Westbourne Park

183 Cross Rd
Westbourne Park, SA 5041

Ph (08) 8271 8388

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Gabrielle Peterson : Director, Westbourne Park

Gabrielle Peterson

Director, Westbourne Park

I have been working in the child care industry for almost 10 years. I have had a passion for child development and the many different theories based around it since I completed my first work experience placement in year 9 at high school. The theory that which resinated with me the most was that of Maria Montessori - teaching that fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing a prepared environment for children to explore.

The Montessori method aims to build self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-worth and positive social behaviour. What a wonderfully rewarding theory on which to base childhood learning!

It was soon after completing my Diploma in Children’s services that I first applied for a position with Precious Cargo Montessori. In June 2008 my journey with Precious Cargo began. I gained a position with Precious Cargo Woodcroft working in the Pre-school as an assistant.

Since my first induction to Precious Cargo, I have worked as a team leader in three separate classrooms, been a Director of two centres and Assistant Director of one - so I am proud to say that I am well and truly a part of the Precious Cargo family!

I also have beautiful children of my own and for me, becoming a mother cemented my love and passion for child development through the Montessori method. Being able to practice Montessori teaching in my home with my own children then to be able to share my ideas and experiences, driving them throughout the centres I have been a part of has really allowed me to live my passion everyday.

This is something I look forward to sharing with you and your children as we help them grow into their own confident, independent little beings.