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Welland, SA 5007

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Thank you for your interest in Precious Cargo Welland. Please fill out and submit the enquiry form on the right of this page so that we can send you a Parents Information Pack outlining our unique approach to Montessori Early Education. The Parents Information Pack includes a waiting list application form. Once you have returned this form to us with a $67 processing fee, your child will be placed on our waiting list and we will keep in touch regarding the availability of a position.


Hannah Meiners : Director, Welland

Hannah Meiners

Director, Welland

My journey into early development began when I discovered the importance of high quality early childhood education programs and the improved outcomes for children they produce.

As an educator, I believe secure attachments to be the foundation for all learning, supporting children to have the confidence to explore their worlds. I believe children to be competent and capable learners and pride myself on providing rich learning environments that allow children to be challenged and achieve success. Supporting children in their development is the most rewarding and fulfilling role; I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. As a director I love being able to support other educators to challenge their own practices.

Within my career I have worked across all age groups within a variety of roles, including an additional needs support position and educational leader. I also hold a Bachelor in Nutrition and Food Sciences, which I utilise within my role to provide nutritional education to the children within my care.

Since joining Precious Cargo, it has been amazing to watch children blossom in a planned environment that empowers children to be confident, independent learners. To be apart of a philosophy that supports children to build respectful relationships based on courtesy, fairness and patience whilst developing self-worth is very rewarding.

At Precious Cargo Welland, we have a team of passionate and nurturing educators and we look forward to working in collaboration with you and your family to support your child on their journey.