Montessori Near Me

Revealing Your Childs True Potential with Precious Cargo

Have you been searching for “Montessori near me” to explore the benefits? Montessori is centred around optimising personal growth and development through a more hands-on approach to education.

Precious Cargo honours that incentive by introducing a tried and tested curriculum that is self-guided. We give your children the freedom to explore their potential through activities that reflect scenarios likely to occur in day to day life. This involves problem solving & mathematics, language & literacy, culture, and even sensory development.

We’ve watched hundreds of children excel under the guidance of our passionate staff. They invest their time and skills into nurturing your child through one of their most vital stages of learning. Montessori education is now implemented in over 22,000 schools worldwide, testament to its growing recognition.

As your dependable Montessori near me, Precious Cargo strives to create a home away from that gives you complete comfort and reassurance.

Montessori Near Me

Widening the Potential of Finding a Montessori Near Me

Finding a Montessori near me is easy with Precious Cargo because we operate across 10 different locations, improving accessibility to reliable and effective educational care for your children. In South Australia, this includes Blackwood, Collinswood, Lockleys, Marion, Myrtle Bank, St Peters, Welland, Woodville Park and Westbourne Park. Precious Cargo also spans to Victoria, with a centre conveniently located in Heatherton.

Regardless of which location your child is enrolled in, every centre practises the values instilled by the company’s founder, Cheryl Shigrov, to facilitate inclusiveness. The quality of the environment itself also remains consistent. We can promise that all facilities are clean, safe, and filled with advanced resources that are specifically designed to promote sensory and practical learning.

Precious Cargo has even strategically incorporated a soft pastel interior colour palette to minimise the risk of overstimulation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you drop into your local Montessori near me.

Continual Growth for Both Students & Staff

Enrolling in a Montessori near me could be the best decision you make for your child because part of our role is to awaken the curiosity that helps them find their feet. Their independence and problem-solving capabilities are fast-tracked by participating in cooking, washing, agricultural practice and musical activities.

Precious Cargo specialises in both child care and early learning (from nursery stages to age 4), giving you the opportunity to build long-term relationships with our team. As an all-inclusive environment, there’s also scope for your children to engage with people of all demographics, teaching them essential social skills like consideration, acceptance, and empathy.

Our Montessori educators have staff-to-student ratios, ensuring that our care and attentiveness is shared equally among groups. As an advanced method of practice, we’re continually looking for innovative ways to improve our service, which is why even the educators themselves are led by a Montessori Mentor.

Give your children the opportunity to develop their confidence, capabilities and collaboration skills in a positive and nurturing environment at one of the Precious Cargo Centres. You can organise enrolment by contacting your local Montessori near me, with all relevant details listed here.

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