Montessori Early Learning



Enrolment is based on a minimum of 2 consecutive days per week to meet the child’s need for routine, to offer repetition and to implement the extensive Montessori curriculum across 2 to 3 days.

Four year-old children in South Australia are entitled to 15 hours per week with a qualified Early Education teacher. There are several options for combining Early Learning Centre sessions with Childcare Kindy sessions, or sessions at a local kindergarten to give your child access to 15 hours of early education per week.

The Montessori classroom is prepared by the trained teachers with interesting activities to excite the child’s imagination. Different tasks are arranged on small trays and are accessible from the shelving around the classroom. Each tray has a hidden lesson, as it focuses on one skill or task and it may give children practice at developing and refining hand control, eye and hand coordination or problem solving.

Montessori teachers are skilled observers and each child is allocated a focus teacher who is responsible for ascertaining that child’s academic level and will then introduce specific curriculum to meet each child’s interest and ability.


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