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Our Adelaide Pre Kindy classes are designed to develop your child’s independence and learning before they enter into kindergarten classes. Throughout this curriculum, your child will be encouraged to develop through practical activities and experiences. Therefore, your child will learn to schedule their activities to include a full set up and pack down of equipment. We encourage their contribution to a collaborative daily routine and participate in discussions that address more complex understanding. The Adelaide pre kindy stage is important to introduce your child into academic learning as a seamless transition into their schooling. We include exposure to language lessons, cultural experience, personal hygiene and daily household management tasks. During the introduction of this stage of education, we continue to offer the same creative and sensory lessons they love. Our Educators are proud to come on this journey with your child as they develop and achieve milestones throughout their growth.

Pre Kindy Adelaide

The Precious Cargo Process

When you enrol your child in our Adelaide Pre Kindy, we’ll remain in communication with you throughout their learning. We consider their journey through education a collaborative experience between the child, parents and Educators. Throughout their growth, they can graduate from one room to another and continue to grow alongside their peers. We won’t restrict them and will encourage them to venture to the next stage whenever they’re ready. Our Adelaide Pre Kindies hold graduations throughout the year as an opportunity for your child to reach a new milestone. Once they achieve this, we’ll transition them to a new room and stage over a 3-week period. Each room completes a range of activities that further prepare them to contribute to society as they grow and age. We’ll invite you throughout the process to visit and watch them flourish in each room progress to.

About Our Centres

Our Adelaide Pre Kindy environments and centres are designed to promote belonging and sensory involvement. At Precious Cargo, we value your child’s individuality and welcome your feedback and involvement throughout their time with us.  Our aim is to provide them with a welcoming environment to make them feel comfortable to grow and explore. Through the Montessori method, we focus our education on developing your child’s knowledge through their senses. This allows them to balance education with the development of motor functions and skills. We’re proud to have centres across South Australia to deliver wide-spread access to Adelaide Pre Kindy Classes. For more information or vacancy enquires, call one of our centres today.

Our centres are located in:

  • Blackwood
  • Collinswood
  • Heatherton
  • Lockleys
  • Marion
  • Myrtle Bank
  • St Peters
  • Welland
  • Woodville Park
  • Westbourne Park

Prepare your child for the next stage in their education with Montessori pre kindy Adelaide classes. We take a respectful approach to practical and proven education methods. For more information or vacancies, call our friendly team today on (08) 8130 6688!

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