Preschool Adelaide

Our Preschool Adelaide

At our preschool Adelaide, we follow the Montessori teaching method. This method was founded on research suggesting that children require an environment to learn, absorb and develop to reach their full protentional. Following this method, our prepared school environment includes qualified teachers, a calm and structured environment, real-life lessons and behavioural lessons. Our childcare centres care for broad ages of children including nursery, waddlers, pre-kindy and kindergarten. Our team at Precious Cargo are passionate about providing children with a strong foundation for life. Our classrooms are individual and extremely organised, offering your child a stimulating and educational environment for their learning. Our preschool Adelaide focuses on independent learning and children have free access to activities and practice life experiences. Our lessons revolve around language, cultural experiences, personal hygiene and common manners. Additionally, children have the opportunity for art and craft, outside play, storytime and rest time.

Preschool Adelaide

The Montessori Curriculum

Following the Montessori teaching method, our preschool Adelaide curriculum follows the structure of practical life skills that children can use in their daily routine. These include practical life, sensorial, problem solving and mathematics, language and literacy, and cultural lessons. Practice life skills help the child learn skills that can be duplicated at home and give them a sense of being and belonging through participation. Exposing children to problem-solving at an early stage of their life will have a positive impact on their future. The Montessori teaching method shows that an environment should provide the opportunity for problem-solving skills in mathematics, practical life and sensory skills. We also offer an opportunity for extra curriculum activities such as excursions and incursions and community links. The extra curriculum is significant to connect the children to their community, planned and executed to ensure the children are gaining several benefits.

Activities For Every Child

Learning practical skills is at the forefront of our preschool Adelaide teaching environment. The practical activities we offer at Precious Cargo include cooking, washing, agriculture and music. Cooking allows our teachers to help children understand food, national value, preparation and cooking. Children are taught these skills in line with the Australian Nutritional Guidelines. The Montessori teaching method expresses that children are eager to work and participate. Washing allows children to develop a sense of independence and learning to care for their environment, both at home and the preschool Adelaide. Several of our centres have animals and veggie patches, which align with our sustainability and sensory focus. Caring for animals and the environment teaches vital skills about responsibility, lifecycles and social skills. Children often enjoy the music and movement time of our activities. They can enjoy themselves while engaging their sensory development, sharing skills and teamwork.

Begin your childcare journey at our wonderful preschool Adelaide. Precious Cargo is renowned for our exceptional teaching environment and Montessori inspired teaching method. We pride ourselves on our ability to create positive and open staff/parent relationships. Contact us today at (08) 8130 6688.

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