Private Preschool Adelaide

Private Preschool in Adelaide

Enrolment at our private preschool in Adelaide is based on children attending for a minimum of two consecutive days. This allows for our Montessori curriculum to create and maintain a routine, as it runs over two to three days. In South Australia, four-year-old children are entitled to 15 hours per week with a qualified early education teacher. Our specially Montessori trained teachers carefully prepare our private preschool in Adelaide classrooms. They comprise of activities that will attain children’s interest to encourage their concentration for learning. Small trays are used for teaching and are accessible to children throughout the classroom. Each tray has a hidden lesson which focuses on expanding on one skill or task for children to refine their skills. Our teachers are trained to observe each child’s skills and academic level to introduce the appropriate curriculum.

Private Preschool Adelaide

The Montessori Method

Our private preschool in Adelaide focuses on the Montessori method for our teaching. Over 100 years ago the Montessori method was founded by Dr Maria Montessori. She found that children benefit from a specific learning environment, allowing children to reach their full potential. In order for children to grow, we have created a Montessori environment that is safe, loving and respectful. This includes key characteristics such as staff, calm environment, structured environment, real-life lessons and behaviour. Creating such a learning space allows our teachers to successfully implement the Montessori curriculum and observe and introduce children to the correct stage of the curriculum. The Montessori curriculum includes lessons in the following areas:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Problem solving and mathematics
  • Language and literacy
  • Culture

Precious Cargo Preschool Activities

At Precious Cargo, our private preschool in Adelaide activities include agriculture, music, washing and cooking. Several of our centres have animals and vege patches to complement our focus on sustainability. Children are encouraged to explore and interact with these animals to build on social and responsibility skills. Our vege patches allow children to experience accomplishment and enjoy their vegetables in cooking class. Music and movement lessons stimulate children’s minds to activate both sensorial and academic skills. Washing utilises several different skills for a child’s development, including refining fine motor skills, responsibility, sense of belonging and independence. Cooking classes involve food preparation, mixing and cooking in our safe environment. Cooking allows children to use different resources to develop essential life skills. All of our Montessori inspired activities ensure that our private preschool in Adelaide prepares children for their continued education.

Our private preschool in Adelaide focuses on the Montessori teaching method. Founded over 100 years ago, the Montessori method demonstrates the optimal environment for children to evolve socially and academically. Contact our team on (08) 8130 6688.

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