Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide

Leading Montessori Kindergarten in Adelaide

Our Adelaide Montessori kindergarten environment encourages and assists the primary academic stage in a child’s early development. At this age, their curiosity level has increased and they can concentrate for longer periods of time. This is the perfect time to introduce more formal academic lessons, in line with their current developmental stage. Children will also receive specialised lessons in computer education, woodworking, kitchen hygiene, food preparation, yoga, art and craft, and music and movement. One of the most important stages throughout kindergarten is preparing your child for school. While still in their familiar Montessori kindergarten in Adelaide room, we expose them to a school-like environment. During this time they are academically assessed following our Montessori curriculum. The Montessori Curriculum follows:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem Solving & Mathematics
  • Language & Literacy
  • Culture
Montessori Kindergarten Adelaide

Our Montessori Teaching Environment

Following the Montessori Method, our Montessori Kindergarten in Adelaide creates the very environment required to enhance and develop your child’s full potential. Founded over 100 years ago, the Montessori Method is still followed today. The research found in this method by Dr Montessori was that children require a specific environment for their learning. Each element and lesson within our classrooms focus on real-life skills and experiences while providing fundamental learning. A Montessori environment must be safe, loving and respectful to ensure children feel comfortable to engage in several activities. Our teachers are specially trained to observe and determine the accurate academic level of each child. At Precious Cargo, we have produced the optimal environment for children, focusing on the following areas:

  • Montessori trained and caring staff
  • Calm environment
  • Structured environment
  • Real-life lessons
  • Behavioural lessons

The Precious Cargo Approach

At Precious Cargo, we are passionate about providing children with a strong foundation for learning at our Montessori kindergarten in Adelaide. We value the individuality of everything within our centre and aim to provide an inclusive environment centred around respect and belonging. Our nurturing space is innovative, safe, clean and extremely respectful so that you know your child will feel comfortable. Our classrooms are organised and designed individually to offer a stimulating and educational environment to trigger curiosity and learning in your child. During your time at our Montessori kindergarten in Adelaide, your child will be exposed to different challenges and experiences within our Montessori Curriculum. Our trained staff understand and observe the needs and learning of each child to recognise the window opportunity to offer your child specific lessons. Activities within our curriculum include cooking, washing, agriculture and music.

Following the Montessori curriculum, our Montessori kindergarten in Adelaide focuses on unique development, tailored to each child. With several activities from mathematics and problem solving to culture, there are lessons for every child. Contact our team on (08) 8130 6688.

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