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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do In My Family Lounge?
  • As a NEW family at our service you can easily register your child’s details and manage your account
  • You can submit through a waitlist Booking Request (New Request) if you require a permanent spot for your child
  • Request changes to the days your child is currently booked when placed
  • You can easily provide detailed information about your child to our service such as medical information, diet requirements, emergency contact details and more! All this information is simply added into the online enrolment form and submitted to the service.
For Current Families
Do You Already Have A Login?

If you already have a My Family Lounge account, it’s as simple as entering your email address and password in the box above. You’ll be signed in and taken to the My Family Lounge page, where you’ll have full access to the programs.

QK Enrol

  • You can request changes to your current permanent booking
  • You can manage your account information and update your contact details
  • Easily provide detailed information about your child such as medical information, dietary requirements, update emergency contact details and more! All this information is simply added into the online enrolment form and submitted to our service.
For New Families

Soon you will be receiving a Welcome email from the My Family Lounge once your account details have been registered, where you will be prompted to complete your registration and set up a password. You will have 7 days to set up your password to validate your account to avoid your account expiring. If you have not set up your password, simply log in and enter in your email address and select ’forgotten password’ to recover your welcome email. If you are experiencing issues accessing your account please contact the service for assistance.

Once you have validated your account, log in and complete your contact details and add any additional contacts for emergency or collection authorisation. You will also need to create a profile for your child and provide any information that we need to know. You can submit an online enrolment form to provide us with this information when you are ready to accept a position at our service.

For a better understanding of how My Family Lounge works, please visit www.myfamilylounge.com.au

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with an easier and more efficient way of managing your child’s bookings at our service.

What Happens Next After I Submit A New Booking Request

You will be contacted to either offer your child an immediate position or you will receive a confirmation email of your application.

If an offer is made you will receive an email prompting you to complete a 3 step process:

1. Accept the offer

2. Complete the Enrolment Form

 3. Confirm the booking.

Once these 3 steps have been finalised the Centre Director will contact you to arrange Orientation visits.

Don't Have A Login Yet?

If you don’t have a login-in, please click “register” in the box to register for the My Family Lounge service.

Any Questions?

If you’re having any issues please speak to our Director. My Family Lounge is a program designed to make enrolling your child as simply as possible, we want you to have this information and support you in this process!

Alternatively, head to the My Family Lounge website for more information.

Contact us for any My Family Lounge enquiries