Montessori Adelaide

Why choose Montessori Adelaide?

Thinking of Montessori Adelaide for your child? Precious Cargo is equipped with passionate teachers ready to offer stimulating activities to excite your child’s imagination. More about us:

  • Founded in 1907
  • 400 Staff
  • Respectful Approach
  • Practical and Proven
  • Chef Cooked Meals

Founded by the first female doctor in Italy 100 years ago, Dr Maria Montessori found that children require a specific environment to learn, absorb and develop their full potential.

Providing an inclusive environment that encourages a sense of belonging, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is safe, loving and respectful.

Activities contain educational elements while focusing on real-life skills and experiences. Offering achievable challenges, hands-on experiences and a varied curriculum while aiming to have as much fun as possible as they learn through playing together. This aids in building their independence which will prepare them for life!

Montessori Adelaide

Our Founder

With a passion for the Montessori Adelaide method, Our Founder and Director Cheryl Shigrov, is devoted to your child’s early development. This led her to open the first Precious Cargo Education centre in 2006. With 13 years and 10 centres later, you will be confident knowing your child is in the right place.

Cheryl and her team of staff are equally as passionate about nurturing and witnessing your child’s growth. Ready with trained Montessori professionals, your child will develop personally, emotionally, socially and academically.

Our strong Community Links program allows them to engage with people from different backgrounds and ages, teaching them empathy and consideration skills. Each centre has its own unique ‘link’, with routine incursions and excursions created to build solid relationships within our communities.

The Montessori Adelaide approach allows your child to be exposed to a vast variety of hands-on experiences focusing on sustainability, culture and the environment.

Areas of Education

Teaching practical, lifelong skills, Montessori Adelaide specialises in preparing your child for the next phase of their education.

Practical Life: Working together to clean, prepare food and wash dishes. The aim of using these tasks will help children develop coordination and gain independence.

Sensorial: Stimulating your child’s senses will help develop their intelligence. Sensory manipulation is the starting point for intellectual growth which greatly assists in future learning.

Problem solving and mathematics: Introducing children to mathematical concepts and activities leads children from the early stages of counting and matching towards understanding number patterns.

Language and literacy: Teachers read books daily, encouraging children to communicate and discuss. Montessori Adelaide allows young children to be introduced to a range of stories, letters, poems and songs.

Culture: Children are introduced to materials that build their understanding of other cultures which allows them to celebrate traditions with food, music and stories.

Why wait? Kick start your child’s education with Montessori Adelaide at Precious Cargo. Call us to discuss your child’s future on (08) 8130 6688 or send an email through to

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