills such as juicing, grating, cutting, pouring, stirring, mixing and spreading.

We learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly following from children’s increasing interest in the song ‘there’s a little caterpillar in my hand’. We watched videos and made our own craft of the butterfly life cycle. This lead onto talking about nature and the weather as we stepped into March, the first month of autumn. Children have been very eager to know more about the season and why leaves fall to the ground. We have been exploring nature and engaging in different experiences that promote caring for our natural environment as well as our unnatural environment.

Kindy 1 has also began practicing meditation on a daily basis over the last month. We have had some very positive feedback from families in regards to it and that children have been meditating at home as well. We will continue to include meditation in our program to help develop concentration skills and to simply help children to relax and calm their mind and body.
As we have recently received some key Montessori materials such as the pink tower, broad stairs and knobbed cylinder, we will include them into our program and start engaging children with Montessori lessons.

Lastly, Kindy 1 would like to welcome all our newly transitioned family and children. We will continue to support and build trusting and respectful relationship with both, the family and children. If there is any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our staff in the room – Sherry (team leader), Nim, Hardeep and Juliana.

Hello Kindy 2 Families

This term has been quite a busy one for us with new children entering the room and having others leave to go to ELC or school. As the warmer weather is now coming to an end, we would like to encourage parents to please dress your child appropriately and for the wetter weather it would be great and so much fun for your child if they had gum boots to be able to splash in a puddle.

Playing in puddles is not only a lot of fun, it is a great sensory, learning and physical experience for children. They can explore how it feels to be stuck in mud and soggy from for the water, they can listen to the splashing and squelching sounds and they can see how puddles can be muddy and clear. Playing in puddles is great for kids to investigate concepts such as floating and sinking and measuring depth and width. Playing in puddles is also a great physical workout; it can help improve balance, is great for cardiovascular health and – perhaps best of all – helps promote good sleep.

Kindy 2 have also been adventurous with our excursions to the Train park at Croydon park where the children caught public transport to and from there. We explored the park and had a picnic lunch. Another exciting excursion was for Harmony Day to the Woodville town hall with ELC 2 for a morning tea, story time with Lizzy the Lizard and craft. After this fun filled morning, we stopped at a park on the way home and had a picnic lunch. Our most recent excursion was to the Adelaide Museum to explore, foster deeper understanding and promote the enjoyment and sharing of authentic cultural and natural heritage. We then headed off to the Myer Centre for children to order and pay for their own lunch. This promotes real life experience through real life experiences, confidence, independence and mathematical skills.

PHONICS PHONICS PHONICS… a new programme the children and educators have been working towards together as part of our literacy. The kindy children have shown interest in learning the letters of their names and now confidently they come into the room each morning find their own name and put it on the board.

Children’s interest in cause and effect have triggered lots of science experiments and fun facts which are also being incorporated in our program. Some examples of these are seasons of the year, rainbows, colour mixing, life cycle of the plant, and the four elements of culture: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER.

As part of our practical life we are now giving the children a cooking lesson experience every week with the room and once a fortnight in the kitchen with our chef. The children have really enjoyed this experience and we would like to welcome parents to share with us or come in an demonstrate an easy family favourite recipe. Practical life activities that assist children in developing purposeful life skills for their continued growth and development. This includes refining fine motor and movement skills and practicing coordination, planning and problem solving.

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to discuss your child’s learning please feel free to speak to any of the Kindy 2 staff.

Trish, Drashti, Jelena

Wow, who can believe it’s nearly the beginning of April already. Where has the start of the year gone already?

As many of you know we had an exciting time at the museum. The children had the opportunity to learn about and look at dinosaur bones, aboriginal artefacts and saw lots of different animals. We had lots of questions about the stuffed animals and if they were alive or not as they looked very life like.

From our museum excursion and travelling on the bus it bought up lots of questions surrounding traffic signs and why they are important. From this we planned for the SA Police to visit us at the centre. We were taught about the importance of road safety. We told the police officer that our mums and dads use their mobile phones whilst driving. We apologise to those parents who now might be on the police radar.

Recently we have been focusing on animals as the children have shown a keen interest in this. We have been leaning about where different animals live and also the different features of animals for example if they have legs or wings or even both.

We have also recently been very lucky to receive some new Montessori materials. We have been learning how to use each one and the importance of looking after our new resources.
In ELC 2 so far this year we have been engaging with our community through library visits during our transitional day on Wednesday. We were also invited to attend the Harmony Day celebrations in the Town Hall.

As your child has settled into the ELC program we have focussed largely on Grace and Courtesy lessons: how to interact respectfully with our peers, new Montessori activities and the classroom environment.

We welcome Natalie, as our Inclusion Support Educator. She will be with us to promote inclusion amongst the children, ensuring that every child has equal opportunity to be involved in our program.

In the coming days, a permission slip will be sent home to you. It will permit your child to go to the library and/or the small playground on Norman Street on any day that they are in care for the next 12 months. We will only go with weather permitting, and we will inform you prior to the excursion as a courtesy – more information will follow.

We are exploring options of more adventurous excursion options: a trip to the zoo, or museum based off the children’s interests of animals, dinosaurs and public transport. There may be a small cost involved but we will advise you closer to the date.

Our current learning surrounds interests of reading stories to each other, learning about our weekly sound and grace and courtesy lessons. Individual learning extends through letter recognition, physical development (gross and fine), writing, emotional and social development; as well as extensive activities that promote creativity and self-help skills.

As many of you are aware Catherine will be going on Maternity leave, her last day being the 10th of May and returning the beginning of February 2020. Catherine wishes those children going off to school and external kindy in 2020 all the very best. Catherine will be sure to bring in her new baby so all the children and educators can meet her.

Thank You
ELC Educators
Catherine, Michaela, Nidhi and Natalie