Montessori Schools Adelaide

Montessori Schools Adelaide

With a focus on creating a safe, loving and extremely respectful environment, our Montessori schools Adelaide follow the Montessori teaching method. This method was founded by the first female doctor in Italy, Dr Maria Montessori. She found that children require a very specific environment to learn, absorb and develop to their full potential. We offer this teaching across all of our childcare centres for our nursery, waddlers, pre-kindy and kindergarten children. Our teachers in our Montessori schools Adelaide undergo specific training to adhere to the curriculum objectives and assess the needs of each child. Our Montessori teaching environments consist of a calm yet structured environment, real-life lessons with a focus on behaviour. To be sure that we are meeting each aspect of the Montessori method, our curriculum includes the following. 

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem Solving & Mathematics
  • Language & Literacy
  • Culture
Montessori Schools Adelaide

The Precious Cargo Process

Our process for children joining on our Montessori schools Adelaide is made simple and clear.

Contact & Introduce: Your childcare journey will begin with meeting our staff and an introduction to what makes our approach unique.

Book & Tour: Once you’ve been introduced to our friendly staff, we will book your family in for a tour. Here you will be able to get a feel for the wonderful environment.

Trial: We provide day-long trials for you and your child to experience firsthand the Precious Cargo way.

Enrol: Once you’ve had a successful trial you’ll be able to book your child into on our centres.

Orientation: On your child’s first day they will have another opportunity to familiarise themselves with staff before you leave.

Stay In Touch: We will always be there when you have questions. We pride ourselves on our parent/staff relationships.

Our Montessori School Activities

Our activities practised in our Montessori schools Adelaide focus on practical skills that they can utilise for life. Not only teaching each child how to complete these activities but also implanting the meaning and importance behind each one.  

Cooking: Understanding food preparation, cooking and nutritional value are all essential life skills. Children are given the opportunity the assist with preparation, mixing and pouring in a supervised and safe environment.

Washing: The Montessori method shows that children are eager to work. Through washing, children develop skills such as concentration, independence and caring for their environment.

Agriculture: Agriculture helps with learning sustainability and assisting sensory development. Our veggie patches help with this, allowing children to get involved hands-on!

Music: One of the most exciting parts of our Montessori schools Adelaide activities is music time. This session helps with stimulating sensory and improving children’s auditory skills.

Our Montessori schools Adelaide are rich with education and fun, as our highly trained staff guide your children through different activities to improve sensory, skills and knowledge. Start your journey with us today by contacting 8130 6688.

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