Montessori Education Adelaide

Quality Montessori Education in Adelaide

At Precious Cargo, our Montessori education in Adelaide begins at the nursery, moving into waddlers, pre-kindy and then kindergarten. From a young age, we introduce routine which provides consistency and independence to match the needs for various children. The Montessori method demonstrates that children thrive in a specific environment, crucial to their development and learning early on. To ensure children are absorbing our Montessori education in Adelaide, we have created an environment that is safe, loving and extremely respectful. This ensure that children feel comfortable to open up to their environment and our educational activities. Activities include cooking, washing, agriculture and music to ensure children are introduced to several areas within their learning. Following the Montessori Curriculum, we can be confident your child is inspired in many different areas. Our curriculum includes:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem solving and mathematics
  • Language and literacy
  • Culture
Montessori Education Adelaide

The Montessori Curriculum

Our Montessori education in Adelaide strictly follows the Montessori Curriculum, exposing your child to different areas of growth.

Practical life: Practical life lessons for children aim to develop their coordination of movement, independence and ability to concentrate. This is completed through activities such as food preparation, cleaning, washing dishes and vacuuming.

Sensorial: Our learning environment provides children with the resources to enhance their senses, being, visual, touch, smelling, taste, temperature, weight and colour.

Problem-solving & mathematics: As a crucial part of childhood development and learning, we introduce numbers early on. Allowing children to use their minds to understand different concepts.

Language & Literacy: as a fundamental element of a child’s development, we support this area through reading and discussions.

Culture: Dr Montessori found early on that children are interested in exploring their environment. We allow children to learn and appreciate different cultures, biology, geography and history.

Our Montessori Environment

Montessori education in Adelaide focuses on children learning in a specific environment to completely absorb and encourage development. Our environment consists of:

Staff: Our staff are highly trained to understand and observe children’s needs.

Calm Environment: We produce a calm environment through small group sizes, with individual guidance and support. We support both play and learning Montessori education Adelaide.

Structured Environment: Each room has a consistent routine for sleeping, eating and play patterns. We offer a great balance for all children’s needs, focusing on the transition between nursery through to early learning.

Real-Life Lessons: Children have the opportunity to develop practical skills and gain a sense of importance and belonging through tasks such as washing, vacuuming, table setting and more.

Behaviour: Our Montessori teaching staff demonstrate and teach children how to properly deal with conflict and the appropriate behaviour when inside or outside.

Our Montessori education in Adelaide focuses on the foundation of the Montessori Method founded over 100 years ago. Our respectful environment is tailored to suit the needs of each individual child. Contact us today on (08) 8130 6688.

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