Montessori Kindy Adelaide

Montessori Kindy in Adelaide

At our Montessori kindy in Adelaide, our trained teachers work directly with groups of children, introducing formal academic lessons for different developmental stages. Kindergarten is the stage where children are most academically focused, as they are at the height of curiosity and their concentration level is further developed. Specialised classes within our Montessori kindy in Adelaide include computer education, woodworking, kitchen hygiene, food preparation, yoga, art and craft, and music and movement. Once your child turns four, we start to prepare them for a school environment. While remaining in the same familiar kindy room, our staff academically assess the children. This assessment is completed by staff following the appropriate curriculum, using a specialist Montessori apparatus. Children are constantly proving to us that they are capable to learn and be introduced to certain things, even from this young age.

Montessori Kindy Adelaide

Montessori Learning

At Precious Cargo, we are the leading Montessori kindy in Adelaide. Over 100 years ago, the Montessori method was founded by the first female doctor in Italy. After years of research, Dr Montessori discovered that children require a specific environment to enhance their learning and growth. Our Montessori method teachers undergo unique training to observe and understand the required curriculum objectives. There are five key characteristics of a successful Montessori teaching environment. This comprises of highly trained staff, calm environment, structured environment, real-life lessons and behaviour lessons. Our staff are trained in the Montessori method, to understand the developmental needs of children in this environment and apply the appropriate stage of the curriculum to their learning. The Montessori curriculum includes the following areas:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem Solving & Mathematics
  • Language & Literacy
  • Culture

Montessori Practical Life Lessons

One of the main lessons in the Montessori Curriculum at our Montessori kindy in Adelaide is the teaching of practical life skills. This term used within the Montessori Method explains jobs or chores completed by a family unit. Our Montessori kindy in Adelaide classrooms aim to be a somewhat duplicate of a home environment. Working with our educators, children experience practical tasks such as cleaning, food preparation, washing dishes and vacuuming. Engaging in practical life lessons provides children with the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging. Practical life lessons can assist the child in their development for the coordination of movement, independence, concentration and adapting to their society. The four areas of practical life consist of care of self, care for the environment, grace and courtesy and control of movement. With each element playing an essential role in the development and growth of children.

At Precious Cargo, we have created a respectful environment in our Montessori Kindy in Adelaide. The Montessori curriculum comprises of practical life skills, mathematics and problem solving, language and literacy, sensorial and culture. Contact our team on (08) 8130 6688.

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