New Child Care Subsidy: General Fee Review

As we move into the 2018-2019 financial year, there are still many question marks over the federal government’s new child care package.

Through our centre newsletters, website and Facebook page, we have been posting the most up to date information we can provide for the families regarding the changes. The current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate will cease on 30 June 2018.

Starting 2 July 2018, the Federal Government is introducing a New Child Care Subsidy.

To transition to the New Child Care Subsidy, you’ll need to provide new information and confirm your current details through the Australian Government’s myGov website.

Please visit for more information. Plus, a step by step guide on how to update your details for the new Child Care Subsidy.

If you have not yet registered and have not had your eligibility confirmed for the new Child Care Subsidy, the Federal Government will not provide you with any Child Care assistance and you will be required to pay the full fee.

As a child care provider, even at this late stage we are finding out new information. We have now been advised that all existing families may be required to enter a Complying Written Agreement in order for them to receive the New Child Care Subsidy.

A Complying Written Agreement will set out the details about your child’s arrangements with your Precious Cargo Centre (E.g. the days of care, sessions of care, details about fees, etc.).

As such, we are currently seeking advice regarding the format of that agreement, and if required, will be asking you to complete and sign the agreement to access the Child Care Subsidy.

The Federal Government’s new child care package has also set a standard rate for a 10 hour session of child care per day at $117.70. We are currently seeking advice regarding the 10 hour session of care, as we currently provide families with the flexibility to use our centres for 11.5 hours per day.

If you are required to nominate a 10 hour session, it will form part of your Complying Written Agreement. However, if you require care for longer than a 10 hour session, Precious Cargo will work with you, and if possible, under the Australian Government’s new child care package will ensure that there are no additional fees payable by you for that day.

Precious Cargo has always prided itself on being able to deliver more, without costing more. For instance, our chefs have designed dinners so your children return home with full tummies every night.

Unlike many local child care centres, we have decided not to move our daily fees to the Federal Government’s subsided rate for a 10 hour day of $117.70, which would be an increase of $8.70 per day for over 3’s and $10.70 per day for under 3’s. Rather, a modest increase of $3.50 per day on our current fees.

Please see our New Fee Structure below:

Nursery, Waddler and Pre Kindy Rooms$112.50 per day
Kindy Room$110.50 per day
ELC$101 per day
Casual Care Before and After ELC$11.05 per hour or part thereof
Vacation Care$110.50 per day
Casual Care Day$117.70 per day
Building Fund Fee$45 per term

As we are still unsure of the full impact of the Government’s New Child Care Package, we will be reviewing our fee structure in October/November to assess whether a fee adjustment needs to be made.

Please note any further adjustment in fees will only occur if absolutely necessary.