Montessori Preschool Adelaide

Montessori Preschool in Adelaide

Our Montessori preschool in Adelaide enrolment is based on a minimum of two consultative days. This is to allow for routine and to implement our Montessori curriculum, which runs across two to three days. Our classrooms are developed from the key characteristics of a Montessori environment. Including Montessori qualified teachers, calm and structured environment, real-life lessons and behaviour. Each lesson is prepared with interesting activities to stimulate your child’s excitement and interest in learning. We utilise imagination and curiosity with hidden lessons on trays, to focus on one skill or task to help refine coordination or problem-solving. Our teachers in our Montessori preschool in Adelaide are responsible for determining your child’s current academic level, providing the appropriate support and curriculum. The Montessori curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, problem solving and mathematics, language and literacy, and culture.

Montessori Preschool Adelaide

Montessori Curriculum

Following the Montessori curriculum, our Montessori preschool in Adelaide offers the perfect environment and lessons for your child. Practical life is used in the Montessori curriculum to demonstrate different tasks and chores that are essential in life. This includes activities such as cleaning, food preparation, washing dishes and vacuuming. Practical life is separated into four areas, care of self, care for the environment, grace and courtesy and control of movement. Sensorial activities are used for continued development and refinement of the senses. Interacting with numbers at an early age allows children to grow their problem solving and understand abstract concepts such as multiplication, division and the decimal system. Children’s language and literacy skills are crucial to their continued learning and we support this through several resources including reading and discussions. Through food, music and stories, we teach children about cultures, biology, history and geography.

Our Extra Curriculum Activities

At Precious Cargo, our Montessori preschool in Adelaide also offers extra curriculum activities. To connect with the community, we often participate in incursions and excursions. Our teachers carefully plan these activities to make sure that we are meeting the children’s needs and benefits in a variety of ways. Each activity will have an element of fun to engage the children’s excitement and curiosity, while also providing a stimulating learning opportunity. This can range from Zoo excursions to visiting the local retirement village. To ensure that we are choosing excursions and incursions that interest the children, we often include their opinions in the decision-making process. To continue these efforts in the community, our Adelaide Montessori preschools have established relationships within their local communities. These Community Link programs teach each child different personal attributes such as empathy and consideration.

Children are encouraged to evolve their skills at our Montessori preschool in Adelaide. The Precious Cargo environment is safe, nurturing and respectful. Our educators are trained in observing behaviours and academic levels in each child to tailor their learning. Contact us today on (08) 8130 6688.

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